human translation vs machines

Machine Translation vs Human Translation

Machine Translation vs Human Translation

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

Technology may be quite distant from solving the secrets of the universe, but the strength and capability of machine translation technology and new technology that allows language to be instantly understood. Although is set to make our world smaller and it is improving at a fast pace, it is not a replacement for human translation, but is making it easier to communicate in every part of the globe.

Machine translation or human translation?

Although machine translation from the 1950s was one of the first areas of computer applications, the complexity of human language is still too complicated for them and human translation is way better.

Are machines of any good at translation?


All efforts to develop a fully automatic computer translation software have had some, more and less successful attempts. It is unlikely that anyone will ever be able to create such a sophisticated computer (machine translation) as the human brain, which can translate the human spirit of the language and make sense, no matter how advanced today`s technology is.

We can’t expect, in the near future, that the situation will change. In fact, as commerce and communication become international activities on an increasingly daily basis, being able to speak to any number of people in their preferred language offers a huge advantage over other communicators and businesses. This can open many doors to fresh opportunities.

This means you can use a computer translator for everyday activity and for fun, but not for translating a legal document, or instructions for the use of an important item.

are machines good at translation
human translators are better

Human translation


Machines have confiscated the ability of the human minds; their creative streak as we are so consumed by the relative accessibility that is spread out on our feet. Nut, the empowerment that can be provided by the human translators cannot be compared with, even though online translation tools are the product of the human mind.

Translators need to be efficient with their observation skills and have the communication power to help in the profound analysis of the translation beforehand such that the objectives and goals of the translation requested by the client can be met effectively. These skills are robotic when it comes to the machine translator. Furthermore, the ability to procure accuracy cannot be expected by online translation tools as the languages are growing day by day and the updates of the tools can only be handled at a small pace. Moreover, the translator is heavily equipped with the knowledge of the language while computers can only translate common phrases and words mostly.

Who wins?


The best way for those who need accurate translation services is to hire human translation from a company with experience and a good reputation.

Machines can not translate the spirit of the languages or the meaning of a sentence in a specific dialect. In some languages the same words have different meanings! So, how would the machine know what the meaning of a particular sentences is? The translation might sound like nonsense or at least funny.

It is especially dangerous when a computer translating program is used by a person who does not know the target language. It is problematic when that person is not able to check and amend the results obtained.

Serious business-people and big companies do not even think about hiring non-professionals, they always use the best human translation.

Professionals work with professionals. That is how they save money and time. Save money, time and your business by always using a professional translation agency and stay away from machine translation.

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