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Advantages of Website Localization

Advantages of Website Localization

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

By website localization we mean converting a website’s contents in a form that is linguistically and culturally adequate to a foreign market so that you will be able to expand your customer list with members from outside your country.

The benefits of website localization

What is localization

The process of website localization is not based on simple translation. If you want your business to reach a specific country, then you need a version of your website that will not only be in the local language but also reflect the culture of the target audience.

The most significant disadvantage of not having a localized website is that the target audience will not visit your website for the second time. If your potential customers get the feeling that their language and culture do not matter to you, then they will never consider your business trustworthy. The absence of a localized website means you won’t generate any revenues from the target location and you will have to pack shop and leave. So if you really want to make your place in the hearts of a nation, then you must make a version of your site that speaks to them.

what is localization
benefits of localization

The benefits brought by website localization are very important


Website localization helps you overcome language barriers.
Statistics show that from the total number of languages in the world, 82.2% represents the top 10 languages, where 26.8% of those are English. The second language with the most native speakers is Chinese, with 24.2%. In this situation, imagine a website in English which is translated into at least two other top 10 languages, think how much bigger the target market would be.
Nowadays, many companies have localized their website, and in a short time they already started seeing increases in the sales.

It builds credibility.
Speaking from the visual point-of-view, a most common fact is that a website with multiple language versions has a more professional perspective, thus showing more credibility.

Increased revenue.
The main purpose for using website localization is to make larger profits than ever before. If your website contains cultural variations in terminology, phrases, metaphors and sayings, passing it through a localization process, the foreign customer will stay twice as long on the page and it will “speak” in the same way as it does to a client in your country.

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A website translated in English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian and Korean (The Top 10 Languages in the World), may be accessible for more than 1 and a half billion internet users around the world.

For the best results in the localization process, at DutchTrans, your website localization and translation is carried out by qualified localization experts, proofreaders, web engineers and native translators, to ensure that your key messages are not lost in the process.

For more details on all our translation services and prices, contact us by phone, chat or email 24 hours a day.

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