Translation and Localization Services

Businesses looking to target a specific market are in need of professional translation and localization services in order for their message to have the highest impact on that specific market. DutchTrans provides a full suite of localization services, no matter if you need website localization or software localization done right, you can always count on us.

Localization services


Localization is a second step in a larger cycle of getting the product translated and targeted to a specific market. Not to forget the cultural adaptation for certain countries, regions and or target groups to account for differences in specific markets. Website localization is also called internationalization.

Software localization


Translating your app in the right content is something different. You do not want to have your programming touched by a translator as that might result in errors in the code. You need to be sure that your app code is not touched when it comes to translation, and our software localization specialists do just that.

Website localization

Website localization

The same process is followed for website localization. Do not touch any html code. The right tools must be used as translators are not web designers. That is why special software is used to make sure that you get the translated and localized text exactly where it was supposed to be.

High quality translation services

High Quality Translation and Localization Services

Top quality translation services are not easy to come by. Many of those offering these services out there today are far from being reliable. This is exactly why you should only work with us at DutchTrans. We have got the expertise and the professionalism. You can never beat experience when it comes to top quality translation and localization services. We have been in the translation business for over 15 years and we have honed our expertise over the years due to daily exposure to different forms of translation tasks.
At DutchTrans, we do not just get your documents and web contents translated; we take things a step further by localizing the translation to meet exactly with the needs, expectations and grab the attention of your intended local audience. This is just one of the many features that place us tops in the translation industry. We are also able to handle translation from Dutch to virtually all the major European languages. Do you want to translate from Dutch to Flemish, or use any other language combination? We have done related tasks in the past and we can handle this kind of translation without any problem. Translation also includes localization services, therefore your document, app or website will perfectly fit into the target market.

Website Localization

Website localization is the next step in website development, involving much more than the mere translation of a text. It is done by adapting the already existing website to another market, language, culture and habits.

DutchTrans fully transforms a website considering all those elements. We convert all the relevant website content including graphics, to others that best fit the new target area, paving way for smooth communication between new prospective clients and you. Website localization also includes local currency conversion and search engine optimization for increasing the visibility of your website in a completely new language.

Our web engineers work closely with our translators and they know exactly how to adapt your website to different regions, get on board with us for giving your website the finest linguistic touch.


Software Localization

All major application developers in the world know the importance of localization and the added-ability to reach customers everywhere in the world. Your software may have a global reach but it’s not necessary that every person would understand it, nor use it if it is in a language they don’t know that well. Your software may be in English, still, a major portion of the global population might not understand it. What to do in that case? Simple, contact us and we will solve your problem with the blink of an eye, through our specialized software localization services.

The first step in localizing a software is to internationalize it, which means that it should be designed in such a manner that it can later be localized both linguistically and culturally according to the requirements of any region.

The next important step in addressing the local people of different regions is through localizing it. That is to adapt to that region’s culture and language.

We offer software localization services for any software or app, no matter the operating system it was created for. We localize your app in a way that it perfectly fits to the audience you are trying to target.

The world is shifting its habits to apps due to ease of use and ready availability on their mobile devices. 90% of the people now prefer using mobile apps contrary to the usual practice of browsers. This means you too should get in line and avail our state of the art services in localizing your app.

Leaping gaps, beating limitations

The world has shrunk; people have come closer to each-other more than ever before. Why not utilize the advanced approaches for broadening your business by addressing to a lot more people belonging to different cultures and speaking other languages? It might not sound that easy but it’s not as difficult as well. You just have to target masses by adopting their language and aligning your website or software to their specific lifestyle & culture and you are good to go.

While you yourself might not be able to do that, you can always count on us for creating a cascading effect on your business. We are here at your service for translating and localizing your content to another target market, in perfect alignment with their language, their culture and regional traditions.

We adapt your software, website, and apps to any target market or culture you want to expand your business to. Realizing how complex software localization is which involves terminology research, page layout, editing, conversion of file formats, multilingual project implementation, alignment and multilingual product support, we have specialized and expert staff in our team. They know how to take forward your project and how to implement it properly.

Trust us now, you will thank us later.

software localization

How do we provide top quality output?

If you need translation and localization services for Dutch, Flemish, German or any other language, we are top class in this regard. Anyone in need of localization services for Dutch to English translations or Dutch to French translations can also trust in us to do a perfect job. We are your best helpmate any time and any day.

We always check and re-check the quality of the translation and localization task to make sure it meets the requirements. We have a series of experts working on any task, who are dedicated to translation, editing and proofreading, each being done by a different linguist.

When it comes to website localization or localization of software or apps, our translators will never touch your code. Our engineers will extract the text to be translated from your code, the translators will translate it then the engineers will add the translation into the code. The software remains untouched and we only change the text. At the end of the day, our clients can rest assured that their translation or localization is of the best quality. If other service providers have ever disappointed you, all you’ve got to do is turn to us for reliable localization services no matter if you need it for a website, a software or an app.

App translation and localization done right

Here at DutchTrans, we don’t just employ translators with a degree. We find experts with verified industry credentials, who know their respective industries inside out, and who can localize content because they’re native speakers of the target language.

Our translators can offer mobile app translation and localization services for any language or platform, including Apple iOS and Android. Our technology and language experts can advise on externalizing your resources for localization, translation of text and assets, how language and culture may affect design and layout, and app store SEO. We can also organize testing of localized apps to get real user feedback.

Get your Mobile App translated, tested and ready for use in another language! We work with mobile app developers for app translation and localization through a simple 3-step process: We translate the app, localize it and finally test the app so that you go live! By using our mobile app translation & localization services, you increase downloads, audience & revenue.

Our Advantages:

  • Attention to detail
  • Native language experts
  • On-going support for updates
  • State-of-the-art localization tools

Ultimately, users will be happier if they can use your mobile apps in their native language. So you also get better ratings, which will help increase downloads further.

app translation and localization
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