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Virtually, we are everywhere, and almost anyone can reach out to us at any time through our online web services. However, physically, one of our offices is located in Amsterdam, where Dutch is the official language. If you need Amsterdam translation services, you can easily find our office in the middle of the city. Our Dutch translation company offers native language expertise, especially in Danish translations.

If you feel the need to visit our office and talk to us personally, you are more than welcome at our Amsterdam translation agency. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and the competitive translation rates we offer. You will be amazed at how proficiently we work and carry out our business here, ensuring high-quality English translation services.

Amsterdam translation agency

Professional Amsterdam translation agency

Amsterdam, being the capital of the Netherlands, stands as the epicenter for various global activities and international trade. During the Dutch Golden Age, Amsterdam flourished into one of the world’s foremost ports, pioneering innovative trade practices. Subsequent eras witnessed further expansions in finance, urban planning, and overall development, elevating Amsterdam to the status of an Alpha world city and a premier European financial hub.

As the commercial and cultural nucleus of the Netherlands, Amsterdam thrives as a multilingual metropolis, necessitating comprehensive language services. Acknowledging this demand, our agency undertakes the responsibility of delivering top-tier Dutch translation services. From inception to the present day, we have honed our expertise in providing unparalleled translations, ensuring our clients never encounter dissatisfaction. Our commitment to meeting and surpassing Quality Assurance Standards remains unwavering, cementing our position as a professional translation agency catering to Amsterdam’s diverse linguistic needs. Whether it’s official, native, medical device-related, or any other field, our English and Dutch translation services are tailored to deliver excellence at competitive rates.

Our Prices

Our Prices

The prices we offer are extremely affordable. We have set our rates which you would find to be the lowest in the market. Because we care for you, we give you the most comfortable, flexible and competent rates. On top of that, all our translations are of the highest quality when a professional translator translates, and other linguists are editing and proofreading the result. Even more, we offer short turnaround times so you can have your translation faster. We also work during the weekend, around the clock. What else would you want; competitive prices and quality at the same doorstep amalgamated with the touch of professionalism, how does that sound?

Our Quality

Our Quality

All translations done by DutchTrans are TEP, which means that once the translation has been done by a professional translator with experience in the fields and native of your target language, two other linguists will edit and proofread the outcome. After that, our quality assurance team will check the translation with specialized Q&A software and send it to you along with a quality report. We never settle for less than high quality Amsterdam translation services no matter the project size.

Wide Range of Services

wide range of services

With the constant contact between people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, the need for translation arose. These are not just restricted to one or two fields rather there are numerous of them. It includes tourism and immigration, banking and finance, business, advertising, technical manuals, food industry, news and information, legal, technological and so much more. Our experienced translators belonging to practically all regions and proficient in their corresponding languages literally never at all fail in fulfilling the assigned task. They are postgraduates in the above-mentioned fields, everyone to the fullest of their capacity.


Document translation services in Amsterdam

If you’re visiting Amsterdam or considering making it your permanent home, accurate document translation becomes essential. Your birth certificate, marriage certificate, and educational transcripts must undergo meticulous translation and certification. Our team specializes in these types of translations, providing the necessary attestation alongside the translated documents. The translator’s signed statement ensures the translation meets the highest quality standards and attests to the translator’s qualifications for the job.

At DutchTrans in Amsterdam, our dedicated staff handles document translations. Our project managers are available round the clock, ready to tackle urgent tasks with our team of native translators proficient in both English and Dutch. We guarantee excellent translations and timely delivery, thanks to our in-house translation team and a robust network of skilled freelance translators. Our translation company offers competitive rates and a commitment to top-notch language services to meet your needs effectively.

Amsterdam translation
website translation and localization

Website translation and localization services

With the world converging at a faster pace, a sudden hike in the business world is seen. It has become easier for businesses to pitch the customers through e-commerce. The online system has made it equally easier for customers to get whatever they want and literally whenever they want. But a business can flourish in e-commerce only if their website is properly translated according to the target region’s culture, language, and dialect. Any inaccuracy in website translation can have really worse consequences as far as the business sales are concerned. A client might get offended or doesn’t understand something and eventually leave the website and jump on another.

Dutch Trans has been in the field for quite a long time now, long enough to know the technicalities of every region’s culture and accurate dialect. Our native translators are highly proficient, that being guaranteed. Our translators maintain the original context while changing the relevant dialect. Our software experts are aware of the technicalities of keeping the website up-to-date. They have expertise in app and software localization. That is how we deliver the best localization for your business needs.

There’s nothing we can’t do!

Medical Translation

If you are a doctor or a patient or a pharmacist and want your medical prescriptions, reports, results or any other medical related document to be translated, we are here at your service with the most diligent medical translators, well versed in medical terminology.

Legal Translation

Legal documents are being dealt with on almost daily basis from official to financial level. Our legal translations cover all topics and needs. Avail of our Amsterdam translation services at any time!

Technical Translation

No wonder, we are in a technological age. We can’t move an inch or progress in anything if we lag behind in the field of technology. Realizing the potential of the very same we have the most competent technology translators in our team.

Business Translation

Getting translation for business has never been easier, with us you can have your marketing materials translated and localized to your target market with ease and at a price that beats anyone in the European Union. Even more, we translate entire websites just as easy, and we also provide multilingual SEO included in all translations.

Translation for Education

The essential part of an individual’s life, educational records hold due significance and hence require accurate translations. A slight mistake can have lifelong consequences on your career or further educational pursuance. We have therefore employed the most skilled and experienced translators so that you don’t have to face any such situation in the long run.

Need anything else?

We can do it! There is no field of expertise or language we can’t translate! We are specialized in Dutch and European Languages, but we can translate from and into any other language as well. Our live connection with over 3.500 translators gives us the advantage of having resources for anything you might need, in minutes.

Amsterdam translation agency open 24/7

If you are in or around Amsterdam and need translation or localization services come visit our office during business hours, you’ll get the chance to talk to us directly about your translation needs.

Should you need our services outside business hours  or during the weekend you can get in touch with us by e-mail, phone or live-chat on our website at any time!

Our Amsterdam translation agency:
Teleport Towers, Kingsfordweg 151
1043 GR Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-20-8910361
Fax: +1-212-933-9849
Email: [email protected]

translation agencies in Amsterdam

One of the best translation agencies in Amsterdam

If you are a lover of art and literature, then you probably dream about visiting Amsterdam a lot. From the Van Gogh Museum to the Anne Frank House, everything pulls you towards this city. The people of Amsterdam, just like the city, are quite sophisticated. Almost everyone in Amsterdam speaks English, and the majority speaks it fluently. So if you are planning on moving to Amsterdam or just going there for a visit, you can survive without having to learn Dutch. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t need Dutch translation of your documents.

When you are applying for immigration, you will have to provide a Dutch translation of your birth certificate to the immigration office. Translation agencies in Amsterdam, like DutchTrans, can provide you with a certified Dutch translation. For the immigration office, certified translations are necessary, and these cannot be obtained from sources like Google Translate or your bilingual friend.

Only certified translators or professional translation agencies can provide you with certified translations. DutchTrans is a professional translation agency that offers certified, notarized, legal, business, and medical translations, including high-quality translations of official documents like birth certificates and financial statements. Once you get your document translated from us, you can rest assured that it will be accepted because our translated documents have a 100% acceptance rate.

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