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DutchTrans is a professional Dutch translation agency focusing specifically on Dutch to English and English to Dutch translations, but providing translations from and into any language. We are a global translation agency and we offer Dutch to English Translation Services with more than 3000 translators serving clients all over the world. We are an ISO certified company, as we maintain the most superior quality standards and continuously aim to improve .

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Services open 24/7

translation services open 24/7

In order to offer our services worldwide, we offer translation services 24/7; not just for answering the phone but our translation teams are available for any translation you may need.

Document Translation

Document translation

Document translation is translating your documents in the language you need. Here, your content is translated by native translators who specialize in various subjects such as legal, technical, business, medical sciences and much more.

World Translation

international translation

Whatever language you require is offered besides Dutch into English and vice versa, we translate from and into every other language. Just request a quote and the language you need to have your document translated into and we will offer you the best price.

Document Translation and Localisation Services

DutchTrans is a professional translation agency focusing specifically on document translation. In addition, we are also a provider of high quality software and web localization services.

Dutch to English Translation Services Agency - Dutchtrans

Areas of Expertise for Document Translation Services

Our In-house translation team is qualified to offer high quality Dutch document translation services for the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Automation
  • Food and beverage
  • Mechanical… and many more!

Website translation and localisation services

As overseas trade becomes more and more commonplace, demand has increased for companies to localize their website and target their products to as wide an audience as possible. Our dedicated team of professional translators, proofreaders, localization experts and web engineers ensure that your company’s message is communicated clearly and effectively to your customers. Using our website translation and localization services, you are confident you are entering a new market as a leader.

Website translation and localisation services

Our Brochure – Dutch translation agency

Dutch to English Translation Services Agency - DutchTransLet experts from a Dutch Translation Agency lead the way to globalization. In today ́s global marketplace, communication with overseas customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues is essential. Whilst English is indeed a global language, it has been proven that localized material is much better received by potential customers even if they are proficient in English. For more details click here.

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Our offices


translation office in London

Our translation office in London, UK is our main office that is working around the clock to suit any need, which also provides certified translation for immigration in the UK. Feel free to visit us in London, but if you can’t, you can also order online.


translation in Amsterdam

If you are around, feel free to pay us a visit at our Amsterdam office, where you will have the chance to talk to us in person, ask us any questions in regards to your translation and see how we work. We are of course easy to reach offline just as easy as we are online.


Hoofddorp translation

Hoofddorp is where our first office is, and although there aren’t many clients to visit us here except for local people and company representatives, we kept the office as we love to work here. Feel free to visit our Hoofddorp office any time!

Why choose us

global translation agency

Accurate Translations

We are a Dutch translation agency which has been providing accurate translations for more than 16 years. We have a network of more than 3000 professional, carefully picked translators spread across the globe and due to our unique project management system, we have a live connection between our offices, our project managers, our translators and our web specialists, which allows us to pick the best translators for your job and have them working on your project in minutes.

Our translators are well aware of the process of adapting information to a suitable format that will perfectly fit the target language and culture. We, therefore, prefer native speaking translators for superior results since it is certain that they would be well aware of their respective cultures. We assign 2 translators with each project: the first translates and the second proofreads the translation, which is then checked by our quality assurance team before being sent to the client along with a quality report.

Thousands of customers have trusted DutchTrans with their projects so far and not even a single one has anything negative to say about our services. A large part of them are old clients which always come back to us when they need more translations, and they are always happy with the output while leaving behind constructive and positive feedback.

certified translation for UK

Certified Translation for the UK

On top of general document translation for businesses and individuals, our office in London also provides certified translation for immigration in the UK. Every translation of personal documents is accompanied by our certificate of accuracy, which ensures that the translation is a true representation of the original and attests to the fact that we are fluent in both languages and therefore qualified to translate. The document is dated, signed and stamped by us.

Some of the benefits in getting your certified translation from us:

  • translation for any personal documents like birth, marriage and divorce certificates, diplomas, transcripts, medical history, police reports, etc
  • from any language into English. Although we are specialized in Dutch, we do just about any language
  • each translation is guaranteed to be accepted by the institution it was intended for
  • we sport the lowest rates in London for certified translation: £20 per page is there are less than 200 words, or £0.12 per word if there are more words on the page
  • we deliver in 24 hours or less
  • no extra rates for rush jobs or projects done during the weekend, same flat fee no matter the source language
  • we work around the clock
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