Certified Translation for Immigration to the UK

A rise in immigration to the UK has a straight effect on the demand for the translation of personal documents, ranging from birth and marriage certificates, medical documents to academic or legal transcripts and other necessary documents needed to be translated into English. Our office in London has been providing certified translation for immigration to the UK for the last 5 years and is able to help you with accurate translations at low rates.

Certified translation for any personal documents

Your translations are officially certified as a true translation and the certificate of accuracy comes stamped and signed by our general manager. This is appropriate for official immigration purposes and submission to government and other authorities in the UK. Our certified translation services are subject to a strict quality control process to insure accuracy of your translation. All our translations are guaranteed to be accepted anywhere in the UK.

Here are some of the documents we translate:

certified translation for any document

Some reasons to work with us

Translation for any document

translation for any document

DutchTrans is an all-in-one translation agency in London which provides affordable yet highly accurate translations for any documents, in any field.  We translate personal documents for immigration just as easy as we handle business documents and we are available both offline and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are welcome to visit us at our office, but you can always order your translation online. Our project managers are always online, ready to provide you with a quote or to answer your questions.

From any language into English

from any language into English

We are working with over 3.000 professional linguists and we are able to translate from any language into English and the other way around. Even if you have your documents in Cantonese, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi or Mandarin, we have enough resources for these languages. In total, we translate over 80 languages. We always assign 2 native linguists to a project, one to translate and the second to edit and proofread the translation, which ensures high accuracy and leaves no room for errors.

Fast turnaround and cheap services

fast turnaround and cheap services

Any certified translation will be delivered in 24 hours or less. This is our standard delivery for small documents. If you need your translation even faster, get in touch by live-chat and we’ll see what we can do for you. Despite our fast turnaround, we don’t charge extra rates. Our price for certified translation for immigration to the UK is £20 per page if there are less than 200 words on the page. If there are more words, we charge £0,12 per word instead, which is still the lowest price you can find in London.

We are aware of all the rules and regulations when it comes to certified translation for immigration to the UK and our translations have always been accepted by the Immigration Office. We also give you the guarantee that your translation will be accepted anywhere in the UK.

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translation requirements

Easy 4-step process to order your certified translation for immigration

  • Scan your documents
  • Upload or send us the files for a quote
  • Use our certified translation tool above to upload the file and to let us know your information
  • You will have a quote within a few minutes, just accept the quote by paying securely online
  • The translation is done, and a draft is sent to you in plain format, which you need to approve. As names and places could have different translations, we have added this step just to be sure that your names are translated correctly.
  • After your approval, we will make the translation look like your original document, issue the certificate of accuracy and deliver both to you via email and (if requested) in the post.

Are you looking for a certified translation agency to translate your immigration documents in the UK? We can provide you accurate and reasonably priced certificate translation services. Immigration requirements differ from country to country as do the certification process for translations. You will get an official document confirming that the translated documents were provided by a professional translation agency.

UK immigrants and language barriers

The language barrier is made clear when looking at the last survey in the United Kingdom with almost a million people living in Britain hardly being able to communicate in English.

With the flow of immigration, culture and business ideas are often carried along with the immigrants which tie their new UK businesses with companies from their country of origin, creating international businesses. A recent study showed that the United Kingdom immigrants are three times more likely to become entrepreneurs than those born in Britain. Nearly half a million people from 155 countries that have established in the UK have developed businesses and are trading at least £1 million per year.

As the number of immigrants is increasing day by day and with the growth of the international market, the need for certified translation for immigration to the UK is also increasing. While technology has removed the strain caused by the boost of globalization, technology has fallen short in terms of providing an accurate substitute for professional translators. Machine translation in the variety of free websites and mobile applications provide a level of translation services, but if accuracy, look, readability and quality matter, they are no substitute for human linguists.

translation for immigration to the UK

Translation Requirements

The quality of an immigration document completely depends on the precision of the translated document. Because of our high quality and professional translation services immigrants are always choose our services to get professional immigration translation service. The growing ratio of immigrants has led to an amazing demand for certified translation for immigration to the UK. As we all know that immigrants have loads of certificates, documents, letters and applications which need to be translated into English. They have to contact professional translation agencies, such as DutchTrans, to get their documents translated successfully. This ensures the quality of service deemed necessary to fulfill all requirements of the receiving body.

With the recent arrival of immigrants in UK around the world, immigration officers are bound to come across different personal documents in any language. Certain criteria must be met for a document to be accepted for immigration purposes. In general, the translations must come from a professional translation service. Using a service that has experience with Immigration is an additional benefit.

You should avoid using any translation by yourself, family member or friend as these will be not accepted by the UK Immigration Office. A minor mistake in the translation can mess up your whole immigration process and as such, it is always a great idea to have your documents translated by a professional agency.

Why Translated Documents Have To Be Certified?

The method of translating text and paragraph into different language or one form of medium into another is translation. Mostly, people translate several documents, certificates, letters or applications for office purposes. People can translate document by themselves, but as we mentioned above, there will be many mistakes which leads to the denial of the documents. That’s why there are professional translators who have qualifications and skills and will take full responsibility for the certified translation for immigration.

After translating the immigration documents, the translator has to issue a certificate or statement of truth. It is a statement confirming that the translation has been lawfully translated by a professional translator. It also declares the name of the translator who has translated the documents and their qualifications. Authorities do not accept the translation until the person has attached the certificate or statement of truth regulated by an agency. This is only to avoid any sort of illegal and false applications.


Notarized translation

Sometimes, notarized translation is required for some documents. While the notarization is nothing else but an extra level of certification, it is sometimes mandatory. We can also help you with notarized translations, where we translate and certify the translation which is then presented in from of a Notary which attests to the identity of the translator.

immigration translation

Travelling or immigrating to the UK?

Were you looking for certified translations for immigration? Thanks to DutchTrans, we ended your hunt forever. Our true sense of understanding your translation needs is apparent in our services. We haven’t left out any service that’s on the horizon. Certified translations are compulsory in almost all immigration offices, enterprises and institutions. You do need certified translations for immigration but the underlying cause isn’t just that.

Take the purpose of your immigration, travelling or stay in UK. If you want to start a life in UK and have come from a very different country, chances are, you can have a lot of difficulties in lot of areas. Having your certified translations of important documents can help you build trust, recognition and a lot more. Similarly if you have a job contract, the employing company would really like to be sure about all your credentials, and what other way is better than a certified translation of all your important papers?

If you love visiting different places, the people there certainly won’t always understand your native language. But you’ll need accommodations and you’ll also have to submit the proof of your identity. Certified translations of documents will come handy at this point too. So if you think like that, our certified translations for immigration can ensure your peace of mind, no matter why you are travelling.

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