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Our translation blog is here in order to give you more information about the translation world, but also to give you an idea about the services we offer. DutchTrans is a leading translation company with offices in the Netherlands and UK which provides professional translation services at affordable rates, including UK certified translation.

translation blog

Stay up to date with our translation blog

There was a time when only a few people had blogs, but today they are everywhere. There is a blog about everything that you can think of and then some. But blogs aren’t just a waste of cyberspace; they actually help people. They have tutorials and recipes, lessons and teachings. Blogs have helped a lot of people solve their problems, and they continue to do so.

We created our translation blog to help you understand our services. But this is not just it. Our blog is full of information about how translation works, what the best rates are, and which qualities a good translation agency must have. When you buy something for the first time, you don’t know the variables that you should keep in mind, and you end up making the wrong selection.

A translation service is similar. When you need a translation for the first time, you will most likely end up choosing a service that charges more and provides a low-quality translation. The goal of our translation blog is to save you from bad experiences. We want you to be knowledgeable enough about translation that no agency or translator can take advantage of your situation. And we also want you to know more about our services so you can decide whether we are good for you or not.

Guidelines to follow before hiring a translation agency

Locating the right translation company for your needs has great importance as far as your business is concerned. You really should put a little effort in ensuring that you are handing your project in the right hands. If you follow the guidelines outlined in our translation blog properly, this will help you a great deal in getting the right kind of translation, which otherwise could have a devastating effect on your business.

Seeking help and researching thoroughly before getting on board with any translation agency is the secret to best outcomes. If you need more help or want to know more about the world of translation go through our Dutch translation blog below. You can also contact us via email or live-chat for more information or to get a free quote.

Dutch translation blog

Use a professional Service

Prefer the professionals

Starting off with a professional means better results. But how can one know who will work professionally and who won’t? Well, it’s not that difficult to identify, you just have to look keenly on how the agency deals with the matters at hand. Are they providing you with proper information? Are they guiding you properly? Do they have the right answers to any of your questions? Do they have a way for you to contact them whenever needed? If you think the answers to these are positive then look for other relevant things mentioned below and you are good to go with this agency.

Specialized services From Dutchtrans

specialized services

Check out the company’s specialized services. I.e. look deeply for the types of translations they are offering. Is it in accordance with your required type?

If you want a technical translator and the translation company isn’t providing one then you will have to compromise with whatever they provide you at the end. So if you need a technical translator look for that specific category on their website. Same practice goes for any other type of field, be it medical, financial, legal, literary or any other that pertains to a complex category.

Certified or not?

certified or not

Make sure that the agency is providing certification. It is basically a signed declaration by the translator or the translation agency, giving their word that the translation has been done accurately with the precision of highest level. It provides an authentication, which can be confidently used in official matters as well.

DutchTrans provides certified translation services for UK at affordable rates and fast turnaround time, so if you need to translate your personal documents for immigration in the UK, get in touch to find out more or to ask for your free quote!

Research for prices

Research for prices

This is also an important step since it’s you who is going to pay at the end and you really don’t want the translation price to go out of your budget. While searching, compare the prices of different companies. Ask about this on initial stages to avoid any embarrassing situation at a later stage. Be clear about it and also look out for discounts if any. After all who doesn’t like saving those few extra pounds?

Additional services

Additional services

There are some companies out there whose main aim is to just make money. They will first promise high quality then give you a bad translation in the end. So, in order to avoid such a mishap, check if they are providing full services: translation, editing and proofreading in one service. If they do, then move to look for other aspects otherwise quit and start searching for other translation agency.

Native speakers

Native speakers

If you stumble upon a translation agency that uses native speakers of your target language then that is where to stop by. They are skilled in reproducing the exact meanings and using the right terminologies of their native language. If the translation has a native touch and feel and is localized to your target market, in case of a business, will better be able to relate to terminologies and phrases.

Choosing the right translation agency may not be the easiest thing to do, which is why we have given you some tips above. If you want to learn more, please check our translation blog below.

Dutch Translation Blog

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