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Although called the Dutch word counter tool, this tool has been created in order to offer our clients an easy to use tool which can count the words in any document, in any format.

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Price Per Word

The Word Counter Tool

If you come to us for document translation or website localization we do them all. If you want to know the price of our services, we make it easy for you by providing certain features that can help you in getting the estimated cost for your project.

Some translation agencies charge on a per page basis or even worse, by the hour. Each method has its own disadvantages but with these two the client ends up paying more. We use the price per word method, which is currently used as a standard in the industry and by doing that, the translation costs less for the client. In order to find out the price, you need to count the words in your document, which is where our Dutch word counter tool can be used.

Website Word Counter

Website Word Counter

If you want your website to be translated and are unsure about the number of words which will be the case since a website comprises of countless pages, all you have to do is to use our website word counter tool where you’ll insert the URL in the dialog box given below along with your email address. Our website word counter will instantly count the number of words and will email you the result in seconds.

You can also request a count for a part of your website or just one page, we will give you the accurate number of words along with the price. DutchTrans has state of the art facilities for the whole process easing your life and saving your time. Our website word counter has been designed for the very same purpose.

Document Counter

document word counter

If you want us to translate your document and need to know how many words there are in your document, use our free Dutch word counter tool below and we will send you the word count and our price right away.

If you want to start with the translation right away then you can use our translation quote tool which will count the words in the document and will send you an email containing the word count and our price along with the delivery time. This is the best way to get a quote in just a few minutes without chatting with anyone. If you however have questions you can use the live-chat features on our website or you can reply to the email you receive with our quote and our project managers will get back to you in minutes.

free Dutch word counter tool

A totally free Dutch word counter tool

Use our very handy tool to calculate your own price for the translation so you know directly what you have to pay. The Dutch word counter tool is such made so that you can see the results in three easy steps.

The source language is the language of your document, the target language is the language you want to have it translated into. You can choose standard delivery or select a date when you want to receive your translation back in your inbox. The subject is handy for us to know which translator we have to find for your translation. Note that the subject does not affect the price of the translation.

Then if you know the word count you can fill it in or you can use our Dutch word counter tool which will calculate the word count for your document.

Just drag and drop your file there and the word counter will show you the amount of words.

In the next step which is step 3, you will find the results and the price for your translation.

At that moment you can decide to receive the result by email without any obligations. If you still have questions, please live chat with our project managers.

If you want to start with the translation at DutchTrans, go to step 4 and fill in your details and we will start the translation right away!

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why word count is important

Why are we using a price based on the number of words?

Word count, as we stated earlier, decides most of your translation budget. You are looking for a company that has comparatively low rates per word, so that when the word count is multiplied by the rate per word, you do not feel like you will need to rob a bank to pay for your translation.

Dutch Translation is a complicated need of businesses working in the European sector. We are here to help you see the ways in which many factors affect the quality and price range of a translation. A translation is not readily available and the cost of translating significant content from one language to another is going to be derived from the word count.

DutchTrans thinks that the best way to price a translation is by word count. The word count of any content decides the price for the document as the rate per word is the base of calculation of the amount that will be needed to translate the content. While there are other ways like price per page or price per hour, those methods are not advantageous for clients. So we have a built-in word counter that tells you how to count the number of words that will be considered while evaluating the charges. The word count of a Word Document is different from the word count of a word counter in translation websites. In translation, the word count includes prepositions while they are not counted in the word document.


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We offer a range of translation services undertaking editing and proofreading as well at secondary stages, followed by certification and notarization, if a client asks for it. We take upon such a course of action which ensures the preservation of original formatting of the document. Due to our diligent and industrious approach, we are paid back with a wonderful response by our clients.

“I really had a wonderful experience with DutchTrans, everything was perfectly put.” Jim Williams

“Smooth flow of work from start till end. Project delivered on time, great agency to work with.” Harry

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