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If you are planning to visit Great Britain, whether for educational purposes, tourism or even if you are applying for immigration, the first thing that you’ll need is UK birth certificate translation services. People belonging to different countries, different cultures, and with different languages, come to the UK, for instance, but they always require their documents translated into English, which is the official language of the United Kingdom. This is exactly where DutchTrans, being a translation company in London plays its due role. We take on this duty of translating the birth certificate from any of the world’s languages to English and making it a certified translation so you could use it in your relationship with UK Immigration Services.

how to get a certified translation of a birth certificate

How to get a certified translation of a birth certificate

If you are wondering how to get a certified translation of a birth certificate, the answer is simple: get in touch with us by e-mail, phone, live-chat on our site, or ask for a free quote and send us the scanned copy or a high quality picture of your birth certificate, keeping in mind that it should be clear enough with visibility of each and every aspect of it. An unclear copy of the same can result in unwanted errors which in turn can take more time in the corrections, thereby prolonging the due course of translation.

Once we receive your request we will get back to you with our quote in under 5 minutes. If you decide to accept it, follow the link and you will have the option to securely pay for your order. Once paid, our project managers will quickly find the best translators for the job and assign them to your project. Once the translation is done you will receive an email with the translation and you will have to check if the names and dates are correct and send us your approval or your comments. Once that is done, we will certify the translation and send it to you by e-mail. You also have the option to have us send you the hard copy by Royal Mail.

Alternatively, you can also visit our translation office in London and talk to us directly about your translation needs. You can also pass by the office to pick up the translation when it is done.

Why would you use our UK birth certificate translation services?

Top Qualified translators

Qualified translators

Translators are hired only after passing through tough, rigorous screening. They are judged by some of our senior-most translators upon whose approval we hire them. With over 3000 expert translators, experienced in the birth certificate processing, we produce quick, high-quality results. Also, with us there is no room for errors, as we use 3 translators with every job: one translates, the second one edits the translation, and the last proofreads the output just to give you our best!

Fast turnaround Service

Fast turnaround

We are aware of the fact that you may be in a hurry to translate a birth certificate and can’t afford to wait for days for a translation. That is why we promise a 24 hour delivery, and we keep to it! We do our best to send you your birth certificate translation even before due time, that is how efficient our translators are. Being proficient and experienced, and backed by our translation management system, we are able to give fast turnaround times while keeping the accuracy and the quality intact.

Lowest prices

Lowest prices

We are aware of the fact that you may be in a hurry to translate a birth certificate, but you do not want to pay a high price for it. We are not like the other companies, we charge a flat price for your certified translation no matter if you need it done during the night or over the weekend. We are working around the clock even during the weekend, and we sport the lowest price you can find in London or the UK: only £20 per page for pages under 200 words, like any birth certificate.


Error-free birth certificate translation services

DutchTrans has quality assurance methods for keeping a close check on the types of translations carried out. The team of quality assurance points out the errors and we can henceforth give our best in minimising them for later translations. In order to make sure that little to no errors arise in the translated copy; we have editors and proofreaders, who are themselves translators and will correct the translated copy. They then deliver it to the project manager who ensures that the translation is carried out as per the provided instructions, and in its final format. So, all in all, it’s teamwork.

We are familiar with the format of birth certificate translation, which makes us the best choice for clients. Upon the completion of the translation, the process of certification begins. We provide our standard certification, which will be accepted in any immigration case. This is a signed declaration from our manager that the translation is accurate and done to the best knowledge of the translator. If you need to translate a birth certificate we should be your only stop.

translate a birth certificate
why should you translate your birth certificate

Why should you get your birth certificate translated into English?

A birth certificate is more than a document providing the information of your birth. As you know, it is also used as a legal document to prove identity and get additional documents.

It is an excellent idea to translate your birth certificate if you are flying to a country where the local language is not the same as the language used in your birth certificate. This is particularly true and likely legally required if you intend to immigrate.

If you need to apply for advantages or permissions in another country, you may require translating your birth certificate before flying. Birth certificates are usually used for a diversity of purposes, including school enrolment, applying for a driver’s license, for a passport or for social security benefits.

In addition, birth certificates are needed to obtain a marriage license. Many couples find it romantic to get married in another country, and having a reputable service translate birth certificates before traveling is one way to make the ceremony go smoothly.

A birth certificate translation is vital for nearly all immigration translation requirements. For instance, when applying for a visa or residency in a foreign country, you must submit a photocopy of your birth certificate along with a translation into that country’s native language.

Additionally, referring to and enrolling in schools in a foreign country usually requires the submission of a translated birth certificate to academic officials.

Why would you want to translate your birth certificate?

Do you remember the day you were born? Of course not, but you sure celebrate it every year. Your birthday is your true identity, a declaration that you came into this world on a special day and that day is very important to you. Similarly, your birth certificate becomes a valuable asset for life, you can’t have a driving license without your birth certificate, and you can’t even get into school without one. The very proof of your existence, the official proof is a requirement you must fulfill. Still wondering why would you need to translate a birth certificate? Well, let us explain below.

That birth certificate of yours is also as important at immigration in particular and when travelling abroad in general. And these are the times when you are looking for the right place to translate your birth certificate. With a 100% approval rate at the Immigration Office in the UK, we have been delivering birth certificate translation services for years. It would be a great pleasure for us to be of assistance in your immigration or any other purpose with our birth certificate translation services and you can be sure that your translation will be done in time and won’t cost a fortune. Feel free to visit our office in London if you want to meet us, or easier, order online. Our project managers and always available to answer your questions or to take your order no matter if it is day or night, we are working around the clock to meet your needs.

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our guarantee

Our Guarantee

Whenever our translators provide UK birth certificate translation services, our work is never rejected by the organization, government agency, office, institution or company it has been intended for. Rest assured that the birth certificate will be correctly translated in English. It is strictly ensured that the document is reproduced in the same format and style as that of the original one. If you want your birth certificate translation right away just email us the scanned copy of your certificate and we will make sure you receive your translation in 24 hours.

privacy policy

Privacy Policy

While entrusting us with the translation services, we are often asked certain questions. We would like to educate our clients in this aspect, which is why we are offering the answers to the most common queries. We follow a strict privacy policy by keeping your information and documents confidential. Our translators are aware of the legal consequences they have to face in case of violation of the privacy act. Your information is secure with us so rest assured that we never, under any circumstances sell or disclose your information to any third party.

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