Dutch Translation Services


Dutch translation services

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is located in the province of North Holland. Amsterdam is famous because of its canals and many Dutch institutions have their headquarters in the Netherlands. 7 out of the 500 world-largest companies are located in Amsterdam!

Dutch, Dutch and Dutch

Language Translation

In order to get into the Dutch market you need to send your message in Dutch. Therefore, a Dutch translation is needed. Especially when many large establishments are located in Amsterdam, you would definitely be a step forward if you get your message presented in Dutch. DutchTrans can help you achieve that.

Dutch culture


The Dutch are famous for their windmills, their great cheese and their tulips. Not to forget the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Anne Frank House and we attract more than 5 million international visitors yearly!

DutchTrans is managed by a Dutch Management Team and they really understand Dutch Translation!


Affordable Dutch Translation Services

DutchTrans, a professional translation agency specializing in Dutch to English translation services, has thrived since its inception in 2001, expanding exponentially beyond expectations. Our journey began modestly, yet today, we proudly employ a team of over 3000 expert translators, each well-versed in their craft and dedicated to delivering impeccable translations. As a leading entity among Dutch translation companies, we prioritize professionalism, ensuring that your translation needs are met with precision and reliability. Our commitment to quality has earned us a reputation for excellence in providing affordable prices without compromising on the standard of service. Choosing us means opting for unparalleled expertise and proficiency in bridging the gap between languages, making us your trusted partner for official language translations. Don’t settle for disappointment; entrust your translation tasks to seasoned professionals who guarantee exceptional results.

With a vast experience of over 16 long years in this field, we have well equipped ourselves with the art of translation.  Knowing the usual practice of translation from one language to another and listening to your requirements, we are able to provide accurate translations. World’s best translators, using state of the art technology, corresponding to your needs and eliminating any chances of inaccuracy, combined with our TEP approach (translation + editing + proofreading by different translators) is our straightforward formula for the best results.

Our strong points

Trusted by millions

trusted by millions of clients

Translation is an art of rendering the meaning of one language to that of another while remaining in the true capacity of accuracy and exactitude. With DutchTrans you will see the correct representation of the text from the source language into the target language while keeping the tone and meaning intact. We cover all languages amounting to 80 of them but our actual specialty is the Dutch language with what we originally started off and has helped us gain milestones over time. We are given major orders for Dutch translation in any field owing to our expertise in it. None so far have gone wrong and we aspire to go straight on the path of accuracy and precision with any project no matter its size or the language combination.

Professional translation

professional services

DutchTrans is by and far the only translation agency providing Dutch translation services to and from any language of the world and that too with absolute precision. Now and then you will come across agencies offering Dutch translation but you will notice discrepancies more often. So why not avail of the best offer in town by linking up with us and getting the desired results? With us you can always expect none but the best service no matter the language combination or the field of your document. We have translators for any language and any field. Not only that, we also have 3 translators working on your project: one translates, the second edits and the last proofreads the translation, therefore there is no room for errors!

Human oriented services

human translation only

We keep the translations purely human, with the occasional use of CAT tools if and when required. This gives a natural touch to the translated document giving it a core value and strength which would otherwise be lacking. DutchTrans specializes in all kinds of document translations including birth certificates, marriage certificates or any other legal document, the likes of such documents used in day to day dealings or that once in a while official document requirement.

We also translate for companies – big or small – and we provide quality translations for business of any kind, ranging from technical to medical for any document or website or software.

All services at one stop

all services in one place

Apart from translation we also offer website translation and software localization with best of the best specialists of the industry. At DutchTrans you can have all your translation needs fulfilled in one platform. No matter your Dutch translation needs, we are here at your service for giving you the best translation experience.

We are certified by ISO which is regarded as the world leading certification organization. Our linguists are proficient enough to meet the standards set by organization of international standardization. And they have always been marked as A category translators by them. We can provide Dutch translation services for anything and any country with complete localization included.

English Translation

If you need English to Dutch translation services, we also have the professional capability to get it done. Only natural Dutch speakers should be allowed to handle your English to Dutch language translation. We have got lots of natural Dutch speakers in our employment and they can perfectly do the translation. Working with us will prove to be one of the best experiences of your life.

While handling your Dutch to English language translation, we follow laid down rules to be sure the translation is perfectly done. After one of our translators has done the actual translation, we will transfer the job to another translator, who will do proper editing of the work. After this, the edited task is transferred to yet another Dutch translator, who will be responsible for proofreading the edited task.

DutchTrans provides high-quality Dutch translation services and offers a wide variety of translations in almost all domains of life. Following the habitual practice of translating, editing and proofreading, we enrich your project with our utmost expertise. We don’t compromise on anything other than pacing up with the highest standards.

We are specialized in Dutch translation services and no job is too small or too large for us. We deliver on time, at the best rates in the industry.
localization for expansion

Localization: the best choice for business expansion

We have an in-depth know-how of globalization techniques, also we are well aware of how important business expansion has become. Our staff comprises of 3000 multilingual specialists from the varied fields of medicine, pharmacy, engineering, economics, business administration, tourism, travel industry and much more. To further your satisfaction enhancement, these professionals are highly experienced in their field.

Localization; the most spectacular feature that only comes with translation is also offered by us at amazing rates. Localization is like an easy investment having far reaching impact on this competitive market. With one multilingual website you can conquer the world of trading and business. We are professionally skilled in  website translationwith the help of our software engineers who are both native translators and experts in the field. An easy way to expand your business with the help of our Dutch translators.

Localization services provided by us has given numerous businesses a boost and they are doing absolutely tremendously in the market having had increased sales and escalated profits. These extraordinary results are because of our awareness of the market trends and the localization know-how. Apart from businesses we offer translation and localization of online gaming for children. Get in touch with us for a smooth and extraordinary experience at Dutch Trans.

Certified Translation

Tulips couldn’t settle anywhere until they landed in the Netherlands, and since then, they have made this country their home. Like Tulips, there are people who don’t find peace anywhere in the world. They keep wandering from country to country, in search of a place they can call home. These people, like Tulips, found the Netherlands and they have been happy since because those who don’t belong anywhere else find it easier to call this country their home. If you are one of those people who have been looking for a place to call their own, you should also visit the Netherlands and see what the land offers you.

But before you could move to the Netherlands, you will need to submit your visa application, and for that, you will need certified translations of your official documents. There are plenty of Dutch Translation Services available, including professional translators who are native speakers of Germanic languages, providing a wide range of services from technical translations to native language expertise. It’s essential to engage a Dutch translation agency specializing in human translation to ensure accuracy and suitability for your target audience. Ensure they offer certified translations, as these are the only type of translations that will be accepted by the visa office. A certified translation guarantees accuracy and adheres to the format of the original document seamlessly.

If you are in need of certified Dutch translations, then you can contact us today, and we will take care of all your translation problems.

certified Dutch translation

Head on to approach us if you need your documents to be translated with the highest level of precision. We have a team of professionals who don’t compromise on anything no matter how complex and lengthy a project may be.

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