Dutch Word Counter Tool

Use our very handy tool to calculate your own price for the translation so you know directly what you have to pay. The Dutch word counter tool is such made so that you can see the results in three easy steps.

The source language is the language of your document, the target language is the language you want to have it translated into. You can choose standard delivery or select a date when you want to receive your translation back in your inbox. The subject is handy for us to know which translator we have to find for your translation. Note that the subject does not affect the price of the translation.

Then if you know the word count you can fill it in or you can use our Dutch word counter tool which will calculate the word count for your document.

Just drag and drop your file there and the word counter will show you the amount of words.

In the next step which is step 3, you will find the results and the price for your translation.

At that moment you can decide to receive the result by email without any obligations. If you still have questions, please live chat with our project managers.

If you want to start with the translation, go to step 4 and fill in your details and we will start the translation right away!

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Word Counter and Price Calculator

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