Dutch to English Translation Services – DutchTrans

DutchTrans is a professional Dutch translation agency focusing specifically on Dutch to English and English to Dutch translations, but providing translations from and into any language. We are a global translation agency and we offer Dutch to English Translation Services with more than 3000 translators serving clients all over the world. We are an ISO certified company, as we maintain the most superior quality standards and continuously aim to improve .

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Services open 24/7


In order to offer our services worldwide, we offer translation services 24/7; not just for answering the phone but our translation teams are available for any translation you may need.

Document Translation


Document translation is translating your documents in the language you need. Here, your content is translated by native translators who specialize in various subjects such as legal, technical, business, medical sciences and much more.

World Translation


Whatever language you require is offered besides Dutch into English and vice versa, we translate from and into every other language. Just request a quote and the language you need to have your document translated into and we will offer you the best price.


Document Translation and Localisation Services

DutchTrans is a professional translation agency focusing specifically on document translation. In addition, we are also a provider of high quality software and web localization services.


Areas of Expertise for Document Translation Services

Our In-house translation team is qualified to offer high quality Dutch document translation services for the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Automation
  • Food and beverage
  • Mechanical… and many more!

Website translation and localisation services

As overseas trade becomes more and more commonplace, demand has increased for companies to localize their website and target their products to as wide an audience as possible. Our dedicated team of professional translators, proofreaders, localization experts and web engineers ensure that your company’s message is communicated clearly and effectively to your customers. Using our website translation and localization services, you are confident you are entering a new market as a leader.

Website translation and localisation services

Our Brochure – Dutch translation agency

Dutch to English Translation Services Agency - DutchTransLet experts from a Dutch Translation Agency lead the way to globalization. In today ́s global marketplace, communication with overseas customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues is essential. Whilst English is indeed a global language, it has been proven that localized material is much better received by potential customers even if they are proficient in English. For more details click here.

Dutch to English Translation Video

Our offices


translation office in London

Our translation office in London, UK is our main office that is working around the clock to suit any need, which also provides certified translation for immigration in the UK. Feel free to visit us in London, but if you can’t, you can also order online.


translation in Amsterdam

If you are around, feel free to pay us a visit at our Amsterdam office, where you will have the chance to talk to us in person, ask us any questions in regards to your translation and see how we work. We are of course easy to reach offline just as easy as we are online.


Hoofddorp translation

Hoofddorp is where our first office is, and although there aren’t many clients to visit us here except for local people and company representatives, we kept the office as we love to work here. Feel free to visit our Hoofddorp office any time!

Why choose us

global translation agency

Accurate Translations

We are a Dutch translation agency which has been providing accurate translations for more than 16 years. We have a network of more than 3000 professional, carefully picked translators spread across the globe and due to our unique project management system, we have a live connection between our offices, our project managers, our translators and our web specialists, which allows us to pick the best translators for your job and have them working on your project in minutes.

Our translators are well aware of the process of adapting information to a suitable format that will perfectly fit the target language and culture. We, therefore, prefer native speaking translators for superior results since it is certain that they would be well aware of their respective cultures. We assign 2 translators with each project: the first translates and the second proofreads the translation, which is then checked by our quality assurance team before being sent to the client along with a quality report.

Thousands of customers have trusted DutchTrans with their projects so far and not even a single one has anything negative to say about our services. A large part of them are old clients which always come back to us when they need more translations, and they are always happy with the output while leaving behind constructive and positive feedback.

UK certificate translation

Certified Translation for the UK

On top of general document translation for businesses and individuals, our office in London also provides certified translation for immigration to the UK. Every translation of personal documents is accompanied by our certificate of accuracy, ensuring top-notch translation quality, attesting that our Dutch-English dictionary expertise guarantees precise translations. The federal governments recognize our translations for their accuracy and reliability. Moreover, for enhanced accessibility, we offer audio translation services for selected documents. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the dated, signed, and stamped certificate that accompanies each translation, verifying our proficiency in both languages.

Some of the benefits in getting your certified translation from us:

  • translation for any personal documents like birth, marriage and divorce certificates, diplomas, transcripts, medical history, police reports, etc
  • from any language into English. Although we are specialized in Dutch, we do just about any language
  • each translation is guaranteed to be accepted by the institution it was intended for
  • we sport the lowest rates in London for certified translation: £20 per page is there are less than 200 words, or £0.12 per word if there are more words on the page
  • we deliver in 24 hours or less
  • no extra rates for rush jobs or projects done during the weekend, same flat fee no matter the source language
  • we work around the clock

Highly Accurate Translations

highly accurate translations

What does it need for your business to succeed in the global market today? One view of success is the ability to achieve your goals. If your business is looking to expand to other language and cultures, it is essential to get highly accurate translations. An accurate translation can easily be done by our professional translators at DutchTrans who can take on different sized projects and offer lower rates.

Outstanding Customer Support

outstanding customer support

100% customer satisfaction can never be achieved unless outstanding customer support is offered and this is why DutchTrans emphasizes exceptional customer support to the highest degree. We have a proficient and efficient support team which is always available to deal with your translation issues, to answer all your queries and concerns or to give you a free quote no matter when you need it.

Fast Turnaround & Delivery

fast turnaround

As business expansion continues to grow at a dizzying pace, delivering services on time, every time is essential. That’s why we’re as dedicated to meeting your deadlines as you are. Receiving a clear and detailed quote out to you at lightning speed is the first move in winning your faith to deliver on time. We’ve been recognized to provide finished jobs before our competitors have even quoted on them.


We translate from and into any language

translation services near me

Translation services near you

Finding the best translation services near you is not easy work. You have to look for a provider that caters to all your needs and is available whenever you need it to be. English Dictionary tools can be helpful in this quest, aiding you in evaluating the proficiency and reliability of translation services.

DutchTrans is a professional translation agency offering machine translation plans and a variety of translation tools to clients across the UK and abroad. Most of our services are delivered electronically so even if you’re looking for translation services near me, we can help.

Because of our extensive pool of expert translators, including both audio translator technology and human translators, we can often offer translation services near you on short notice for urgent tasks. If you need to swap languages or require foreign language translations, contact us for a free quote; we have translators standing by who can deliver translations in 24 hours using our document translator, maintaining the high quality you would expect from a professional translation agency.

There are different ways to find the best translation services near me. Some of them are given below:

  • Search on Google: The best way is to search on Google and read the reviews given by happy clients. This helps you connect with the right document translation service provider in your area.
  • Seek assistance from expert attorneys: Another way is seeking assistance from experienced attorneys. Attorneys know how to proceed in the court if any of the issues arise between your search for translation services. They provide you with the free resources and guide you all through the process.
  • Take suggestions from the neighborhood: You can also take help from your family, friends, and neighbors to get suggestions and their advice

Or you can come to us. We are available 24/7 and we provide highly accurate translations for businesses and individuals alike. If you are looking for translation services near me and do not know what to choose, you can order from us by visiting our office in London or even easier, talk to us online. Your translation will be delivered at your doorstep no matter where you are.

Thinking of taking your business at a global level? We are here to help

Get your website, marketing materials, legal documents and business contracts ready to take over international markets with our human translation services. Our services up-level your global reach in ways your business has never experienced before, an opportunity to get your point across to an international audience.

An expert translator learns and recognizes both the source and target languages of the translation. But more significantly, a professional translator describes cultural thoughts, not just written statements. A translator transforms the words but not the meaning of a message, using correct syntax and grammar, into the target language the client needs.

We believe that each translation call comes from the heart: the heart of human; the heart of a business. We also believe that translations powered by human linguists are the only way to maintain that heart in each translation and we always use two linguists to each project in order to insure accuracy. Not only that, but each and every translation project is put through a precise quality control check to ensure the translation isn’t just close, but 100% correct.

There are many translation providers that you can find online. If you are searching for professional translation services near you, DutchTrans is the place that can give you all linguistic help you’ll ever need.

translation for business expansion
English to Dutch translation services

English to Dutch translation services

If you are looking for English to Dutch translation services, DutchTrans is the right place to get accurate translations at fair rates. By translating your documents to Dutch, you’ll access an audience of 23 million people, appreciably spread out your target market, and make your services and products more accessible to Dutch speaking communities. It’s a fact that people are 4 to 5 times more inclined to buy a product from a website that is written in their language. Whether you are translating user medical documents, business manuals, user guides or website content, we have native translators for any sort of translation. We have the knowledge and the essential resources for even the most technical translation and terminology.

DutchTrans offers English to Dutch translation services in areas of academic, technology, legal, medical and more, and by using specialized translators in such fields, you can rest assured you get quality services that convey your message with precision. We deliver your translated documents quickly and on time, and at the most reasonable prices you can find.

To get a free quote now, make a contact with us and you’ll be provided with a detailed price estimate in minutes. Or for a more personalized service, use our live chat option for consultation and questions.

Looking to translate Dutch to English?

The Dutch language is one of the most broadly spoken languages across the word. It is above all, relevant in English-speaking countries that do business with the Dutch world. Our team of Dutch translators consists only of native Dutch speakers who also have extensive English expertise.

Translating Dutch to English is needed for loads of reasons. Software translations are really in high demand, as well as localized Dutch to English translations for academic, IT documents, legal documents, business, web page and SEO content, and much more. DutchTrans is one of the leading Dutch to English translation service providers, serving the global client base for documents in any business or countryside needing our expertise.

The Dutch translation team at DutchTrans works for one of the best translation companies in the world, and if you are looking to translate Dutch to English, look no further, we are your choice. We are used to handling challenging formats, materials and translation areas for business, medicine, law, physics, and so on. Your text will be localized and handled resourcefully! We offer you three translators; one to translate your text or document, another to edit and a third to proofread it.

Looking to translate Dutch to English? If you want to get a free quote for any document or text, simply use the top menu to choose your language and connect to our live 24/7 live-chat for a free consultation. A project manager will be with you within seconds.

Looking to translate Dutch to English?
Professional Dutch translators

Professional Dutch translators, and much more

We only employ professional Dutch translators with proven experience in their field. In order to avoid errors, we always assign at least two linguists to any project where the first translates and the second linguist proofreads and edits the translation. We are able to quickly assign the best Dutch translators to a project as we have a live connection with our team of over 3.000 translators which allows us to pick up the best ones based on their languages, their experience in the field and their scores in our internal rating system.

We do not only work with Dutch translators. Although we have started as a Dutch translation agency, we have evolved during the years to a multilingual agency which is able to deal with any language. At this time, we are perfectly capable of translating any document, website or app in any field, from and into any language. Even more, due to public demand, we also have immigration specialists in our midst who are providing translation for immigration to the UK.

If what you are looking is quality translation delivered in time at a fair price, we are probably the best choice. Visit our offices, give us a call, send us an email or use our live-chat feature to get in touch, an experienced project manager will always be available to answer your questions or to give you a free quote.

Translating English to Dutch

The world of translation is bigger than you can possibly imagine. We all know that it started way back and it was initially only used for conveying messages to different countries. Interpreters were hired in the courts and offices, just for the sake of keeping the communication easier between the governments. That was a fairly simpler time.

Today, translation is even used on the bottle of your shampoos. You see ingredients written in Chinese, English, Arabic and you never even think how and why they did it. This is to ensure the ease of the customers so that they can know what’s in the product they are going to use. But it also becomes an important ally in advertising and broadcasting the brand as well. The place of manufacturing is not the only place where the product is sold and distributed, and for the people in a foreign country, it is definitely not possible to understand what’s written in the local language where the product was created originally.

At Dutch Trans, we were concerned about these language barriers and we are also aware how important language services are, so we become the ultimate source of translation services. We have been translating English to Dutch for websites, documents, legal processes, prescriptions, diplomas, degrees and anything that anyone can think of. Our services are the true depiction of our expertise in Dutch language. Our diverse services have made us the favorite in UK and we are continuously working towards increasing its excellence every day.

Translating English to Dutch
passport translation

Passport Translation Services

Passport Translation services are perhaps the only services you never thought about using. It is considered the most fundamental element for immigration purposes. Traveling is practically impossible without this little book. As a matter of fact, countries where English is the official or second official language, the passports are always in English language. It is because English is spoken and understood widely and analyzing the contents of a document is easier this way.

However, there are numerous countries where they are only issued in the national language. Immigrants from such regions are asked to translate their passports for further processing. It is crucial that the translation projects the given information in the same way as that in the original manner. Any slight error can be called mishandling information and there could be consequences to such a careless act.

Here, at Dutch Trans, we have professional immigration translators who are experienced in their work. From documents, certificates to passports and traveling papers, we can take care of all with proficiency, accuracy and quality. We also offer our customers the assurance of accuracy by allowing them to recheck the documents. You are free to consult with your immigration lawyer or travel agent. And even then if you need any further help or clarification on anything from us, we are here with our day and night customer support.

So come to us without any hesitation and confusion. Whether you need to translate your Dutch passport into English or the other way round, we can do that for you anytime.

Dutch Translation Price

Our customers come to us and ask about our Dutch translation price. The quote requests are often more than any other query. Honestly, we don’t consider this something unnatural or unnecessary. With money losing its value quickly, you are right in saving it as much as you could. Especially, when you need to translate an important document, text or your website, you have to think about the charges that you’ll be paying.

At Dutch Trans, we guarantee the most accommodating Dutch Translation prices. Depending on your project, we offer the most affordable packages. But our convenience is not limited to that. Apart from our special rates, we cater to your long term needs. Whether you need to translate from and into Dutch, if it’s your personal or professional need, looking to expand your business by website or app localization or you have a specific legal requirement, we’ll always give you a price that will be reasonable.

To give our customers more of savings on translation prices, we can create customized packages too. If you own a call center or your Dutch company has clients overseas and you need to communicate daily with them, we can offer you the lowest rates. We take it as an opportunity to become your communication assistants when it comes to interpreting and transforming the documents into a local version and the other way round as well.

At our company, we have plenty of options for your convenience, all you have to do is give us a call or send us an email.

Dutch translation
Translations Dutch

Translations Into Dutch

As soon as you enter an English text for translation into Dutch into a software online, you get instant results. This is the beauty of the internet. It’s like Google and other search engines are modern genies, because every wish of yours is literally their command. You can enter words, texts, phrases, idioms and even articles into these tools and they translate everything within few seconds.

But then when you are met with something specific, a certificate, an official document from the university, an application for a job, a press release or a promotional announcement, you can’t just rely on machine translations.

See, the reason with these specific texts is that they are directed towards a particular audience and have very direct and obvious purpose behind. For instance, if you have to submit a document to an office, you have to be careful about the format, fonts, settings etc. And if you are traveling, immigration mostly require certified translations which obviously can’t be acquired by a software.

For all the similar and the peculiar ones, we are the Dutch translators you need. Came into existence in the very name of providing all sorts of Dutch language services to a global audience. So we don’t ask you to come to us for a single liner or a pair of word that seems confusing to you, because that you can certainly find on the internet. But if you need any help with your business projects, your official needs or immigration requirements, we are right at your disposal.

Dutch Translation Agency

Are you looking for a Dutch Translation Agency, not just because you need help with Dutch language interpretations, but you want the native people, the culture and the fun, then you are at the right place.

Our agency is the top source of Dutch translation services in the UK. Since we started our services, we have been keenly studying the culture and have learned a whole lot of things.

The culture, architecture, surnames, phrases, monuments, the ancient history, the magnificent era of the 17th century and even today’s marvelous developments gave us a very useful insight about everything. We also came to know about the working relationships, business, jobs and tourism in the region. And from all that information, we analyzed that our services will be needed more than often. Our agency, with native translators can cater to every requirement with 100% accuracy.

So when you have a job application to be submitted to a Dutch company, we can translate it into the version that will be admired, your diploma would be acknowledged and your website will be completely turned around with our localization services. And don’t worry if you want the world to know about your Dutch brand, we can work both ways.

We can also translate captions for your Instagram account, Facebook page and any other social media platform. We are not limited to any area or genre, quite on the contrary, we are the people who like to explore possibilities and challenge the abilities to deliver the utmost perfection to all of our customers.

translation agency
native translator

Native Dutch Translator

If you think that the Dutch natives are not interested in learning languages or interpreting them and finding a native Dutch translator is a hard task, you are quite wrong. Well, of course you can’t find them on the streets but with a rich culture and a language so old that trace back its origin to the 5th century, you can certainly expect to get in touch with some through an online service, just like us.

When we started our company, we studied Dutch, its origin, its significance in South Africa and its link to the current language Afrikans. We also saw that Dutch was not the only official language of Netherlands but also four other countries and of course, the European Union. At that time, we realized that there will always be customers from all these countries along with other parts of the world where the language was spoken, understood and read.

Hence, we gathered a collective team of translators including the natives. They are fully qualified professional translators who are deeply familiar with the local dialect, terms and usages of different kinds.

The business world runs on advertisement and localization is the key. So if you have a brand and you need some local help for that, we can assign your project to a professional expert who has spent all his student life in the streets of Netherlands. From their experience and knowledge, you can get the best version of your content for the local audience.

Although we are specialized in Dutch and Flemish, we can translate from and into any language. Besides providing translations for businesses, we also provide certified translation for people looking to immigrate to the UK. If you need affordable, yet high quality services, get in touch!

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