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This is the page where you can pay translation invoices fast and easy, using the most secure payment mechanisms available today.

DutchTrans is a London based translation company which provides accurate translation services for documents and websites at affordable rates. If you are looking to translate a document with high accuracy at a low cost, we are probably the best choice. We have been translating business documents as well as providing certified translation for immigration in the UK since 2001 and we have yet to see a client not happy with our services.

Anything is possible with us

Any language or language combination

any language combination

Although we started as a Dutch and Flemish translation company, over the years we have created a live connection with over 3000 translators and we are able to deal with any language or language combination. Only native translators of your target language, having deep knowledge in the field will be assigned to your project, no matter how small the document is.

Translation for documents, software and websites

translation for documents, software and websites

We are not dealing only with translators, we have web developers, engineers, DTP specialists and localization experts in our team, and we are able to translate not only documents, but also websites and software apps. If you are a company looking to expand your reach or target a specific market, get in touch and see what we can do for you!

Certified translation for immigration in the UK

certified translation for immigration

If you are an individual dealing with the UK immigration system, you are probably looking to get certified translation for your personal documents at the best price you can find. We have specialized translators who can help you with an accurate translation, guaranteed to be accepted at the immigration office, at some of the best prices in the UK.


How to pay translation invoices

pay translation invoices

Pay translation invoices easily and securely

Getting your translations done by DutchTrans is as easy as buying anything online. In fact, we have chosen the most reliable methods of payment so that you can pay translation invoices with trust and peace of mind. The reason why we have provided you with multiple options to pay is because we understand that our clients are global. Living in different countries, far off from each other, they can only rely on payment modes that are secure and acceptable worldwide.

This payment policy was also established to facilitate our translators. A secure way for the clients to pay translation invoices means the same ease and security for our translators. They stay assured that they’ll also get paid in time through the most reliable means. DutchTrans, at its very core, believes that provision of all sorts of translation and localization services should be done with quality and clarity.

Being a well-established translation company in the UK, we have been proudly serving our clients from all continents. Our translators, our services and our processes are the real foundation of our company. And we aspire to never let you down in any case. So for all your translation needs, choose us and experience the difference.

How it works

As soon as you requested a quote from us, we will send you one which will contain:

  • the number of words in your document
  • the estimated deadline, considering the project is started imediately
  • our price
  • our terms and conditions
  • a link to pay translation invoices

If you agree with the quote, you will have to click the pay translation invoices link in the email, which will lead you to this page. The invoice number and the amount will be already filled in, all you have to do is to choose your preferred payment method and make the payment. Once the payment has reached us, we will assign 3 translators to your project, and as soon as the translation process has finished, we will deliver your translation by email.

how to pay translation invoices

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