10 Famous German Beers

German beer

10 Famous German Beers

10 Famous German Beers

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2020)

Each country is known for something. Some regions are known for plenty of things that are not found anywhere else in the world. The reason some states are known all over the world for something is they take years to perfect a craft. That is not to say that something cannot be perfected within a couple of years, but history also has an impact on the quality of goods. When things change and new machinery becomes a part of everyday lives, some products can be improved by modernization. But somethings must remain the same in order to preserve their initial quality. To figure out when to stay old school and when to become modernized is the art only the true producer can know.

This is why a country may start producing quality pasta today but they still won’t be able to come anywhere near the perfection level of Italy. The pasta recipes created by Italian chefs in the past were passed on to their future generations and it is only by following the original method that the perfection was maintained. A lot of people are fans of technology and think it is the solution to every problem in life. Although it is remarkable the way technological advancement has changed our lives, we still need to stay connected to our roots.

We need to remember how important crops our and they are planted in the soil, the most natural thing on earth. We need to accept that both technology and nature are important and as long as we don’t try to mix them too much, we will be able to keep all the good things of our past. When a product of a country is very famous, you can guess that it is one of the most important parts of its culture. For instance, German Beer is known all over the world and it is an important part of the culture of Germany as well. Anyone who has tasted a German beer will tell you how it tastes completely different from anything they have ever tried and there is a reason for that.

German beer

Why is the German Beer So Special?


Ancient regulations which are still followed in Germany limit the number of ingredients used in Beer. The regulations not only list water, hops, and malt as the ingredients but also list clear instructions for brewing. These regulations are followed by all the breweries in Germany and as a result, the quality of the beverage has never dropped. This proves how seriously the Germans take their beer and doesn’t like to mess around with the original recipe even though it is at least 5 centuries old.

German beer

10 Famous German Beers and Their Translation Evaluated:


There are various companies in Germany who are always trying to outrank each other to claim the number one spot on the list of best beers. It is no wonder that large quantities of the beverage are consumed during the Oktoberfest when companies go to great lengths to maintain quality. Here are the ten famous German Beers:

  1. Märzen:

There is something about this Oktoberfest special which you can’t find in any other drink. But thankfully, this one is now available year-round so you can enjoy it in any season.

  1. Schneider Weisse Tap:

This spicy yet creamy beverage is a treat for all the flavor lovers. This is the drink that has it all and no beer lover will be disappointed by it.

  1. Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier:

Made by the oldest brewery in the world, this one has a sweetness that reminds some of bananas and others of bubblegum. Either way, it is a taste that you will never forget.

  1. Spaten Oktoberfest:

This one will remind you of both spring and autumn due to its sweet and roasted taste. The malty taste is pretty mild with this one.

  1. Paulaner Salvator Doppel Bock:

For the lover of strong malt taste, this one is worth trying. It has the flavor of burnt sugar and caramel and aroma of toasted spice. This is a good example of quality bottom-fermented beers and has the power to change your views about its type for good.

  1. Augustiner Hell:

This is the kind of drink that you get to keep you company when you are out on the streets at night. This is a dry type of drink that has a refreshing taste.

  1. Radeberger Pils:

This is just a regular beer in Germany but the type you can take with any meal and feel refreshed thanks to it. Its hop flavor is pretty prominent and gives an herbal finish to the drink.

  1. Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Fastenbier:

Smoked malt is where this one gets its power from and once you try this, you will never want to go back to anything that doesn’t have a smoky flavor.

  1. Fruh Kolsch:

Bread and lemon’s taste get together in this ale to create something magical.

  1. Erdinger Kristall:

Kristall is the one you need to cool you down on hot summer days.

Translation Evaluation:


Some amazing German beers aren’t available outside the country which is why they may not have the best translated names and ingredients. All you can do is try to learn to say their names when you are in Germany or write them down for your bartender, instead of finding their translation. You will get to enjoy your beer if you just ask for it instead of looking for interpretation of labels and names.

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