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UK notarized translation of documents

Moving to a different country? Getting married to a foreigner, or want to get admission into a foreign country university? You almost always require certified or notarized translation services for your documents. DutchTrans, as one of the best translation companies in the world, has all the prerequisites of providing notary translation services for UK and US at a fair price.

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Why count on us for fast notarized translation of documents?

With the needs for translation rapidly changing in the world, we keep an eye on the requirements of the UK and US immigration services and update our rules regularly. For instance, notarized translation services are required for legal documents like birth certificates and marriage certificates in immigration services. In some cases, the authorities may even require notary translations for business documents as well.

Documents, either personal or commercial, which have legal implications attached to them, must be certified or notarized. Our translators and project managers work in close cooperation with the notary public and we assure that our client’s demands are fulfilled according to the requirements of the concerned institutions. If you require a notarized translation of birth certificate for use in the UK for instance, we can do it for you. Same goes with any other personal documents for use in the UK or the US.

Once we do the translation and sign the certificate of accuracy we will present the documents in front of the notary who will sign and stamp them, turning the translation into a notarized one.

You can get in touch with us through multiple options: by the phone or online, but you can also visit our translation office in London. Dutch Trans will be happy to assist you with any translation you might need.

Free Online Quote

notarized translation of documents

We know that it takes a lot of time to go out and check multiple companies for getting quotes, which is why we offer a free online quote on DutchTrans. Our live chat option, email, and phone services provide instant access to our project managers. You can ask for an online quote for your project anytime, our trained staff will not only provide you a quote but will also guide you on the type of translation that you want. Our online quote also gives you the opportunity to compare our prices before placing your order.

Quality Assurance

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Notary translations are vital for you and they need to be error free and authentic. We assure both, our quality check is always on point as we never compromise on the quality. Our work process is systematic and is analyzed by our experts on the regular basis which leaves no room for mistakes. Another way of balancing quality and precision in the whole process is the use of right terminologies in the translated text. So with us, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the translation, notarized, certified or regular.

24/7 Availability

24/7 Availability

We work tirelessly, depending on our work, we are always open, day and night, even on weekends. You can ask for a any questions you may have, you can place your order online, and you can receive your translations on any day of the week including the weekends. And with our live chat option, you can get connected to our project managers anytime. An any time you need an urgent translation of any kind, even notarized translation of your birth certificate, DutchTrans will always have your back.


How does it work?

At Dutch Trans, we understand that translation is the need of today. So we process each and every project with a great deal of care. Regarding notarized translation services, we make sure that the provision of translation is done according to the rules of the country the document is intended for. Our experts are fully aware of the fact that every country has a different set of regulations when it comes to certifying or notarizing certain documents and subsequently their translations. The rules in the UK for translating documents are different from those in the US. A certification of authenticity is often required in the UK when immigration documents are translated. However in the US, translations can only be notarized by the signature of an officer working at the notary office. The rules may vary according to countries when it comes to notarization, so we work in compliance with those conditions.

If a client requires notarized translation of documents, the project manager first contacts the translators who are qualified in both languages. Next, the project manager contacts the legal experts in order to make sure whether the demand of the client for notarization is valid in that specific country. Minutes later, we provide the estimated price and time for the translation project at hand, which includes the notarization of the document. After the project is completed, the notarized document is delivered to the client in its actual form. And even after that, we stay available for our clients in case they require any further assistance from our side, after all, that’s what DutchTrans is all about, customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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fast and affordable services

Affordable services available 24/7

Our office in London provides translation services for businesses and for individuals at affordable rates. Our certified translation will be notarized and sent to you by both email and mail if hard copies are needed, or you can visit our office to pick up your documents.

Using our services you save both time and money. If you do the translation with a freelancer, you’ll have to take him in front of the notary in order for his identity to be verified before the notary will stamp the translation. Most of the times that is not doable or you will have to spend your time meeting with the translator and go together to the notary. The easier way to have your translation notarized is to have it done by us as we handle everything from translation to certification and notarization without you having to do anything.

We are available at any time and you can find us online late night or during the weekend. We do not charge extra rates if you need your translation faster, and we never compromise on quality. Working with over 3.000 translators, we can translate from any language to English and can have your translation done within a day.

Cheap notarized translation of documents

Notarized translation of documents is mandatory in certain cases. Since it involves a prestigious institution of the government, nothing should go wrong there. Most of the times, people tend to forget the most important aspect of their documents while travelling, the translation. As a matter of fact, some even won’t bother until the last moment.

We, however, suggest to our valuable clients to stay ahead of such discrepancies. As already mentioned, the notarized translation of documents isn’t a matter you can take lightly. Therefore, it’s better to get the right information regarding the translation of your important documents. No matter what the reason is, you must have a fair knowledge of all the requirements. DutchTrans UK is the number one source of notarized translations. Our project managers stay in constant touch with officials at the notary public office. Once they receive a document that needs to be translated and notarized, they ensure that they take care of every little thing in the process. So with us, you can just relax while we ensure the provision of a notarized translation straight to you. If you have any queries, you can get in touch with us through our live chat option and we’ll walk you through the process.

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Fast delivery

At DutchTrans, we are well aware of immigration as well as educational institutions’ requirements when it comes to submission of documents and we provide valid certified translations with or without notarization as required. We also know that customers need fast services; therefore we deliver all the translations in the quickest time possible. Our project managers remain in touch with our clients and we stick to our promises of delivering the right translation, in strict accordance to the rules of the institution the document is intended for. We keep our clients safe from going to different places for acquiring different services and provide them an all-in-one service within the shortest time, usually within 24 hours. However, the delivery time depends upon the documents and their complexity.

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