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Technical translation services are highly specialized services which provide translations in the technical field, requiring a deep understanding of the field. We are aware of that at DutchTrans, and when it comes to it, we only assign native translators specialized in your field to the project. With us, you will never see a medical translator translating technical documents. We also use 2 linguists with each project: the first translates, and the second edits the translation proofreads the output. By doing that, we are able to provide accurate technical document translation services from almost any language. Get in touch with our translation office in London and see what we can do for you.

Why trust us when it comes to technical document translation services?

Any technical document

any technical document

We provide accurate UK technical translation services for any technical document, ranging from user manuals to data sheets. Unlike other translation companies, we only use technical translators for such projects, which have extensive industry experience and education background in the field. We only provide full TEP services, which involve 3 different translators to translate, edit and proofread your materials.

Any language

any language

Although we started as a Dutch based company over 16 years go, we got to a point where we can translate from and into almost any language. With over 3000 translators in our workforce, we are able to work with any type of document, in any language. Our translators are fully trained in using CAT tools and memory technology, which will allow you to save more money in the long run by utilizing past translations into your current projects.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

Our clients are our best asset and as such, we do our best to make them happy. Along with our proven quality and affordable rates, we also offer fast delivery for any project. Along with our free quote you will also receive our delivery time, and if you accept the quote, we will deliver at that time, sometimes even earlier. We have never missed a deadline in over 16 years, and don’t intend to start doing it now!

The type of documents we translate

Our translators have vast experience in translating documents in the technical field. They have a comprehensive understanding of technical texts. Our preference is always a native speaker who is well vetted in the terminologies and correct grammar. The types of text our translators undertake are;

  • Computer – Software & Hardware translations
  • Automotive translations
  • Telecommunications
  • Physics
  • Construction drawings
  • User manuals
  • Patents
  • Medical technology
  • Internet technology
  • Engineering specifications
We have what it takes
  • In-house proficient linguists
  • CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools
  • Skilled native translators
  • Resourceful workforce
  • Competent Rates
  • Advanced technology

We offer full services comprising translation, editing, and proofreading along with supporting all kinds of file formats. Be it in PDF or word or excel sheet, we take them all, we translate them and we deliver back to you in the exact same format (or in any other format you require).

UK technical translation services involve massive use of multifaceted-complex terminologies. We make sure to correctly implement your terminology list in the translation.

More than 450 technical companies are relying on our expertise. Try us today!

We are
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Time is a valuable resource. We realize how much worth does this phrase holds. Putting its worth to use and considering how important it is for you to have your translated documents on time, we offer our services around the clock. We provide our services on weekend and weekdays alike and even welcome rush projects. Our professional translators are ready to meet almost any deadline.
We do
  • Translations on urgent basis
  • Extensive research & study before taking on a translation project
  • Proofreading and editing for a fine, error free final copy
  • Proper coordination between the team and the client, eliminating communication gaps that could otherwise lead to unwanted results
technical document translation services

Why DutchTrans is the best choice?

Delivering technical document translation services involves a good understanding of the complex technical terminologies on part of the translator, both of the source as well as the target language. Owing to its complex nature, this field requires the highest level of expertise which can cost slightly more than the general types of translation with other companies. To your utmost surprise, we have both expert translators and affordable rates. Our translators are proficient in their field of expertise and have undertaken countless projects involving user guides, patents, owner’s manual and the likes of such which comes under the umbrella term of technical translations. Had it not been for our accurate translation services and affordable rates, we wouldn’t have been where we are now and wouldn’t have been getting such great responses from our clients.

“This is what you call QUALITY! Our company used Dutch Trans Technical Translation services and to our utmost astonishment got results what we actually intended for. THANK YOU Dutch Trans you are the BEST. We sure will come with more of our work. Best translation services at tremendous rates. Cheers!” – Adrian Albert, Technical communicator

Our translators help you make the most of your technical publication and ensure that the target audience understands the translated document fully.

Human Technical Translation in London

We believe in complete manual translations. Machine translations are not as useful and understandable as human translations are. Humans understand the content; they understand the context and the proper ways of putting their knowledge to use. Machines, on the other hand, are automated and lose the essence of text while in the course of translations.

Manual translations are often considered synonymous with slow and expensive translations. But DutchTrans, while using human translations, cope with both time and charges efficiently. If you need technical translation in London, get in touch online or visit our office.

DutchTrans takes quality assurance standards very seriously. We are ISO certified, and following the set standards imposed by Organization of International Standardization is our topmost priority.

technical translation in London
technical document translation

Translation of technical documents made easy

Technical document translation is a specialized, unique for of translation. The translation is directly affected by the source document and uses a different process where a translator needs to have experience in the field of your document. Similarly, the source affects the significant attributes of the content and influences the linguistic style and approach in the desired language.

You cannot doubt that the process of translation is in demand, time-consuming and challenging since it is based on a logical and precise style defined by formal language and lack of impersonality. The text used in a technical document translation is carefully chosen to maintain its simplicity, understanding and needs to precisely carry the meaning of the original. The vocabulary level of these documents is mainly composed of technical and scientific terminology. Hence, the words used by the translator must show the exact, unambiguous and precise meaning of the aspects and object.

Technical document translation services from various language services has been the heart of DutchTrans since our starting. It’s where we started, and it’s one area where our technical experience and track record are exceptional. We have years of experience handling the translation of technical documents of all dimensions, across the industrial spectrum and our translation technology does more than keep your technical specifications in line – it has the potential to save you a lot of time and money.

Need technical translation in London?

we never stop
We never stop

Most of the leading technology innovators and corporations rely on DutchTrans for their technical translations. Our staff makes up the best team of technical translators in the UK.

free quote in minutes
We offer free quote in minutes

Choosing Dutch Trans will give you solutions for all your translation needs. So wait no more and ask for a quick quote now. We are here at your service all day, every day.

get in touch
Get in touch

If you are looking for a proficient translator well versed in technical field, drop us a message now, call on our number, or visit our UK office, whichever is convenient for you.

If you were looking for UK technical translation services of the highest quality at affordable rates, get in touch. Questions and quotes are free, and we work around the clock to give you accurate document translation from and into any language at the best rates in London.

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