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Medical translation services are very significant and of course for a very good reason: it can be life-changing both in positive and negative ways. While an accurately done translation of a prescription or diagnostic slip can pave the road to ultimate recovery of a patient, an inaccurately done medical translation, on the other hand, can have lifelong consequences on the patient at hand. Considering that, would you ever get medical translation services from an unprofessional translator who charges few lesser bucks or would you rather entrust your document with a professional translation company? The latter one would certainly be your choice when it comes to medical translation services.

Medical translation services available 24/7

Experienced medical translators

Experienced medical translators

Since this kind of translation needs an expert of the field who won’t just translate but is also aware of its background and have in-depth knowledge of the field and is also well acquainted with relevant terminologies, we put extreme care in choosing the right linguists for the task. We also make sure the translation is done according to your specifications and is using the terminology list you sent us.

High quality translations

high quality medical translations

We only provide high quality medical translation services by carefully selecting the right translators for the task, they must be natives of your target language and have a solid medical background. We use 3 translators with every project where one translates, the second edits the translation and the third proofreads the output, leaving no room for errors.

Any medical document in any format

any documents

Our translators are well versed in the medical field but they are also computer savvy. We deal with any medical document from simple prescriptions to highly technical research papers, in any format. We have DTP specialists who are able to add the translation into your original format if needed. We also deal with CAT tools and can deliver the translation in any format you require.

medical translation in London

Quality medical translation services in London

If you are searching for medical translation services of the highest quality at affordable rates then we are the answer to your needs: simply get in touch with our translation office in London and find out what we can do for you. We can translate from and into any language and only assign the best translators having a solid medical background to such tasks.

Each translation is then proofreaded by another specialized translator and checked by our quality assurance team before being delivered to you. Here are some of the medical translations covered by DutchTrans:

  • Medical forms
  • Medical reports
  • Medical research papers and case studies
  • Appointment letters
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical leaflets
  • User manuals of medical instruments
  • Clinical trials
  • Medication slip
  • And much more…….

Our Key Features

We assure you that DutchTrans would be the best thing to have ever happened to you. Our key features are managing multilingual medical translations, assisting medical terminologies proficiently and giving fast turnaround at highly affordable rates.

better quality
Better Quality

Accuracy and consistency across languages have the prominent impact on the quality of any translation. Our translators bring years of experience and in-depth know how to use, producing high-quality translations.

reduced costs
Reduced Costs

We have very good packages available at Dutch Trans for our clients, though the Medical translation is tough of a kind, still, we have extremely affordable prices considering all categories of our prospective clients.

faster delivery
Faster Delivery

Employing more than 3,000 translators gives us the leverage of utilizing the services of more than one translator at a time. This results in enhancing the efficiency of our services, eliminating delays when it comes to large projects.

available 24/7
Available 24/7

With offices in UK and the Netherlands, we are available around the clock. The increasing demand for our services motivates us to be available at any time of the day and any day of the week, including the weekends.

high quality guaranteed

Some more reasons to work with us

If you deal with international communications, you know how quick the discussion can go wrong. You can restrict the number of chances for mistakes if you hire our skilled translators. Don’t take a risk and put delicate information in the wrong hands. A slight mistake in translation can have lifelong consequences for an individual or for a business. With us, you are rest assured that your document will be translated accurately into the target language, using the right terminology.

Having concerns while getting your medical documents translated, is a common thing. We ensure full confidentiality of your documents in a completely professional manner. You can hence trust us with your documents.

Our attractive prices coupled with quality and speedy services make us stand out from our competitors. Want to try our services? Go ahead and ask for a quote now. If you still have any concerns or queries click through the live chat feature and connect with our representatives. Our project managers will be quick in responding to you; guaranteed.

Accurate translation of medical documents

The accurate translation of medical documents benefits both medical organizations and patients. Both doctors and therapists will be better notified of the patient’s diseases and past health history. The patient benefits by having a better knowledge of the medication that is being served. This will be useful in various aspects, whether it be informing the patient how often to take medicine or discussing a treatment.

An essential requirement for the medical translation services online is to translate a medical history, patient approval forms, and post-discharge instructions.

It is recommended to use professional medical translation services online when translating medical reports. They are native of the language they are translating and have an academic or working background in medicine. Moreover, professional medical translators are knowledgeable about medical subject matter and use standard terminology for the medical industry – in both the source and target languages. They use glossaries of accepted medical terms and parallel texts from previous such translations.

Translation of medical documents is particular in its language. Small differences in terminology can mean considerably different things in medicine or medical practice. In this manner, accuracy and clear understanding of what is translated is ensured, something that is crucial when it comes to patient care.

translation of medical documents
medical translation services online

Benefits of Using Medical Translation Services Online

Medical documents or reports usually are time sensitive whether being related to a medical problem that happened in a foreign country, a billing issue, or a medical application with your insurance company. In many cases, you need to have your medical documents translated by DutchTrans, a professional translation agency which not only understands the complexities of language translation but is also familiar with privacy laws that govern medical reports. The use of our medical translation services online can eliminate all your worries as the output will be highly accurate.

The precise translation of medical documents is necessary for giving care and medication to patients whose reports are in a foreign language. No matter what language your patients speak, you need to be able to interact efficiently. Practical and productive communication can be achieved through the accurate translation of critical documents such as patient records, service agreements, and post-discharge guidance.

Doctors and nurses will be better familiarized about the state of their foreign patient’s health if they have access to their transcribed healthcare documents. Patients will take benefit as well since they will be informed of the details regarding any procedure they are planned to undergo.

When using our medical translation services online, you are rest assured that, no matter what document is to be translated or whatever essential information it may contain which is necessary for both the patient and the doctor, we will make sure that the translation is of the highest quality and error free.

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