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If you want to know the number of words in your website and calculate the cost for translation, we have developed a website word counter tool just for that. This tool has two parts: a website word counter which calculates the number of words in your website and a document word counter which calculates the number of words in documents. Just upload your document or fill in the URL of your website and the results of the calculation will be sent to your email.

website word counter

How is the price of a translation calculated?

When you Google about translation prices, you want to get answers about prices for your own document right? You get frustrated as not a lot of agencies offer transparent prices when it comes to a certain language combination. Most translation agencies offer prices per page or per word, the most common one being per word.

You have to contact each translation agency and ask them about the price of a translation as the subject, the format, and the language combination are important to determine the price.

The price per word is the most common one. The amount of words x, the price per word is the calculation. But, what if you don’t know how many words there are in your document? Well, simply use our free document word count tool and you’ll get the count by email, in seconds.

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Our delivery is one of the fastest in the market. We deliver in days and not weeks. We understand that most customers need their content delivered in short spans of time and do not have time to sit around and wait for us to come up with the product. We also know that some people are in a rush as they need to submit their certified translation to the Immigration Office and are constrained by time. So, we ensure that we deliver in the timeliest fashion.

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There are many customers who need translations and cannot afford hefty prices. Our prices are here to help you out and not make you feel burdened. Our prices are very well- compatible with the market and are easy to afford. We are one of the lower price ranges in the market, with excellent quality that is not easy to offer at such economical rates. But, we do this because we care about our customers and their interests are our first and foremost priority.

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We are available 24/7 to help you with your translation needs. You can call at any time you like with the most complicated translation project and we will answer right away, giving you the right answers. Are you worried about your order at two in the morning? Just dial the phone, one of our project managers will be with you right away to ease your worries and show you the status of your order. We are here always and at all times, even during the weekend.

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What about a website word counter?

Are you looking to translate your website and worried that your word count will make your price quote heavy? Worry not; we have the best website word counter tool that you can possibly find. Our counter is accurate to the exact number and we are very proud of our tool. Even more, we are offering this tool for free to anyone wanting to count the number of words on their website.

Word count decides the price tag much more than any other factor. The whole price rate begins with the rate per word. So, the number of words in any document or website is more significant than any other factor. We have, for this reason, an exemplary website word count tool.

PDF word counter

Website word counter

If you want to count how many words your website has, please type your website address:

If you want to receive a report about the amount of words and the pages, fill in here your email address:

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Document word counter

If you want to receive a report with the amount of words and a quote for each file uploaded until now, fill in here your email address:

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how to use our tool

How to use our tool

Getting the word count of a webpage or document is often a difficult task. DutchTrans makes it easy with its free to use website and document word count tool which can be used to get an accurate body word count of your website and documents. The word count tool, as the name suggests, is a tool that gives an accurate word and character count.

To get the word count of a webpage, what you need to do is just to enter the website URL and if you want to get a report about the amount of words and the pages, fill your email and send the request. Our tool will scan the website and send you a report containing the number of pages and the number of words in that website.

To get the word count of a document, just drag and drop your file and if you want to get a report with the amount of words and a quote for each file uploaded until now, fill in your email address. An email will be sent to you with the total word count for your documents.

Free document word counter and translation price calculator

Imagine going shopping and not knowing the price of any product, sounds horrible, right? The prices help us make the right decisions. They also make us feel comfortable because when we know the prices the power is in our hands. When the prices are not available to us, it can only mean bad things. If a service provider is not telling you the rate beforehand, it is highly likely that they are taking advantage of the scenario. They charge a lot more than the usual rate and add hidden charges in the bill when they finally give it to you. And this is why is it better to know what you are jumping into.

DutchTrans understands the importance of knowing the price beforehand whether it is simply for the client’s satisfaction or to help them decide if they can spend the money or not. Since we offer per word rates, calculating the words of a document can help you calculate the translation price. Counting each word of a document can be quite time-consuming and if you need the translation in a hurry that could be worse. To solve such a situation, we created our Document Word Counter. The Document Word Counter will calculate the number of words in your document, and that will make it super easy to calculate the total cost. Even more, it will send you our quote for that document with the total price you have to pay for it, and if you decide to have translated with us, you’ll be able to easily order online.

free document word counter

No matter the reason you choose to use this word count tool, it will offer you helpful information you can use to better your business. Feel free to use our free tool to count words on web pages and determine the amount of words in them. If you have any questions, live chat with us!

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