Purpose of Translation

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Purpose of Translation

Purpose of Translation

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2021)

What is Translation?

What is the purpose of Translation and does it keeps our world connected. There are so many differences among us that it can be very difficult to maintain peace in the world. Although we still face a lot of problems, translation services have helped us get over the linguistic barrier. Today, wars cannot start because of misunderstandings. Even individuals can get help from machine translation with their everyday conversations. You can turn to Google Translate if you want to communicate with someone who speaks a different language than you.

There are different types of language services. It depends on the type of material that you need to get translated. For instance, if you need to get the translation of your personal documents, you will have to make sure that it is certified. When it comes to official documents, just the translation quality is not enough. Your document must also be accompanied by a certificate of accuracy. This is what makes the translation authentic.

When people need help with business documents, they have to get in touch with a translator who has experience in the field. Not every person in the language industry can provide you with accurate business translations. Medical translation allows healthcare experts to administer the right treatment to their patients. The translation of legal material helps courts in dispensing justice. In all types of language services, the translation quality depends on the qualifications and experience level of the translator. The translator should be a native speaker of the target language, only then they will be able to deliver accurate results.

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Where to Get Translation Services?

These days, you can get translation services from anywhere. You can turn to Google Translate if you need machine translation. It will help you with basic conversations with foreigners. Machine translation can also help you read posts on the internet. But if you want the translation quality to be high, you cannot turn to machines, you will have to get help from human experts.

However, it is important to remember that not every human expert can deliver professional translation services. There are many agencies in the translation industry that deliver low-quality services at high rates. So, it is important not to hire a company randomly. You can do your research to learn more about the services of an agency. You can read the reviews left by the previous customers of an agency. This will help you make sure that they can provide you with the best translation quality.

Requesting a free quote is also a good idea to learn about the services of an agency. If they present a fair quote and have a quick turnaround time, then that would mean they will deliver high-quality translations. Google ratings can also tell you a lot about a company and its team. If they deliver good results, they will have high ratings on Google. There might also be some reviews on Google for you to check.

What is the purpose of the translation? 

Language services are very important to us. They help us every day in one way or the other. But what exactly is the purpose of translation and what role it plays in our lives? The basic purpose of human and machine translation is to bridge the gap between speakers of different languages. But the language industry offers different types of services. So, translation services don’t just have one purpose. Every translation field is fulfilling a different purpose. They all play a very important role in the world but in different ways.

For instance, the purpose of medical translation is to connect patients with doctors so they can get the best treatment. Without the help of linguistic experts, people will not be able to get treated in foreign countries. If a person gets sick while they are traveling and they don’t speak the native language, they won’t be able to explain their condition to a doctor. They also won’t be able to share what kind of allergies they have or if they have gotten any treatment in the past or not. If they have any medical reports with them from their native country, they won’t be able to share them with the doctor. But if a linguistic expert is there to help, the reports can be translated and the medical condition can be explained to the doctor.

Translation services are also very important in immigration. If a Chinese citizen wants to immigrate to the US, they will have to fulfill the requirements of USCIS. One of the requirements will lead them to translation services providers. They cannot get through the immigration process without getting their Chinese documents translated into English. In such a situation, the purpose of translation is to help people live the kind of life they want. The same kind of translation process is needed when people apply for admission to a foreign university. They cannot get admission to the institution of their choice if they don’t have the translation of their academic records like degrees and transcripts.

Technical translation fulfills a very important purpose. All the devices we use today come with manuals and user guides. But if the manuals are not in a language we can understand, we wouldn’t know how to operate a device. We also wouldn’t be able to figure out what kind of measures we need to follow to keep our devices safe. But technical translation makes sure that users get manuals in a language that they can read. This way, whether it is a washing machine or a router, people will be able to know how to operate it. They will be able to get the most out of their electronic device.

Legal translation is what helps the criminal justice system do its job. There are a lot of cases where either the witnesses speak a foreign language or the evidence has been gathered from another country. Without the help of linguistic experts who understand the legal terminology, courts will not be able to solve cases and dispense justice. But fortunately, we have legal language experts who make it possible for the courts to decide on cases fairly.

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purpose of translation

What is the cost of translation?

Since translation is so important, people assume that it would cost a lot. It is true that you cannot get professional translations for free. The translations we get from machines are not suitable for official purposes. For official purposes, people have to turn to linguistic experts. Only the highly trained and experienced professionals can provide you with official translations. But official translations should not have to cost you a lot. Although you will have to do your research to find the right agency, you can find affordable language services.

A good translation does not cost more than $0.10 per word. And if you require official translations, it will only cost you $0.12 per word. However, this rate will only be offered to you by good agencies. There are a lot of freelancers and translation agencies that charge their clients highly. They have per hour rates they can cost you a lot. There are also some freelancers who charge by the project. If you don’t want to get charged unfairly, you should not choose an agency that charges by the hour. You can compare the prices of different agencies before hiring them, which will help you choose the right service provider.

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