Website translation services

DutchTrans provides website translation services in nearly 80 languages. We offer services for E-commerce websites, online retailers and international brands looking for coverage on an extensive scale. Translate your website now with our world-class translation agency and enjoy the benefits of having accurate translations at affordable rates.

Website translation


The translation of your website can be a complex process. You need to have experts along with using the right tools. That is why you have so select the right website translation services for the job.

Your website


Your website is publicly readable by millions of people. When you offer a translation of its content it needs to be done the proper way. Your website is your image and your image is important.

The world wide web

The world wide web

More and more companies conduct sales over the internet. The internet is your target audience and your target audience can be expanded easily by offering the right language for the right company.

Use our website word counter tool to find out how much your translation costs!

The advantages in working with a well-known translation company

A business website serves as a helpful and highly easily reached source of information for existing and potential customers and business partners. You should make sure that it is not only well-designed and visually interesting, but also has appealing content and information related to your business products or services.

Your online business is a real serious business and this is one of the reasons you should only deal with reliable service providers when you want to handle any translation task on the site. Consult only professional service providers for the task and you won’t regret it. If the content on your website is written in Dutch and you desire to translate it to other languages, make sure you partner only with longstanding website translation providers to help get the job done just as desired.

This is exactly where we come in at DutchTrans. You can trust us for all the translation tasks you may have, including translating your website. At DutchTrans, we major in Dutch translation, but we are able to translate from and into any language. We are your best help mate in this regard. Do you desire to translate the content on your website from Dutch to any other major language? You can trust us to help get the job done in the most professional manner and we change some of the lowest rates for doing that. Just link up with us today and we will never disappoint you. We have the expertise to deliver top quality. We have professional translators in our employment numbering up to 3000 and this is one of the factors that has made our rise to the top a possibility.

website translation services
why would you translate your website

Why would you translate your website?

As much as globalization has extended its wings, the need for website translation has also become important. Several businesses that have an online presence in the form of a website are thinking to make their websites’ content easily understandable to people in different countries, in their local languages. In simple words, to sell products in overseas markets, you need to speak their language! To address this need, you would need website translation services.

Customers in local markets now require localized and tailored online experiences so global businesses are recognizing the need of expert content that is tailored to the needs and expectations of their international audience.

We offer professional services for corporate, medical, technology, e-commerce retailers, travel, legal and finance companies to make sure that they can maximize their global reach from their website localization projects.

Our expert website translators work with a great array of website platforms and content management systems to make sure that the method of getting any website content for translation and returning the localized resources is as simple, efficient and as precise as possible.

We’ll select the most appropriate team of native linguists for your website localization project while ensuring we have the proper cultural knowledge and expertise to connect with your target audience.

Website translation services in any language

Translating websites is a difficult and tricky process, which needs necessary skills, experience and a professional knowledge of a variety of foreign languages. With our high-end website translation services, you can take gain of the benefits of having a website in multiple languages. With a multilingual website, you can offer your services to an international audience, which increases your recognition and maximizes your revenues.

If your business wants to be successful in the Netherlands, you need to make sure that your site is localized into Dutch, but also optimized to show on for the keywords used by your target users when looking for your products or services.

Do you need to translate your website from Dutch to German? Hand over to us today for assured quality delivery. Are you rather interested in translating to English? We are ever here for you. If you only want to translate to French on the other hand, we are your “Man-Friday” for the job. Those who desire to translate their web contents to Flemish too will find us reliable.

We first extract the content to be translated, then translate the content, followed by editing and finally proofreading. In the end, we add the translations into the website and a special team will be checking the website to make sure everything has been adapted to the target market. Each of these aspects are handled by different professionals. As a result, we always deliver nothing short of top quality translation services.

website translation

Why us?

We provide all types of website translation services and localization services from and into Dutch at affordable rates. We never compromise on quality, we translate the content followed by editing and end with proofreading. Each of these parts are handled by different professionals and there is no room for errors. Our web engineers make sure that each translated piece is added into the site at the right place, and then our quality team checks the whole website.

Our services are performed by professional and highly experienced translators working for us on a global scale, who are proficient in website localizing translations and translating into and from a wide range of languages. We are therefore able to offer precise, reasonably priced and fast services to our clients.

Do you want to translate your website from Dutch to any other major language or from any other language to Dutch? Do you want to translate your website from and into any other languages? We can do that for you at some of the be9st rates in the market. You can trust DutchTrans to get the job done in the most professional way possible. Get a free quote now!

Website localization

Website localization is a cost-effective way to jump boundaries and reach out to global consumers. Not everyone knows the language you project your product in. Even if you are using English as a medium, a major part of the world wouldn’t understand it. You have to be versatile in your handling of things if your purpose is to swell up the number of your customers on a global scale.

Benefits of working with DutchTrans

  • Expert website localization – we have a team of talented and skillful translators who are specialized in content localization;
  • Cost-effective solutions – as complex a task as localization is it requires highest form expertise, which we certainly make sure to provide at low rates.
  • Meeting client’s demands – If our clients want us to localize the website completely, we do that. If they ask us to amend a part of the website, we do that too. It’s basically done according to the choice and purpose of the client. Whatever they ask of us, we are here to do it with full proficiency.
  • Quality assurance – If there’s one thing that we never compromise on, regardless the project, its complexity, extension or versatility, is our quality.
  • Accuracy – Website translations are provided with the same accuracy level as that of other translations including legal and business documents. Although documents are delicate and they require more prudence, the websites are no less important. At DutchTrans, website localization is done with utmost care and accuracy.
website localization

The internet has eliminated the distance factor from every aspect of life. Whether its communication, business, services, education, health, travel, entertainment or anything at all, you can send your message through the internet in just a few seconds. The most frequently used way to stay connected to the people is through a website. Websites may be the safest, one of the fastest and most reliable sources of gaining an audience but they need to be comprehensible. Using our website translation services, you make sure that your website is targeting the whole world.

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