Professional Dutch Translation Services Available 24/7

DutchTrans started off as a professional Dutch translation services agency and advanced over the years into a multilingual translation agency covering documents from all aspects of life: from personal documents to official and from private to public, from government to business and further to the corporate level. DutchTrans is a widely recognized translation agency based in London, with offices in Amsterdam and Hoofddorp. We have over 3000 translators both in-house and freelancers, who are spread across the globe, belonging to almost all major cultures of the world.

Available 24/7

available 24/7

In order to service our clients, we have decided to stand out among others. We are the only translation agency in the Netherlands and one of the very few in the UK that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even on weekends, we can help you with your translation needs.  Just contact us through email, live chat or phone.

Great Quality


To make sure that you get the quality that you need, all our translations are conducted by real people and are not machine translated. We are convinced that this is the only way to offer high quality translations. The translations are done by native translators (people who have the language as mother tongue) and checked by native translators. We always have 2 persons working on one translation.

Certified Company


According to the ISO standards, we have to work according to our obligations to maintain the quality. For this reason we have our translation management software that we can change at any moment to apply to the needed certification. Also, all our translations are assigned to a translator as well as a proofreader. Why? Because we do not work with machine translation, humans can make mistakes and we try to prevent that by having the last check of the translation done by a second translator who verifies the work of the first translator.


Professional Dutch Translation Services

Are you looking for professional Dutch translation services? You should contact us at DutchTrans. We have the expertise to deliver top quality and the experience to handle any kind of translation task you may want to get done. Do not allow unreliable service providers to handle your task; rather, hand over the job to us and we will serve you professionally through our top quality Dutch translation services. Why choose us? We have served so many clients qualitatively in the past and we can provide you with the same top quality translation service.

Are you looking for a Dutch translator or a Flemish translator to help get your translation job done? Give us the job and we will make it worth your while. Many of our clients have testified to our reliability and we are certain you too will join your voice to theirs after trying us out. The Dutch translators and Flemish translators we have in our employment are professionals and many of them have been in this profession for years. We have over 3000 translators in our employment, who can provide you with top quality Flemish translation services.

We have worked and are working with some of the biggest brands in the world. They trust us because of our meticulous approach and because of the accuracy of our services. If you want to project your brand’s image on an international level and that too with professionalism, then rely on our translations. We translate your project in a way that it perfectly aligns with the targeted language and culture, giving your prospective customers an enhanced view of your brand.

Our company has all it takes to offer you high quality translation services and this is one of the factors that set us apart. We have been in this industry for more than 15 years and we have improved a great deal in our expertise, making us able to handle all forms of tasks and provide high quality translation from Dutch or Flemish to other languages.

We never delay in getting the task done and many clients prefer to work with us, since we offer very fast translation services. Why choose us? Despite the high speed and top quality services we offer, we are still able to give our clients highly affordable translation, which are great combinations many other service providers are unable to offer.

We are both easy and fun to work with. We offer relaxed yet most professional working environment. If you have a document that needs to be translated or a website to be localized or even a user manual to be looked after, just drop an email, fill out the contact form or get in touch via our livechat feature, whichever you find convenient.  As soon as we receive your proposal we will get back to you with a quote in 5 minutes or less.

15 years of experience
some of our strong points

Some of our strong points

DutchTrans is a fastest growing, professional Dutch translation services agency. We have earned a good name and reputation over the years due to our conscientious, devoted and steadfast approach.  Our dedicated commitment to high quality work has given us a professional edge over our competitors.

We adhere to what our clients expect of us and here are some of our strong points:

  • We offer quotes for free.
  • We extend free consultation through our expert project managers.
  • We are available all time and anytime, including during the weekend.
  • We are offering translations in up to 80 languages
  • We also offer language combinations where English is not one of the languages.
  • We remain in touch with our clients throughout the translation process.
  • DutchTrans offers some of the lowest prices with the highest quality of work.
  • We don’t hire just any kind of translators instead we hire specialized ones.
  • We offer discounts on bigger projects that extend up to a year or more.
  • We make sure to send your way an error-free translation, which passes through a number of phases before getting its final shape. The translators, editors, and proofreaders are to be credited for their allegiance and tenacious work.
  • We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service for your ease.

Designing effective solutions for your communication needs

Communication is only said to be successful when the receiver is able to understand the sender’s message thoroughly. If the receiving end is unable to perceive the intended message then misunderstandings could occur. Same goes for the situation when a business is pitching at a target market but falls short of conveying the message across properly because of the communication or language barrier then we can very well guess the fate of that business.

This is where a translator’s role comes into play. Translators are basically the bridging gap between the corporate sector and the target market. They help formulate the message such that it is not only understandable by the target market but they can also very well relate to the message transmitted. This is because the translator is the mediating body who is either a native speaker or an expert in his domain, well aware of not just the language but the culture as well.

Since we realized the potential use of translation i.e. working as a mediator between two parties, we took this duty on our shoulders and started off with professional Dutch translation services back in 2001. DutchTrans has ever since taken on the task of eliminating all the boundaries that hinder the communication process and have bridged the gaps through all these sixteen years.

effective communication solutions
certified translation for the UK immigration office

Do we offer certified translation?

The answer is of course we do. We consider even the slightest of intricacies, certification is whereas a huge thing in the translation world. It’s given due importance because it helps in the accreditation of the translation, giving it a credible and authentic status. It is oftentimes asked for validating purposes which testifies that the translation done by the translator is accurate and true to the original document.

We provide certified translation for both businesses and individuals. Businesses can have certified translations for their legal documents, while individuals can get their personal documents translated and certified for the UK immigration office. Although we were only providing professional Dutch translation services 10 years ago, we have evolved into an agency providing accurate translations from and into over 80 languages.

Translations for personal documents like birth and marriage certificates are done in 24 hours or less at only £20 per page if the page has less than 200 words, or £0,12 per word if the page has more than 200 words.

Professional Dutch translation services done right

If you need a professional Dutch translation, then you will be looking at translation agencies to find the best one. Finding the best translation providing service can be a bit hard because nowadays the options are abundant, but with the increase in number, the quality decreases. The kind of translation you need will help you in selecting the right translation agency.

If you need Dutch translation services for official purposes like visa application, then you will need certified English translation. You can’t translate a document with the help of an online tool if you have to submit that translation to a government office in the UK. You can’t even ask your bilingual friend to translate the document for you because when it comes to professional translations, only qualified translators can do it and that’s why you should let us translate your documents because we only work with qualified and experienced translators.

The translators of DutchTrans have been working in this field for years, and their experience enables them to understand the complexity of official documents and translate them accordingly. DutchTrans has been providing Dutch translation services to its clients for years, and we do English to Dutch just as easy as we do Dutch to English. When we translate a document, you can be sure that it will be accepted because our translations have 100% acceptance rate.

professional Dutch translation

If you have made up your mind and want to place an order at DutchTrans then get in touch with the following:

  • Your source language and the target language.
  • A copy of your document
  • The date when you want the translation to be done
  • The purpose of the translation.

We will get back to you in 5 minutes or less with a quote, and you will be able to order if you agree with the quote. The fastest way to get in touch is by live-chat, where a project manager will answer all your questions and give you a quote.

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