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Affordable diploma translation services in the UK

Are you looking for a translator who is equipped to translate your research paper or your lecture? Do you think that is a very tough task and not everyone is able to do such challenging work? Do you wish there was someone professionally trained available to perform academic translation? We are here to provide both academic translation for universities and diploma translation for university admission in the UK.

Fast, accurate and affordable diploma translation

When it comes to diploma translation, students and professionals alike seek services that are fast, accurate, and affordable. Professional translators specializing in academic document translations ensure that original diplomas are accurately translated into the required language, whether it’s for official purposes or academic pursuits.

Educational institutions and individuals benefit from a professional translation service that offers swift turnaround times without compromising on quality. From translating official documents like academic certificates to providing official translations for degree certificates, the translation industry plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless communication across language barriers. Human translators, particularly native speakers, bring a level of linguistic expertise and cultural understanding that ensures the accuracy and authenticity of the translated documents.

Whether it’s translating school diplomas for foreign students or handling the certification requirements for legal documents, reliable translation services cater to a variety of needs and ensure compliance with the specific requirements of different countries and institutions. With affordable rates and prompt delivery times, individuals can obtain fast, accurate, and affordable diploma translations that meet their academic and professional goals with confidence.

We provide diploma translation services for individuals looking to study in the UK as foreigners. As diplomas are regularly translated and come from various countries, we do not have a basic format for diploma translation. What we do is to transform the image of your diploma into an editable format and extract the text. After translation, the translated text is added back into the original template. It doesn’t matter if you have a simple diploma or a complex certificate that will require our special attention, we are more than happy to translate this document for you as well.

Your diploma translation will be highly accurate and verifiable and will hold up in any legal or university admission office where it is presented for evaluation and inspection. Our certificate of accuracy will contain all needed details and will be done in close accordance with the requirements.

Your translation will be done in 24 hours or less. We do not charge extra for rush translations or for translations needed to be done over the weekend. We are working around the clock and are well-used to delivering accurate translations in a hurry. Come visit our translation office in London or get in touch online for your diploma translation needs.

translation of diplomas and degrees

You can always count on us for

Academic translation

academic translation

The translation of academic records is not an easy job and requires highly trained translators with extensive knowledge in the field. We can have your translation done with high accuracy in just about any language, and you won’t have to pay a fortune for it.

Diploma translation

diploma translation

Looking to study in the UK as a foreigner? Besides getting a certified translation for your personal documents, you will need your diplomas and academic records translated as well. Get in touch and you will have your diploma translation done in 24 hours.

Degree translation

degree translation

Getting a degree translation in the UK might turn to be really expensive, although the length of the document doesn’t justify the price. Some are getting their degrees translated at inflated prices, while others come to DutchTrans for the best price.

academic translation

Affordable academic translation services

Affordable academic translation services cater to the diverse needs of students and professionals navigating the intricacies of international education and immigration processes. With a team of qualified translators specializing in academic document translations, these services ensure accurate and timely translations of various documents, including school transcripts, academic certificates, and degree diplomas.

Whether it’s obtaining an official translation for U.S. Immigration (USCIS) requirements or submitting academic credentials to American universities, affordable translation service providers like Universal Translation Services offer competitive rates and quick turnaround times without compromising on quality. From translating common documents such as diploma certificates to handling specialized requirements like statement of truth translations, these services provide a range of options to meet the specific needs of clients.

With digital copies and instant quotes available, accessibility and convenience are prioritized, making the process seamless for individuals seeking credential evaluation and visa applications. The acceptance rate of translations and the level of certification required are carefully considered to ensure compliance with immigration departments and government agencies. Overall, affordable academic translation services offer outstanding service and reliability, empowering students and professionals to pursue their educational and career aspirations with confidence.

Academic translators are translators who are trained in translating science documents such as academic papers, coursework, syllabus, research papers, surveys, degrees, dissertations, lectures and all other academic materials from one language to another. They are good at translating such documents because they are trained in handling academic material and are aware of how to translate such content from one language to another. Academic translation can be a challenging task because the academic content is complex and challenging on its own. To translate this content from one language to another can become even more of a challenge because the content has much to deal with in terms of academic jargon, complex sentence structure, complex ideas and many other similar factors that define the scope of the documents to be translated.

The solution to these complex challenges is years of training in academic translation that is done with special focus on translation that includes tough vocabulary, intense discussions on complicated ideas, theory, test result descriptions and many other complex details with sophistication, quality, and care for details.

DutchTrans has what it takes in order to provide accurate, yet affordable translation services from and into a wide range of languages. With us, you can rest assured that the translation will be a true representation of your original document and will be ready on time, without making a hole in your pocket.

Academic translation done right

In order to provide an accurate translation, the translator has to make extra preparation before considering the initiation of the translation process. This is because most of the academic materials are too complex for a normal translation.

In order for the translator to successfully translate your academic paper in the perfect way, our project manager takes into account the following procedures for the translators:


The translator takes in the content and read through till the end carefully. The translator assesses the content for how much of it he can fully grasp without any difficulty and how much of it is new to him. This is because the translator needs to know and understand the content of the original material fully in order for him to successfully translate. This is not an issue when you are translating general content as general content is not hard to grasp on its own. But in academic translations, the content comprehension can become tricky.


Now the translator conducts his own research into how much of the content is new to him and learns all the new concepts that come his way so that he knows all the material completely. This takes him into a deep exploration of the topic that he is translating so that he has at least a cursory understanding of the content.


The translator compiles a list of all the jargon that is specific to the topic and makes a list of words that are too specific. He then looks up for the translation of these words from the original language into the target language so that he has all the words ready for him to use them into the translation.


The translator will begin his translation by translating the tables and lists in the document. These are not only easier to translate but translating the data of a research paves way for one to understand how to translate the theory that compiles this research and puts into the context of the greater argument that is being presented in the paper.


Now the bibliography has to be translated including all the titles, publication details, dates of publications and all other factors.


Quotations are the hardest to translate because when you have another person’s words or ideas to translate it becomes a complex task. Quotations are translated with care by breaking the quotation into small pieces of phrases and then translating them. These phrases are then brought back together like completing a puzzle. This is done because the translation has to be accurate and it has to transfer the meaning, phrasing, and style of the original quote in the target language.

The Main content

Finally the main content is translated keeping in mind the needs of the research paper. This includes translation of the introductions, all subheadings, and conclusion.


Now the translator compiles all the various portions of his translation and brings them together for a strong and complete research paper that is well formed in its translation.

High quality degree translation services

High-quality degree translation services are essential for individuals seeking to further their education or pursue career opportunities in a foreign country. Professional translators and translation agencies specialize in translating a variety of educational documents, including school diplomas, academic transcripts, and degree certificates, ensuring accuracy and adherence to translation standards. Whether for international students applying to English-speaking universities or professionals seeking job opportunities abroad, the translation of academic credentials plays a crucial role in credential evaluation and visa application processes.

These services are particularly vital for those navigating the complex requirements of immigration departments and federal governments, such as the U.S. Immigration (USCIS). With experienced translators and native speakers proficient in a wide range of language combinations, high-quality degree translation services guarantee reliable and timely delivery of translated documents. By providing certification statements and Certificate of translation, translation companies assure the authenticity and legality of the translated materials, instilling confidence in the accuracy of the translated content. Whether it’s the translation of school diplomasfor college applications or the translation of academic transcripts for credential evaluation, these services uphold the highest standards of quality and professionalism, supporting individuals in achieving their educational and career aspirations seamlessly across borders.

High-quality degree translation services are important for students and professionals dealing with academic and immigration processes. Companies like Absolute Translations and Atlas Language Services specialize in translating school diplomas, transcripts, and other educational credentials to meet strict requirements.

Skilled translators, especially native ones with expertise in academic fields, are essential for accurate and culturally sensitive translations. An affidavit of translation accuracy is often required, especially for official authorities or government agencies. Experience and linguistic knowledge are crucial for handling various documents, from academic journals to technical translations. Professional diploma translation services ensure that educational credentials are accurately translated to facilitate transitions for graduate students and professionals relocating internationally.

Your degree certificate is a massive accomplishment in your life. It is a documented proof that your academic career reached a milestone with all your dedicated efforts. Apart from other things, it is also a gateway to a new potential job, especially in a different country. But your academic qualification means nothing to the people of a different country if they can’t read your language, in such an event you need degree translations. It is imperative for your new job that your degree is translated by an expert translator, the one who understands the specifications of translating an academic document for such purpose.

DutchTrans offers degree translation services for the convenience of our valuable clients. We are very particular about each and every translation that we offer but we are even more concerned with translations that play a vital role in someone’s life. We take every little detail into account and act in accordance with the international standards of translation. Our specialists have been working on translations for academic institutions throughout their career and they’ve seen people being granted access to their dream universities abroad, settling with progressive and attractive jobs and even changing lives for their families. If you are looking forward to fulfilling such a dream and a degree translation is the key step, DutchTrans will make that happen.

degree translation services

An all-in-one service

We assign 3 different linguists to each project in order to separately translate, edit, and proofread the outcome. This is the best way to provide accurate output no matter if it is about a diploma translation or the translation of an extensive academic research. Get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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