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An Overview of German Girls’ Names And Their Meanings

An Overview of German Girls’ Names And Their Meanings

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2023)

German girls’ names have been in vogue for centuries, and now German girls’ names are making their way back into fashion in the U.S., UK, and Australia as parents seek out more diverse choices when it comes to naming their children.

What are the most popular German girls’ names? Which ones should you consider if you’re expecting a little girl of your own? Perhaps your families are English speakers but you need a German name for your baby girl.

Here’s an overview of some of the top German baby girl name with their meanings and pronunciations!

A Few Key Points To Keep In Mind

German girls names are, for the most part, quite traditional. This does not mean that there are no German names for American or British speakers.

For example, a popular German baby girl name is Sophie which means bright pledge. Other popular German girl names include Sophia (meaning wisdom), Anna (meaning grace), Hannah (meaning favor) and Emma (meaning full of charm.)

Some less common names also sound lovely in German: Leah (means weary in Hebrew), Salome (means peaceful) and Hedda. German female forms are often biblical figures such as Esther or Rose.

A List Of Feminine German Girl’s Names

German girls have a wide variety of names that are beautiful, unique, and expressive. The most popular names are Maria, Sophie, Anna, Mia, Johanna, Lena, Hannah.

If you’re looking for something less traditional than these then consider one of the following: Miri (meaning peaceful), Lisa (meaning leisurely), Greta (meaning strong), Amelie (meaning peaceful).

German baby names often have deeper meaning than their English counterparts. Some parents choose to give their children traditional German versions of popular American or British names like Emma or Emily.

More often they use a name with cultural significance as well as meaning. For instance Elke means noble woman while Ella means bright.

german girl
german girl names

Anna – meaning Graceful

Anna is a popular girl’s name in Germany, as it is in many other countries. In its German version, Anna means gracious or full of grace, and it is one of the common names for German Actress.

Anna was the first name of an American writer, as well as an English speaker, a British actress, and a German actress.

Maria – meaning Disobedient

Maria was the most popular name for girls in Germany from 1880 to 1920. Meaning disobedient, Maria’s popularity is likely due to its connection with the Virgin Mary, an important figure in Catholicism.

Another theory about the name’s popularity is that it has Hebrew origins and means sea of bitterness.

In modern times, Maria is ranked as number two on the list of most popular girls’ names in Germany. It is also one of the most common female names in many European countries.

What is a classic German name?

One of the most popular names for girls in Germany is Maria. This name is actually very common all over the world, so it’s not too surprising to find it on this list.

Josepha – meaning Free

There are many variations of the name Josepha, but the most popular is Joanna. It is believed to be a variation of the name Josefina which in turn is a variation of the name Josephine.

The name can also be spelled with an A instead of an O as well as being shortened to Joey.
There are many different meanings for girls that are named Josepha or Joanna.

Some common variations include Josefana, meaning woman from Judea; Josefa, meaning God will add; and Josie, short for Josefa. Know here the common dutch names.

In America it has been used since at least 1884 when it was found in a list of names used by native Americans (Zuni). This popular baby name typically falls between the top 100 names in America.

Susanna – meaning Lily

Susanna is a popular girls’ name in Germany. It means Lily. The name was used by the biblical prophetess. In Germany, it’s also been used as a variant of Susanne, which also means lily.

Katharina – meaning Pure

Katharina is one of the most popular girls names in Germany, along with Marie. Katharina is a variation of Katherine, which means pure.

It comes from the Greek name Αικατερινη (Aikaterine) meaning pure. The name was first used as a Christian name during the Middle Ages. Other variations are Catherine, Kathryn, Katherina or Katherin.

german female names
german names for girls

Sara/Cara/Sophia – meaning Wisdom or Godly Wisdom 

Sara is a common name in Germany, and it can be derived from the Hebrew word for princess. It was popularized by the biblical character Sara, Abraham’s wife.

Cara is a Latin word meaning dear one or beloved one. Sophia means wisdom, which is why it was chosen as the Greek name for God’s wisdom, or Holy Spirit.

The spelling of Sophia with an ‘h’ comes from the Hebrew, meaning to give birth to wisdom.

Sophie – Meaning Wisdom, Also Diminutive Form of Sophia (Wisdom)

Sophie is a common name in Germany with many different meanings. Sophie is the most popular female name in Germany, which can be attributed to its versatility.

The word sophia means wisdom or knowledge, making this an appropriate name for someone who is intelligent and curious about the world around them.

There are also other possible origins for the word Sophie, such as a diminutive form of Sophia (wisdom), or Sophronia (strength).

Sophie is also a feminine form of the masculine name Severus, which may be why it has been used as a middle name for boys in recent years.


What German girl name means warrior?

Hildegard is the name of a warrior, sometimes referred to as battle maidens. Hildegard is a given name, derived from Old High German words meaning war and bright.

What name means love in German?

Liebe means love in German. This is the most popular girls name in Germany.

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