Dutch to English translation services

Dutch to English translation services

Accurate, fast and affordable

DutchTrans is specialized in providing Dutch to English translation services for any document, software or website. Get in touch and enjoy accurate translations, perfectly localized to your target market, at affordable rates, in London or Amsterdam, or find us online 24/7.

English translation services

Dutch Trans – helping you communicate your thoughts & ideas in the most effective way!

Pairing two languages, mastering them and getting a translation done in the most accurate way is not an easy thing to do. But we do it with utmost precision and proficiency. Dutch to English translation services have been our specialty from the beginning and still is.

At DutchTrans, translating Dutch into English and English into Dutch has been our main focus and we translate millions of words from one language to another with the help of our expert translators. We can do it in any field, including information technology, software engineering, medical and health sciences, dentistry, economics and finance, media and marketing, chemical and mechanical engineering and so much more. Large IT companies and big multinational organizations along with governmental bodies prefer our top of the class Dutch to English translation services. They have been using our services for a number of years now and they are well aware of how meticulously we work keeping in mind minor detailing and in-depth particularization.

Fast, accurate and affordable solutions

Accurate translation services

accurate translations

When it comes to accurate translation services, we are the leader. We have been in the industry for over 16 years and never compromised on quality. Over the years, we have learned that nothing is more effective than an accurate translation, perfectly localized to the target market, and that is exactly what we do!

Fast turn-around, no delays

fast turnaround time

We are aware that time is an asset no one can afford to lose. Before sending you our quote, we take a look at your translation requirements and our resources, and come with a deadline. Said deadline is always the fastest turnaround time we need in order to finish your translation. We may finish it earliest, but never later than specified.

Cost effective solutions

cost effective solutions

Our prices are lower than the rest out there, yet we do not have any hidden rates to compensate for that, like other do. We charge a flat per word rate for any language, and there are no rush rates or weekend extra fees if you need your translation done in a rush or over the weekend. With us, you know exactly what you need to pay from the beginning.

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English translation services for any need

Our Dutch translation agency remains ahead of others by adopting new trends in translation and using the latest technological advances to make our work faster and more effective.  We are always on the lookout for improvements. Our translators are also always learning new things and are never overconfident about their work. This gives them the motivation to keep learning new things and bringing about improvements in their work style and tactics.

Is there anything else you are looking for, apart from above mentioned fields? Is it a website that you want to localize? Maybe you have a software suite or an app which needs to be translated, or anything else? We also have state of the art CAT (computer-assisted tools), Dutch-English dictionaries, and terminological database as side tools for increased proficiency and manifold authenticity of the final translated document.

We will be more than happy to take your translation to the next level of accuracy. Visit our offices, give us a call, send us an email or fill out the form to get in touch with us. We will have it done in the shortest possible time, at affordable rates.

English translation for any field
specialized services

Specialized Dutch to English translation services

It won’t be an exaggeration if we state that DutchTrans is very advanced in its approach towards working methodology. We don’t not only offer English to Dutch or Dutch to English translation services for any major or minor fields of expertise, but we also offer specialized services that you possibly are looking for. What are these? Have a look!

  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Multilingual Project Management
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Multilingual SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Technical Information Retrieval
  • Terminology Management
  • Software Localization
  • Website Translation
  • Mobile App Localization

We solve any and all types of translation needs. We are just clicks away, get to us and ask for a quote, we take any and all translation orders irrespective of how big or small they are.

How do we differ from others in our Dutch to English translation services?

We differ in a number of ways and that is why we also stand out. Our first and foremost approach is to employ experts in the field. While any native translator can do you the favor, we employ experts because they are not only aware of the terminologies but they also have in-depth knowledge in their field of expertize, resulting in extraordinary outcomes.

We realize how important your document is for you and that is why we go to long lengths just for to have it perfectly translated. And the results are simply awesome, our hard work doesn’t go to waste as our clients are flabbergasted at how effective we work and how unique our approach in yielding the best result is. They are pleasantly surprised by our unique English to Dutch, Flemish to English or Dutch to English translation services.

Since the dialects of Dutch vary, we also provide translations for Dutch – the Netherlands and Dutch – the Belgian (Flemish). If you feel there is a need for Flemish translation, you can get in touch with us and ask for an instant quote. We ensure you of highly accurate services at flexible rates, at our disposal around the clock.

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