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Advancements in technology and communications have allowed businesses to expand and get access to foreign markets, which in turn has given rise to the need for business translation services in order to make their products perfectly fit the targeted cultures and languages.

Why choose DutchTrans when it comes to translation for business?

Correct translations

accurate translations

It is our scope to provide accurate, top-notch translations in any field, no matter the language or the length of the project. We treat all clients the same, small or large businesses, and we strive to give our best with each project. Quality aside, we have the lowest rates when it comes to translation for business in the UK and Europe.

Any document or website

any document or website

Whether you are looking for a marketing material to be translated or a technical manual, we have specialized translators for just about any field. We translate documents as well as we do websites or software localisation. When we take on a job, we do our best to have it done in time, according to client specifications and  always keeping in mind the target market.

Business expansion specialists

the best business expansion specialists

We aren’t just a group of translators doing word for word translations like others do. Depending on the complexity of the project, we get our business expansion specialists involved and they make sure that the output perfectly fits the local market you are targeting, or is a perfect match for a world-wide audience.

quality translations bring in the best results

Quality translations bring in the best results

Every industry in today’s age, be it medical, financial, scientific, astronomical, official, corporate, or any other such big or small field requires accurate translation services. The immense need for business translation services has helped in the widespread awareness regarding its accuracy and value of quality. Being aware of its utmost importance, businesses now do not compromise on the quality over price, because they know that one slight mis-translation can have a huge effect on their business sales resulting in loss of valuable customers. For this reason, a professional translation agency is preferred, owing to its quality of work, timeliness, credibility, and authenticity.

Preferring Quality over Cost

People know that saving a few bucks won’t do them much good, while spending some money in exchange for quality translation will reap them countless benefits and in case of business will result in increased sales and rocketed profits. Businesses tend to get high quality translation services because they realize that it is well worth it in the long run.

Effectively localizing marketing messages to local cultures

The process of adapting a product to a different society by means of translating it in accordance with the locale lifestyle is known as localization. It involves the adaptation of not only text but the corresponding images, graphs, website, data, and branding as well. The translator in this category plays his due role by having in-depth knowledge about the target culture and therefore provides his skillful services while keeping in mind the local language, their lifestyle, and traditions so that the people of that region could relate to it on all grounds.

Localization has helped businesses in escalating their sales through reaching to wider groups of people on a global scale who couldn’t otherwise be reached easily. Every other company is joining the bandwagon of exploring its potential customers through the means of e-commerce. Companies are looking up to professional translation agencies for providing them with adequate means of creative business translation services.

localize marketing efforts
multilingual web

Multi-lingual web and long tail languages

Multi-lingual web content and catering to long-tail languages present both challenges and opportunities in the translation industry. Language barriers can hinder effective communication between businesses and their target audiences, emphasizing the need for professional translators who specialize in a wide range of languages and can navigate various language pairs. Professional translation services are essential for businesses operating in international markets, ensuring that their content resonates with the target audience in their native language. The translation process involves project managers coordinating translation projects, with professional linguists translating a variety of documents, including legal and technical documents.

From user manuals to training manuals, businesses require a diverse range of translation services to effectively communicate with their international audiences. Translation memory and artificial intelligence technologies aid in improving efficiency and accuracy in translations, particularly for long-tail languages with less common language combinations. Despite challenges such as quick turnaround times and the risk of bad translations, language service providers offer a wide range of language services to bridge the language gap and facilitate effective communication in the global marketplace.

The “practice of offering optimized website content in a variety of languages” has become a common mean of increasing visibility to the prospective customers. Though more than half of the entire web content is in English not everyone can speak or understand English. So if you want your brand to reach to masses then you have to get it translated into top 5  most viable languages to your targeted region, this is the least that can be done to have a great response and increased sales. Then comes the step of optimizing website by means of Search Engine Optimization that will help in increasing the website’s visibility. This trend is fast prevailing and is here to stay for long. So for competing and rightly so one has to follow the trends and remain updated.

There are countless languages in the world, some major that are spoken on the international level while others regional based on local jurisdiction. At first, the trend of using major languages was on the rise for pitching the potential customers. But with passing time the need for targeting minor language (aka long tail languages) speaking communities was equally felt. These languages are spoken on small scales but collectively make up a huge portion of the world population. With internet’s proliferation into all nooks and corners of the world rarely have any society been devoid of its magical presence. Taking the very advantage of it the companies are shifting their dynamics towards long tail language translation via the internet. These undiscovered territories are being targeted by companies through localizing their websites and in return are experiencing great responses.

The Importance of Translation for Business


The importance of translation for business cannot be overstated in today’s globalized market. Professional translation companies play a critical role in bridging language barriers, enabling businesses to communicate effectively with international clients and partners. Document translation, including legal documents, financial reports, and employee handbooks, ensures that all business requirements are met with linguistic accuracy.

Translation solutions, particularly those involving neural machine translation, offer efficient and precise translations across various types of documents. Qualified translators and expert linguists with subject matter expertise ensure that technical translations, software localization, and business document translations are handled with the highest level of accuracy.

Localization services and native translators contribute to the adaptation of digital content and marketing materials, making them relevant to the target language and culture. Business translators and professional interpreters facilitate smooth communication in foreign languages, helping businesses expand their reach and satisfy clients. By leveraging the skills of language experts and translation teams, businesses can maintain the integrity of their original documents and meet industry expertise standards, ultimately supporting their international business operations and enhancing their global presence.

Translation is of paramount importance for businesses aiming to thrive in a globalized world. As companies expand their reach internationally, having a common language is essential for effective communication with external audiences, including international clients, business partners, and satisfied customers. Language services providers offer tailored language solutions, such as content localization and multilingual content management, to ensure that corporate communications are accurately conveyed across different regions and cultures.

Expert translators with industry-specific knowledge play a critical role in translating internal business documentation, annual reports, and financial documents, ensuring that corporate messages are understood accurately by stakeholders worldwide. Additionally, corporate translation services facilitate the translation of medical documents and industry-specific content, overcoming communication barriers and enabling seamless business operations. With localization solutions and literal translation expertise, businesses can navigate cultural nuances and language intricacies, ultimately enhancing their global presence and competitiveness in the market.

Almost every business by now knows how important it is to keep up with the trend of globalization. If you aren’t targeting markets outside of your own country or people that speak different languages than you, as a business, you are not as likely to succeed in the long run. Still, some business owners need a bit more convincing to start looking into what it takes to go global.

As businesses start to develop professional partnerships and take part in global relations, there is a growing need for better translation and localization services for business. These may be used for business meetings, corporate parties, product reports and more; and working with a professional translation company is an ideal solution to go for. Translation services help grow your business.

Having a team that can provide accurate business translation services has become essential, and therefore, DutchTrans is so popular. We will save you money and time as you won’t have to hire multiple freelancers.  Also, you won’t have to waste time on training or quality check as this will all be accomplished on your behalf by our experts. It’s a low-priced and suitable service for any business, especially for one that wants to expand to the global market.

translation for business

Human translation is preferred over machine translation

Why not machine translation?

The availability of machine translation has become widespread and has gained popularity over time. Machines are quick and easy to use but are not accurate enough, translating word to word, whereas most of the languages are not even supported. They come in handy for quick personal translations on small scale, but the accuracy cannot be guaranteed even then.

There are a certain few who make the mistake of getting web-based translation services. The likes of MT will in due course translate the text but on literal basis losing the actual gist and essence of the document. A machine will never give you the actual feeling and emotion of the text while accuracy is far from cry in said circumstances.

Sticking to the original idea and message is the most important aspect of translation since companies target communities with distinguished cultures. If the document fails to deliver the true meaning to a specific culture then it’s a failure for the business on the whole. Companies for this reason, contrary to cheap means, assign their translations to professional translation agencies that can, in the end, ensure qualitative results.

Human translation prevails

Humans, on the other hand, are unsurpassable in a battle between human and machine translations. Machine translators don’t have the ability to comprehend the context of the document. So it becomes a necessity to use professional business translation services for accurate and proper implementation of your project. Human translators have in-depth knowledge of particularities pertaining to language as well as the target culture. This way you will be sure that the human translators you’ve entrusted your translation with will make an accurate implementation of the same.

But humans also make mistakes, one may argue. True, but not in our case. We only do TEP (translation + editing + proofreading), where 3 different translators are assigned to each project, just to make sure there is no room for mistakes. Our quality assurance team always checks the translation for inconsistencies before delivering the final result to the client. Want more reasons? See our strong points here.

Though technology is advancing at a faster pace it still has and will have limitations contrary to humans who can never be replaced no matter what.

Need business translation services at low rates?

Businesses looking for ways to expand beyond boundaries always come to us to help them localize and optimize their websites to bring their brand in the radar of multiple local communities. If you’re looking for accurate business translation services at fair rates, get in touch and see what we can do for you and your business.

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