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The Danish has been a prominent Scandinavian style, thanks to Denmark’s fascinating history of political authority and power. It is an official language of the Denmark and Faroe Islands and it is recognized as a minority style in Germany and Greenland. It was a formal tongue of Norway till 1830, and of Iceland till 1944. It is also the primary foreign language learned in Iceland.

It is still supposed significant among the Scandinavian dialects. It helps as one of the national languages of the European Union, it is a practical language of Nordic Council and a necessity in the school procedures of many Scandinavian nations. It is a North Germanic language with approximately 5.5 million speakers mainly in Denmark, Greenland, and Faroe Islands. There are also Danish speakers in Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, and in Norway, Sweden, Spain, the USA, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina.

During the Middle Ages, it was hugely subjective by Low German dialects. In the 17th century, It engaged many French loan-words, and from the 19th century onward, lots of English words have been taken into Danish.

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Overview of Nordic Translation Agency

The Nordic Translation Agency stands as a pivotal player in facilitating seamless communication across the diverse linguistic landscape of the Nordic countries. Specializing in Scandinavian languages and their translation into a wide range of target languages, this agency ensures accurate translations that bridge language barriers and cater to the language needs of European markets.

With a team of experienced translators, including native speakers and Scandinavian translators, the agency maintains a high standard of quality in its translation services. Leveraging machine translation engines and translation memories, combined with the expertise of its translators, the agency guarantees high-quality translations with precision and efficiency.

Additionally, the agency offers a convenient translation environment through its online translation service and chrome extension available on the Chrome Web Store, ensuring instant translation access for clients. Whether it’s Danish vocabulary, Dutch vocabulary, or terms of vocabulary specific to the Nordic markets, the agency’s corpus-informed dictionaries and extensive dictionary entries provide comprehensive language support. By focusing on accuracy, reliability, and client satisfaction, the Nordic Translation Agency serves as a vital partner for businesses, ensuring that country-specific content and business intelligence are effectively communicated to business partners and audiences worldwide.

Early History and Organization of the Danish


Getting acknowledged firstly from Old Norse language scattered all over Northern Europe by the Vikings, the old language used a runic writing system. The oldest Danish records are inscribed in the runic period from circa AD 250. First scripts inscribed in the Danish language are considered to era from the 13th century.


This language is classified as a member of the East Scandinavian member of the North Germanic language family, from which most of today’s Scandinavian style arisen. Although the Scandinavian languages were all pretty associated at one time, the language started to improve different characteristics approximately AD 1000.


The Strong Influence of the Danish Language


Due to Denmark’s political influence all over history, the dialect has used a significant volume of effect on another Scandinavian lingo, including Swedish, Icelandic, and Norwegian. Particularly, the union of Denmark and Norway in the 14th century followed in the progress of the Dano-Norwegian, or Norwegian Bokmal, lingo.

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Despite a flow of loyalty after Norwegian freedom and the growth of a clearly Norwegian language, identified as New Norwegian or Norwegian Nynorsk, Dano-Norwegian sustained its prestige in Norway and persisted one of the formal lingo of the nation to this day.


The historical links between Norwegian and Danish are still marked, as the two languages use an almost same writing structure. Although the styles remain very closely connected in the written form, the Norwegian and Danish language differ more significantly in a spoken way.

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Dutch as the national tongue of Denmark, Danish translation is essential for reaching clients and consumers internationally and in this important Scandinavian country. Danish speakers can be found worldwide, too, in nearby countries like Sweden and Norway, and further afield in the USA, Canada, and the UAE.


Our translators can assist you to create internal papers for training international staff, as well as customer- and client-facing materials such as websites, advertisements, and instruction manuals to bring your products and services to a broader global audience.

Dutch to Danish Translation Service


At DutchTrans, a professional human translator completes all of our Dutch-Danish translation projects. Not only your translator is a specialist of the languages, but they are also experienced in particular industries like business, the legal system, and the medical trade. Our team will assure that you will receive error-free translations that sound natural so that you can engage with your target audience.


With our global network of professional translators, DutchTrans can find an expert to deliver any Dutch to Danish translation task. We will work with you to know your requirements and employ with our network to find a certified professional who has the experience needed to complete each order. Since Danish has different dialects throughout the country, your interpreter will have the ability to unwrap the nuanced features of the dialect to ensure the definition of both words is supported. All of our translators are required to meet strict quality measures, and we review the content of every project for accuracy and consistency. We expect a high level of expertise from our network of translators because we know that one mistake can harm your business plans.

The translation of documents from Dutch to Danish is a complicated task, which needs both cultural and linguistic skills. Over the years, our translation agency has built a vast chain of expert translators. Selected by their skills and experience, they only translate into their native dialect. Also, they are subjected to translation tests to ensure uniformity and quality translations. All our translators are trained in a specific area: legal, medical, scientific, technical, marketing and many more. Depending on your needs and your area, our project managers will get you a translator best suited to your requirements.

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We offer high-quality and most cost-effective Danish to Dutch and Dutch to Danish fully certified translations. Our Danish translators, editors and proofreaders have years of knowledge translating Danish marriage certificates, civil documents, death certificates, birth certificates, divorce certificates, diplomas, degrees, adoption documents, police records, power of attorney, Danish court decisions, Danish criminal histories, other kinds of documents and particular fields of jargon including academic, technical, financial, etc. The list is endless!


You can rest assured in the understanding that all your documents will complete effectively, quickly translated and all for the lowest cost. Hire professional for best work!

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