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Medical records are necessary if you have had a dangerous disease in the past or if you are the patient of chronic sickness. But medical forms and records of each country are unique not only due to language but also due to formatting. So when you are applying for immigration to the UK, you will need certified translation of medical records. This is where we can help you.

Certified translation of medical records

The U.K. is the land of all possibilities. Many people dream of moving to the UK to make a fresh start. Some people decide to move there with their families while some apply for immigration at a young age. No matter when you apply for immigration to the UK, the complicated process is going to cause you a bit of stress if you are not adequately prepared. If you do not talk to an immigration consultant before applying, you might face a lot of problems. Since immigration consultants have worked with numerous applicants, their experience makes them the ideal person to guide you in your attempt to immigrate to the UK. Immigration consultants will not only explain the immigration process to you but also tell you which documents will you require for the application.

However, if you already know about the process and need to know more about the necessary documents, keep reading.

What Documents Do You Need for a UK Immigration Visa?

Once you have applied for the visa, your application will be analyzed, and if it gets accepted, you will be called in for an interview. For the interview, you will need to bring along original documents including:

  • Unexpired passport.
  • Photographs that fulfill the requirement of the visa office.
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable). If you cannot provide the original document, a certified copy will work too.
  • Medical records (in case of a chronic disease or a severe past sickness, medical records must be presented).
  • Birth certificate.
  • Certified translation for all above documents, including certified translation of medical records.
medical records translation

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The staff of the immigration office will find it easier to analyze your medical records if a certified translator had translated them. If you bring the documents in their original form without a proper translation, they will not be understood, and your medical records along with other personal documents will be rejected. This can cause delays in your immigration case or in your visa application.

Get Accurate Translations

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Not everyone can translate medical records or birth and marriage certificates. Translators who have enough knowledge of the medical field and are experienced linguists can carry out the task of translating medical records. These professional translators also need to be certified so they can provide an affidavit with the translation that will attest to the accuracy of the document.

Guaranteed Quality

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A certified translation is carried out by a translator who is qualified to translate a certain document and can provide an affidavit to prove the accuracy of the translation. Certified translations are very important when it comes to visa applications. Each country requires that you get your medical records and legal documents translated in their language if you wish to visit them.

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certified translation of medical records

Where Can I Get My Documents Translated From?

Certified translators are not that hard to find if you know where to look, but nowadays many people try to trick others into believing that they are qualified to translate medical records when clearly they aren’t. Such people are after your money and not only will they cause a delay in your visa application but won’t provide you certified translations either. Since you are going to spend your money, you should become completely certain beforehand that a translator is certified and can provide you with the accurate translation.

Various online translation services offer certified translation of medical records or any other documents, but some of them try to take advantage of you by overcharging you. Although it is true that the certified translation cost more than normal translation, the difference between the rates is often exaggerated by some services for their benefit. However, there are a few services that offer the most accurate translations in highly affordable rates. With rates as low as 0.12 USD per word (or 0.12 Euro per word), DutchTrans is one such service that offers the most accurate certified translations. They share their certification document with the users to ensure them that their services are accurate. DutchTrans lets people order translations both online and offline. They also offer people to calculate their translation cost beforehand and give discount rates for documents that contain more than 10,000 words.

How Do I know if a Translation is certified?

Even if you or one of your friends is fluent in both languages language, you don’t know the rules of translating medical documents and hence are not qualified for the task. When it comes to medical records and birth certificates, you will need to get these documents translated by a certified translator. Medical records in foreign languages will not be accepted. And only certified translation of medical records are accepted by the visa office of every country.

When you get a certified translation from a service, the translator will also give you an affidavit that will state that the translation is accurate. That affidavit is the proof that a translation is certified and has been carried out by a certified translator. Your medical records accompanied by the affidavit from the translator will be accepted by the immigration office, and you will be one step closer to starting your new life.

Most translation services charge more when you need the translation of a lesser known language or complicated document which is why it is better to choose a translation service like DutchTrans that offers flat rates which don’t change with the language or the complexity of the document. When it comes to certified translation of medical records or any other personal documents we are charging some of the lowest prices for translation services in London.

medical document translation

No matter if you need to translate your birth certificate or need to have a certified translation of medical records, our office in London can help you with quality translations which are guaranteed to be accepted by the immigration office. Reach out to us at your convenience, we are working around the clock and we can have your translation done in less than a day!

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