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We understand that you have questions regarding getting your translation done. The answer is simple. Use the form below to get a quote for your translation in the language combination you want in your inbox. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to give you all the information you need.

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free translation quote

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Want to ask for a quote? You can do so easily, by reaching out to us through a number of ways, first and the foremost being filling out the form below. This involves certain things on your behalf to be filled first. It asks for your name, email, country, both languages (to and from) and your document which needs translation. The 5-minute translation quote will give you an estimate of the translation price within 5 minutes. The team will also inform you of the delivery date for your translation. Any questions? Just reply to the email and our team is there to help you!

Want to do it yourself?

Want to do it yourself?

You do not want to wait for the 5-minute translation quote and you just want to know what a translation will cost you? We have created a special tool: our word counter tool that will give you the price instantly. Use our online word calculator for that. We don’t like making our clients wait for long that is how much we take care of them and their needs. An email sent to us is checked instantly so as to avoid any inconvenience later. We also comprehend that sometimes there is certain urgency and which is why our project managers always respond immediately.

Live Quote

Live Quote

With our team available at any moment you can ask for a live translation quote. Another way is by contacting our customer support through live chat. Our representatives are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, that means that we are always online, even during the weekend! Which means you will get an instant quote in next few minutes as you ask for it. Just chat with our staff and find out what we can do for you and when we can deliver your translation at the lowest rates you can find in the industry.

free translation quote

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Looking for top-notch Dutch translation services for your legal documents? Look no further! Our professional translation company specializes in providing accurate and comprehensive translations in a wide range of languages, including Dutch and English. With a team of native translators experienced in handling complex and official documents, we ensure that your source documents are translated with precision and attention to detail.

Whether you need certified translations, medical reports, birth certificates, or employee handbooks translated, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team guarantees timely deliveries at competitive prices, ensuring that your translations are completed on time and within budget. Plus, with our online quote form, getting a free translation quote is quick and easy. Experience the difference with our quality translation services today!


At Dutch Trans, we believe that we can provide our clients with the best options. Not just in terms of the quality of our translation services but also in providing them with the guidance on the rates. We allow our customers to acquire the quotes online, not just because we want them to hire our team, but also because we want them to have a fair look around in the market. The reason behind our online quote is that we don’t want to deprive our customers of their basic right that is comparing prices before buying. The translation industry doesn’t run on translation services alone, the quality, timely delivery, proficiency, accuracy and prices also matter. It is, therefore, our policy to provide a free translation quote whenever there is a request for one.

We have:
– 80+ languages
– 2500+ translators
– 16+ years of experience
– 25000+ projects so far
– 3 main locations of base offices (London, Hoofddorp, Amsterdam)
– 24/7 Available
– ISO certified

Questions and quotes are free!

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In today’s world, nothing is free, and everything costs a lot. Price tags help you get through the month. If you like something and the price tag tells you that it is beyond the reach of your budget, then you stop liking it. Most people have to spend their whole paycheck on paying bills and buying the necessities. And some barely manage to take care of the basic things with their paycheck. Heaven forbid if an unexpected expense comes up, you will be left with nothing in your bank account.

But if there are price tags, it becomes easier to shop within your budget. DutchTrans understands the need of knowing the price beforehand. We also know how sometimes the budget can get tight and you can’t afford to spend extra even on a necessity. To save you from all the troubles, we offer a free translation quote that you can get in only five minutes. You can use the form on this page to calculate the cost or get in touch with us directly for the quote. You can also calculate the cost yourself with the help of our word counter. Once you know how much the translation will cost you, you can place your order if you are satisfied with the rates.

Get your free translation quote today and experience our top-notch professional translation services. Our expert translators, who are native speakers with industry expertise, handle a wide range of complex documents, ensuring accurate translations for all your needs. Whether you require English translations or services in other foreign languages, we guarantee the highest quality through our comprehensive translation review and advanced quality assurance processes.

Simply upload your source files, whether they are PDFs or other file types, and provide details about the type of document and its complexity. Our translation team will quickly analyze the original files to provide a detailed quote for translation. For urgent translations, we offer the fastest service without compromising on quality.

Contact our sales team via email to receive your quote by email within business hours. We pride ourselves on delivering on time, with happy customers and satisfied clients frequently sharing their positive customer stories. For additional services like BLEND Voice Voice-Over Recording and localization, we remain your trusted translation partner.

Are you worried about the expenses? Are you on a tight budget? Or want to know the prices beforehand, our word counter and calculation portal are set up to assist you. This is done keeping the element of transparency in mind. This will also make certain to you that you won’t get an extra bill hinting at some hidden charges. Be assured that ours is the most affordable service you will ever come across. All you have to do is to upload your document and we will instantly send you the number of words and price accordingly.

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    Why would you work with us?

    When it comes to translation services, why settle for anything less than excellence? Our Dutch translation agency stands out for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, our competitive pricing ensures that you receive top-quality translations at rates that won’t break the bank. Additionally, our extensive experience in the field guarantees accurate quotes and timely deliveries, with turnaround times as swift as 1-2 business days.

    We specialize in a wide array of translation services, from medical translations to the translation of contracts and business documents. Our expertise extends to dataset expansion and Desktop Publishing, ensuring that your content is not only translated accurately but also presented professionally.

    What sets us apart is our commitment to customer satisfaction. With a focus on the Germanic language pair, including English and Dutch, we prioritize delivering high-quality translations that meet your specific needs. Whether you’re in Sunrise Manor or San Francisco, our online quote form makes it easy to get started, while our secure bank transfer option provides peace of mind.

    Partnering with us means accessing advanced technology, including artificial intelligence, to enhance the translation process. From annual reports to translation of websites, we handle it all with precision and efficiency. With Universal Translation Services, expect nothing less than quality, affordability, and reliability in every translation project.

    We offer a range of translation services undertaking editing and proofreading as well at secondary stages, followed by certification if a client asks for it. We take upon such a course of action which ensures the preservation of original formatting of the document. Due to our diligent and industrious approach, we are paid back with a wonderful response by our clients.

    We value your precious time so we provide you with an absolutely free and instant translation quote. In this way, we not only provide you ground for comparison, we also allow you to analyze your budget and needs.

    We have Professional linguists, Proofreaders, Editors and translation management officers for carrying out the smooth flow of the process. We calculate the price for the whole process and send them to our clients with no hidden costs.

    We provide all kinds of translations in more than 80 languages, be it technical, legal, financial, scientific, judicial, literary, academic, general, commercial, travel and tourism, medical, blogs, articles, IT or any other. We like to keep things up with the pace of the world and we constantly derive new ways to make our services even better.

    We also provide localization services for your website, software, and apps of all kinds. Our software specialists and tech experts are always on the verge to new discoveries, they not only localize, they also introduce ways to enhance the appeal of your content.

    You will get an error-free end result because we have human translators and don’t rely on automated translations. We do use translation software but it is not used for translating, but instead, it serves as an organizer and an assistant. We believe that providing the translators with the best platform increases their performance.

    For cross checking and smooth flow of affairs, we have futuristic technology installed at our offices.