A Dutch Translation Agency in London That You Can Trust

There are three things that DutchTrans delivers that make us #1 in the industry


Accuracy of a dutch translation agency

Our translation and proofreading process eliminates errors. Human translation is the highest standard for translation. Robotic translations are for amateurs. A double-check of all materials is mandatory. We only provide high quality translations, every time!

On-Time Delivery

On-Time delivery

We will get your translation done on time. We will set a deadline in conjunction with your needs, and we will meet it. Our team of professionals ensures that we will have a translator available on time, as well as a proofreader.

Up-Front Pricing

Up-Front Pricing

We will quote the price we charge and we will charge the price we quote. With DutchTrans there are no hidden fees that we pull out at the end of the process. We want happy customers who return, not to make a quick Euro at the close of the transaction.

We understand clients on tight budgets

That is why our goal is to provide Dutch translation services that are competitive with local and international language providers.

Our prices include professional translation, which will then be double-checked by a proofreader for any errors and to ensure that the translation is done according to our standards. Both the translator and the proofreader will be native speakers of the target language. This is very important and is something that no freelance translator can offer and that very few “professional” translation services offer.

Making Dutch communications work for you

Need to Reach a Dutch Audience?

Whether your goal is to export your products in the Netherlands or just connect with your Dutch clients, we want you to enjoy your experience by helping you with best qualified Dutch translation services.

We are a Dutch translation agency in London with over 16 years of experience behind us. We provide highly accurate translation services for documents and websites and we are available 24/7. We don’t charge any rush-fees (which is typical for other language providers) and no weekend fees.

Making Dutch communications work for you

The right Dutch translation agency for everyone

Finding the right Dutch translation agency can be crucial for ensuring effective communication and accurate translations for a diverse range of clients. Whether it’s official documents, business documents, or technical translations, a reliable Dutch translation company like Dutch Translation Company offers professional translation services tailored to the needs of its target audience. With experienced Dutch translators who are fluent in both Dutch and English languages, they guarantee high-quality Dutch translation that meets the standards of official language requirements.

From financial translation services to medical documents, their expertise spans across various types of documents, ensuring accuracy and precision in every translation project. With competitive rates and quick turnaround times, Dutch Translation Company caters to both individuals and businesses, making their services accessible to all.

Whether you’re in Sint Maarten or any other Caribbean Island, Dutch Translation Company provides the right language services, including Dutch voiceovers and interpretation services, for government agencies, federal governments, and businesses alike. Their experienced translators and linguists specialize in European languages, offering localization services for Dutch content and ensuring seamless communication across language pairs. In essence, Dutch Translation Company is the go-to choice for anyone seeking reliable and professional Dutch translation services tailored to their specific needs.

Our full portfolio of Dutch translation solutions covers all kinds of subject matters. We have an extensive track record in the provision of business to business, and business to consumer translation services and will ensure that your multi language communication is of the highest standard.

Our service record is excellent with many satisfied customers over the years and many clients who return again and again. To see the languages we translate, please click here.

UK translation agencies

DutchTrans: Where Professionalism meets Innovation and Reliability!

At DutchTrans, professionalism meets innovation and reliability, making it a leading choice for all Dutch translation needs. With a team of qualified translators specializing in Dutch languages and English translations, DutchTrans ensures accurate and efficient translation services for a diverse range of documents, from legal documents like birth certificates and marriage certificates to technical documents and financial reports.

Their expertise extends to medical translation services, ensuring the precise translation of medical reports and records for Dutch-speaking audiences. Whether it’s Dutch document translation services or Dutch website localization, DutchTrans offers high-quality translations at competitive prices with quick turnaround times, catering to both individuals and businesses alike.

With an expert team of experienced linguists and professional translators, DutchTrans bridges language barriers and delivers reliable translations that meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Their commitment to innovation and reliability makes them a trusted partner for government agencies, businesses, and individuals seeking exceptional Dutch translation services.

DutchTrans is a platform suitable for all translation needs. We take all kinds of projects simple and complex, short and lengthy, general and technical whichever type it may be. In order to match the highest degree of excellence, we keep on expanding our horizons in technicalities and mechanics of work. Our true aspiration lies in the work that we do because it has helped us reach the place where we are today!

DutchTrans works in close coordination with international standards. We have always abided by the set standards of the International Organization for Standardization, ISO, and have thus achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification, which is their most valued certification recognized globally.

We also follow our strict internal rules for assigning translators to a certain task. We always use 3 translators on a project, all of them being natives of your target language, near-natives of the source language and specialized in your field. The first translator translates, the second edits the translation and the third proofreads the output. Then, our Quality Assurance team finally checks the translation for any inconsistencies before sending it to you. In the translation industry, this is called TEP (translation + editing + proofreading), and is considered to be the best way to eliminate errors during translation.

It is due to the above facts that we are now one of the best UK translation agencies, a reliable partner for both companies looking to expand and to individuals looking for translation for immigration.

Our team of qualified professionals

At DutchTrans we believe in having a team of qualified professionals who will work together to get the job done quickly and yet keep to the highest possible standards. This intense passion for excellence in the area of translation makes our Dutch translation agency in London stand out.

We carefully review and test the translators before accepting them into our team. We always have the new ones work under supervision from our senior translators, and our internal rating system combined with feedback from our clients decides if we are going to continue our relationship with each and every translator in our team.

We have reached the status of being a leading Dutch translation agency in the world, catering to our client’s projects with utmost precision and accuracy, and we will never stop from getting better at what we do. You would certainly enjoy a ride along with us in our highly professional capacity. Our customers have come to expect only the best from DutchTrans and we deliver.

Dutch translation agency in London
our offices

We on the globe

We have our offices situated at three different locations in the world. Our locations are extremely well thought out and strategically planned considering the amount of workload we get on daily basis. Due to our different offices we are better able to meet the needs of our clients whenever they use our services.

  • London has its undivided significance on the global map. It is one of the few multilingual and multicultural cities in the world which gives it the status of being the financial hub of economic activities. You can expand your protective customer base there and we are here to help you out. You just have to contact our office in London for a free quote now.
  • Amsterdam is at par with the leading economies of the world. It is the commercial capital of Netherlands and is also the top financial centers of Europe. Our Dutch translation agency help you in reaching out to them and if you are living nearby our office in Amsterdam we assist you in reaching out to the world.
  • And the same goes for Hoofddorp, which though is a comparatively smaller town but doesn’t lag behind in any segment of life. Stop by or drop an email, we are here at your service all day every day.

Even more, no matter in the world you may be, we can still help you out. Our website is also an effective way to get in touch with us by email or live-chat, and a great way to order online. Just make use of the communication tools available on our website and find out what we can do for you!

go global

Take your brand to the next level

Go Global

Globalization is not a new term, it has long since been known to humankind. But the methods introduced in the modern era, in carrying it out are not only new but advanced and innovative as well. Globalization is a process of integrating economies, cultures, and societies through interaction, communication, transportation, and digitization.

While we talk of globalization and integration, we can’t ignore the prospective use of translation for carrying out the same. We live in a world of diversified cultures and languages. Every culture is different from the other, having its own peculiarity and the same goes for languages. For this matter terms and processes like internationalization and localization have been introduced. That is reaching out to people belonging to different languages and cultures but that too in their own native languages for improved and better results/ yield.

Go Local

Localization is mostly carried out for transforming websites, software, apps, and video games to the local needs of a certain market.
It would not be wrong in mentioning that we are masters in adapting your product to local needs, through our in-house and freelance native translators and through the appropriate use of the right software.

How Is DutchTrans Different Form Other UK Translation Agencies?

  • Passion for Languages

We care about languages and translating high-quality material and take pride in our work. If a translator doesn’t have a passion for languages, the job will become dull and will affect your output and quality.

  • Translation Skills

Being bilingual does not signify that you are a good translator. A bilingual is someone capable of expressing their ideas in two different languages. Our translators are skilled professionals with required qualifications and experience in accurately communicating ideas.

  • Native Translators

For high quality and consistent translations it isn’t enough to have studied a language. A non-native speaker is likely to be unable to carry the nuances in the source text, for instance, slang words, local dialects, and cultural variations, which will affect the final product. That’s why we are one of the few UK translation agencies that selects native translators to work on a specific task.

  • Self-Discipline

It can determine the difference between completing a job and missing a deadline. Our professionals are self-motivated. They make a schedule and adhere to it.

  • Research Skills

Our selected team of translators has the zeal and ability to research. Often the client will provide notes to guide the translator, but extra research is regularly needed to translate documents to a high quality.

UK translation agencies

An all-in-one translation agency for all needs

DutchTrans offers the best and most professional service not only for Dutch translations, but also from and into over 80 languages. If you want the best, it’s easy to remember: DutchTrans.co.uk. The years of fine service and experience help build the case that we have what it takes and we have years of service to many different satisfied customers. This should give anyone confidence that we are a great Dutch translation agency from which to get accurate translation services in time and at a great price.

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