Is Google translate good to go for Dutch?

google and dutch language

Is Google translate good to go for Dutch?

Is Google translate good to go for Dutch?

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2023)

Want to translate your Dutch documents? and if you are thinking about google translate Dutch documents, here is a full guide for you. In this article, we will get to know either google translate is authentic enough to trust it for your official documents or not. If it is not authentic, what alternative ways are available to get your Dutch translated into any other target language. Moreover, we will talk about the ability of artificial intelligence to comprehend human language and how good machine translation is to translate them into destination languages. Let’s dive into the topic and see how google translate works.

How Google translate works

Google has developed a multilingual translation software, which provides translation for a variety of language pairs including Dutch. This translation program can translate more than 100 languages into different destination languages and according to them, they have up to five hundred million users. Google launched its new machine translation services in 2006. They also have an app specially designed for mobile users. It can translate your

  • Text
  • Website
  • Documents

When you add your text in any other source language it will translate that into English first. The second step is to convert it into your given destination language. While translating text translation engine went through several documents from its database to translate words correctly according to the context. Their new update in the software translates the whole sentence once instead of translating its chunks.

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Word By Word Translation

Word by word translation, powered by neural networks, often results in the absurd and completely irrelevant translated text. This automatic translation update, employing deep learning models, is specifically designed to preserve the quality and accuracy of translations. And it makes it more human-friendly text with accurate grammar and sentence structure. Its language code parameters, crucial for accurate translation, help to translate multiple European languages, like Haitian Creole, ensuring the preservation of quality translations. Language code parameters are used to keep separate records of multiple languages in a single language pack database, catering to diverse foreign languages. It also has auto language detection, enabling quick and instant translations, a hallmark of Google Cloud Translation services.

It can not only translate typed text but also text in any picture, handwritten text, or speech (transcribe feature) using Google Nest technology. The Conversation Mode, employing the subjunctive mood in European languages, is also very efficient for bulk translations. No doubt it is the best translation tool, developed by Google, leveraging their expertise in machine translation software to provide accurate translations and context-based translation, especially in European languages like those spoken in Hong Kong. It is the only translation tool that can be trusted at least for basic translations, ensuring quality translations for users worldwide.

Is Dutch good to go for google translate?

Thinking about google translate is a good go for a Dutch translation or not, one must think that are machine translation tools can be compared to human translators or humans’ linguistic abilities?  Even humans who are not linguistically intelligent are not translation jobs. Then how a machine or software can be trusted for such taxing work.

If there is any Dutch confusing phrase, how would a computer translate it into the exact context? No doubt that technology has made our lives much easier and it is doing a lot of human work. For example, google search has kept all the knowledge of the world at our fingertips. But that knowledge is not created or written by google itself. It is invented, discovered, and written by humans only. But human translators cannot be compared by machine translating tools.

Maybe in the future, we will have such artificial intelligence comparable to human intelligence but for now, we can’t trust any machine to translate languages including Dutch. Because no matter how broad the input list is and how much linguistic data is saved in the database to make the system efficient. It cannot provide accurate and context-based translation like human translators.

Just like dictionaries, they tell the meaning of the word but never tells how to use it according to the context. Likewise, Google translate can also translate your Dutch words according to the input list it has in its database. But it can’t make a translated sentence that makes sense. It will just give meaning to the words, unlike human translators.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Trust Google Translate

Here are a few reasons why you should avoid using google translate for official documents and professional translation services.

It can’t be compared with human translators

No matter how efficient and intelligent google translate is, still it can’t substitute human translators. Even Google itself does not claim the accuracy and readability of translation. It has improved translation services a lot still they refuse to claim the exact clarity and accuracy.

It can ruin your whole document

If you have medical, legal, official, or any such technical document, then are chances that your document can be ruined by a machine translator. Google translate is comparatively better but it can ruin the terminology and technical phrases which will completely change the meaning of the text.

There is no proofreading

Google translate only give meanings of words and sentences. It doesn’t provide proofreading services unlikely of many translation agencies. So, if there is any sentence that is not making sense it will go unchecked. And you might have to proofread the whole document by yourself.

It doesn’t correct mistakes

If your text has any grammar or spelling mistakes don’t expect google translate to correct it. Instead, it will impact the translation process as well. Because it is not a human translator who would detect mistake and translate it correctly. It will directly translate what it has.

There is no context-based translation

Google translate often gives correct results but still, words have more than one meaning. Which makes it difficult for a machine to understand the context and translate accordingly. It will not sound natural. If text is not context-based, it will not be inflow. This makes text incomprehensible. In the Dutch language or the English language, there are several different meanings of a single word. Hence, even you are trusting machine translation still you need to make sure if your document is understandable or not.

When You Can Use Google Translation For Dutch

You can always utilize Google Translate for quick translation needs, but its quality of translation may vary. While it surpasses some software, it’s unsuitable for official documents or comprehensive study purposes. However, for informational use where accuracy isn’t crucial, it suffices. Native speakers often resort to it for language learning despite its limitations. It offers a general idea of sentences but lacks consistent accuracy. Avoid relying on it solely for learning Dutch or any other language. Various other apps and courses, like Duolingo, cater to better learning experiences.

Moreover, Google Translate explicitly acknowledges its inability to ensure 100% accuracy. Consequently, avoid risking crucial documents, such as university letters, degrees, legal, medical, or immigration papers using this tool. Yet, if you’re traveling and need a quick translation, say, to order food in Dutch, it could serve a purpose. Similarly, for translating memes or text over pictures from English to Dutch, the advanced features of Google Translate could assist. However, for any critical or official translations, using a professional service or a trusted translation delivery network is advisable.

We hope that the information above will prove to be useful for our readers. To keep learning more about language and translation, stay connected with our blog.

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