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What people want more than anything in the world is the freedom to make decisions for themselves. Those who grow up in conservative families know how difficult it is to live their life however they want. There will always be someone telling them what to do about their future. In some societies from career to spouse, everything is chosen by the parents of a person. Life can get pretty suffocating in an environment like this. But times are changing and people are slowly realizing that they can take back the control of their lives. Parents are also becoming more understanding and giving their kids freedom to make decisions.

However, there are still many things in our lives that our parents decide for us, mainly because we are in no position to be calling the shots. For instance, as infants and toddlers, we cannot decide what to wear or where to go for playing. This is why our parents have to step in and make these decisions for us. They dress up in clothes they deem fit and take us to the park of their choice for playing. We can’t grow up and argue with our parents for never letting us dress however we wanted when we were infants because we didn’t have any wishes back then. And once we are old enough to choose, we can start dressing the way we want.

name change
name change

But there are some decisions taken after our birth that will affect us for the rest of our lives. Some of them will even keep playing their part after our death. Our name is one of those things. Immediately after our birth, there are forms that our parents have to fill. They have to register our birth and give us a name that will appear on our birth certificate. When we have to get admission in a school or get our driving license later, we will need the same registration as proof of our identity. Our name is not only something people use to call us with, it also becomes a part of who we are. Which is why many of us may not like our names. As times are progressing, more parents are realizing that the name they pick for their child may not be the one to fit their personality. So, they are becoming open to the idea of name change. Some people even give this option as a gift to their kids once they are old enough to make sensible decisions.


However, like all other things that have to do with government records, changing a name is not that easy. It also takes some time for the change to become public. But it is the paperwork and confusing documents that often takes away from the fun and excitement of changing one’s name. However, as confusing as they may be, none of the official documents are too hard to give up the idea of changing one’s name, especially if the change means a lot to your identity. Sometimes, it is also necessary to go through this process after getting married or divorced so all the documents can stay up to date with one’s legal identity.

name change

Name Change Certificate Translation:

name change

Our documents are not just pieces of paper, they are part of the official records. Our state relies on that data for various things. If that data is up-to-date, we won’t have any problem whenever we need to get our driving license or passport renewed. If there is a difference between the data listed in the official record and the information we present to an office, we can land into a big mess. Which is why it is important to get every change registered in the official records. Whether you get your name changed or your permanent address, your state should know. In case they need to correspond with you, they won’t be able to do that if they don’t have your current address.

If you got your name changed in the country of your origin but you live in another country now, you need to get your information updated. If there are differences in your personal information that can cause many legal problems for you. And if you wait too long to get an issue resolved, it can turn into a full-blown matter. Not only will it cause you unnecessary tension, it will also take too much of your time. So, before you can get to that point, it is better to get your name change certificate translated for the country where you are living and submit it to the relevant office. Wherever you are living, if you don’t give the state all the information about yourself, they will be justified in believing that you have something to hide.

name change

Getting your certificate translated is nothing compared to the process of getting your name changed so there is no need to panic. Find a qualified freelancer or a reliable agency and ask them to provide you a quality translation of your certificate. A translator with prior experience of handling official documents will be best suited to interpret your document for you. Once you hand over the certificate to them, you can sit back and relax until they finish their task. After getting the translation, submit it to the relevant office so your information is up-to-date everywhere and you are called by the name that you chose and that fits your personality in the best way possible.

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