Document translation services

Accurate document translation services are essential for ensuring the integrity and reliability of various types of documents, including legal translations, official records, and immigration papers. Professional translation companies like Universal Translation Services employ expert linguists and professional translators who specialize in specific language pairs, converting source documents from the source language to the target language with precision.

These services cater to a wide array of needs, such as birth certificate translation, legal document translation, and certified translation services for government agencies and academic institutions. Utilizing human translation ensures that nuances and context are accurately conveyed, which is crucial for official documents and legal contracts.

Moreover, professional translation companies offer support for various file formats, including PDF files, and provide certification statements to validate the authenticity of the translations. With affordable prices, outstanding service, and fast turnaround times, these companies are equipped to handle urgent requests and provide quality translations that meet ISO certifications. Whether for federal government requirements, employee handbooks, or educational purposes, reliable document translation services are indispensable for maintaining clear and effective communication across languages.

Documents are an important part of today’s advanced and fast-paced life. Everything now is formally documented to give it an official status. Without proper documentation, things stand nowhere having little to no importance. Having your business documents in your language and want to expand? Are you an individual immigrating in another country? Both imply translating documents into another language and both need professional, high quality translations. Considering this need of the highest order, we provide professional document translation services from and into any language, for both individuals and businesses, at affordable rates.

High Quality


When it comes to document translation services, it is important to deliver a quality translation, no matter if the document is intended to be used for business or for personal reasons. We are working according to the ISO standards and quality is our main concern.

Fast services

translation services

Our translation services offer a wide range of documents  including subjects such as medical documents, patents, resumes,  press releases,  certificates, business plans, personal documents, and much more. Every new translation project includes a quality assurance process.


professional translators

Our translators can only translate into their native language. This way we can guarantee the quality of a translation. A second native translator is assigned to check if there are any mistakes and to make the required corrections and then our Q&A team check their work before we deliver the translation.


High quality document translation services

High-quality document translation services are indispensable in today’s globalized world, particularly in contexts like the immigration process, where accurate representation of information is paramount. Whether it’s translating business documents, bank statements, or specialized content like video transcripts, professional translators ensure that the translation meets the highest standards of accuracy and consistency.

Leveraging advanced CAT tools and translation tools like Google Cloud Translation API or Translation Hub, translators with language proficiency and subject matter expertise deliver translations that adhere to specific translation requirements and cater to special requirements, such as those for Haitian Creole or other languages. Clients can expect a transparent service level and competitive rates from reputable translation agencies like Certified Translation Dallas or Circle Translations, with options for flat-rate pricing or per-business-day charges.

With a focus on providing certified translations accompanied by a certificate of accuracy, high-quality document translation services prioritize the level of accuracy and ensure that the entire document, regardless of file types or content type, is translated to the client’s satisfaction. By combining the expertise of experienced translators with the capabilities of AI-driven machine translation services, these services offer efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for clients seeking official translations or translations of common documents.

Not all translation companies are reliable. In fact, many of them do not have the required expertise to get the job done as required by the client. Some are just in it for the money and they will end up doing a shoddy job for you. If you however need a reliable translation service provider, the best outlet to partner with is none other than Dutchtrans. We are an ISO-qualified company and therefore have all it takes to handle all your translation needs. We can easily handle your Dutch translation tasks to any language; this is what we do everyday. Our understanding of the Dutch language is so deep that we can conveniently handle your Flemish translation too. The translators in our employment have very strong understanding of the local language and handling such tasks is piece meal to them.

Do you want to translate Dutch to English? Just hand the task over to us today and we will do a good job of it. Not only that, but with more than 3000 translators, we are able to provide high quality translations from and into any language.

The lowest translation prices you can find in London

DutchTrans offers the best translation prices in the industry. As we translate documents into several languages in the fields of business, marketing, legal and, medical, we can reduce our prices without jeopardizing the quality of the translations.

We always try to provide you with the best quality translations at the lower rates in London. We have streamlined our processes to reduce the costs added by several other translation agencies, including project management and overhead expenses. Providing you with competitive and straightforward pricing paired with the highest quality in the marketplace is a crucial element to our mission.

Our high-quality translations and competitive rates are the direct result of our highly trained in-house translators. As we’re more focused than other agencies and working with a lot more linguists, we translate larger volumes and can offer lower translation prices.

At DutchTrans you can find the lowest translation rates in London. We have implemented a pricing methodology that is clear and fair to the client. Hence, we always offer a simple pricing structure for document translation services. We stand by all of the translations done by our translators. If you are not satisfied with one of our translations, we will work with you until it meets your complete satisfaction.

translation prices

We ensure quality services

We have handled innumerable Dutch to French and Dutch to German translation services since we started our top quality service delivery at Dutchtrans. We actually started in 2001 and over 16 years down the line, we have become a household name in document translation services. You should allow us to handle your document translation tasks for a perfect outcome. We promise you error-free translation and we equally promise timely delivery of the task.

At DutchTrans, we do not just translate your documents; we equally proofread and edit the documents to make sure it meets up to your expectations. We have over 3000 translators in our employment and we make sure different translators handle different tasks. We don’t assign just any translator to a task, instead, we pick them based on the languages they master and their field of experience. Only translators which are natives in your target language and knowledgeable in your field will be assigned to your task; consequently, there is no room for errors in translation.

Ease, convenience and quality, only at DutchTrans

With the ever-increasing industry of technology, health, education, accessories and so much more, the need to organize these aspects is inevitable. Life was simpler in the past but even then, things were prioritized and since the world has progressed, we have become more sophisticated. The records of all your legal matters, birth data, marriage certificate, divorce papers, business contracts, mutual agreements, property papers, technical information, in fact, a lot more is now preserved in the form of documents.

Translation for personal documents

Birth and Death certificates

We have professionals who have been doing translations for birth certificates and death certificates for decades now. These translators are not just highly skilled but are also aware of the implications connected with these documents. They translate these documents with great attention and care. The documents are translated into the relative terms so that they don’t lose the meaning as well as the interpretation.

Divorce decrees and Marriage certificates

Our translators who provide the divorce and marriage certificate translation have worked in coordination with legal experts. Being experienced in the industry for a considerable time, they never miss out any detail. Our team fully comprehends that even the slightest of error could cause a huge inconvenience for our clients and this is why they remain thorough.

Medical and Health-related documents

Medical reports, prescriptions, lab test reports and medical certificates are also translated with absolute authenticity. Our translators work in close coordination with the medical experts and they carefully translate medical documents.

Academic Records

The translation of diplomas and academic records is also done in the most precise manner. Absolutely no errors at all.

Anything Else?

Yes. We can translate just about any personal document, including passports, police records, driving licenses, anything you might need in your relationship with the UK Immigration Office.

Certified translation

All personal documents are translated from any language into English, are certified and guaranteed to be accepted by the UK Immigration Office. We obey the strict rules imposed by the UK Immigration Law and translate accordingly: with us you do not need to worry about your certified translations as we guarantee acceptance. We also deliver in 24 hours or less, and we sport the lowest prices in the UK.

Come visit our translation office in London or get in touch by live-chat and see what we can do for you!

translation for business

Translation for business

Technical documents

All the technical documents are translated after going through their technical meaning. Since technical things are complicated and detailed, their translation is also complex. Therefore, each and every technical translation is done after going through its details, glossary, and taxonomies.

Annual Reports and Datasheets

If you need them, we have them. The translations for your annual reports with all the data included. For us, the datasheets are not just documents, they are the records, so we handle them with care. Our team of experts is always ready to take up any meticulous and detail oriented tasks because we believe in a customer first approach at Dutch Trans UK.

Legal documents

Yes, legal documents seem risky and indeed they are, one mis-translation and everything’s ruined. But worry not, with us, you can stay assured that your legal documents are in safe hands. Not only that we work in coordination with legal experts, but we also respect your privacy. We promise full confidentiality for our valuable clients.

Corporate and business domain documents

These are the documents that firm your ground, so we also take full responsibility of providing accurate business translations. Your corporate and business documents are translated with utmost perfection.


The contracts contain terms and conditions and the translator needs to go through the meaning and interpretation of each before translating them into the desired language, and that is exactly what we do when legal translation is required.

Websites and Software

Our team comprises of software experts and tech-savvy who know their jobs like their own hands. We use innovation in website translation but also at software localization, but we keep the translation and interpretation precise and comprehensive.

Case studies and Research papers

These are also done with thorough research and in-depth analysis, just to avoid any mistake.

Professional translation of documents

Professional translation of documents is essential for ensuring accurate and reliable communication across language barriers. Professional translators, skilled in various language pairs and subject matters, play a crucial role in translating original documents into the target language with precision and clarity. Whether it’s legal documents, medical records, financial statements, or academic documents, professional translation services offer expertise in handling diverse content types and subject matters.

By leveraging translation memories and qualified translators, professional translation services ensure consistency and accuracy in translations, while also offering a range of additional services such as certification of translation and privacy policy compliance. While the cost of document translation services varies depending on factors like language combinations, content type, and turnaround time, professional translation vendors strive to offer competitive rates while maintaining high-quality standards. Whether it’s a rush job requiring a rush fee or larger projects with additional costs, professional translation services cater to the diverse needs of clients, delivering reliable and high-quality translations that meet the requirements of immigration authorities, official bodies, and other stakeholders.

Translating documents, considering all essentials like tone, style, terminology etc to and from any language could certainly be a tough nut to crack. Essence gets lost along the way, BUT with DutchTrans you don’t have to worry about a thing. We master in the expertise of formulating your document while STILL retaining its true essence. This is because we have on board native speakers, who understand the complexities of their mastered languages, and are able to provide professional document translation services at a price you simply cannot refuse.

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