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If you are looking for highly accurate services at affordable translation prices, you may find DutchTrans to be the partner you have been looking for. With us you do not have to pay premium fees for an accurate translation, in fact, we sport some of the lowest translation rates you can find in or around London.

Research on Translation Prices


When you want to start contacting translation agencies, it is important to get an overview of the price per word and what is included and what is not. You have to request a translation quote but that is translation including proofreading. At DutchTrans our prices include translation and proofreading charged per word. Our price is max 0.12 EUR per word or 0.12 USD per word.

Save on Your Translation Budget

Save on Your Translation Budget

When you find out the price for your translation project, you can see the difference. Sometimes the translation prices can differ between 10 and 35 percent. If you calculate that on a yearly basis (depending on the volume of the translation you have) you can save a lot of money by doing your research on the translation price.

How much money can you save?


Translation prices are always negotiable. If you have a large volume to translate on a yearly basis, you can negotiate your prices. Just try to make an overview in a sheet where you can see what has been translated and what was paid last year. This way you can easily find out how much money you can save. We understand that it is difficult to find the right quality for the right price. Ask for a test translation if you have doubts.

Affordable translation prices:

We have the most affordable Dutch translation prices. Not just for translations from and into Dutch but from and into any language.

  • we do not have rush rates
  • we do not have weekend rates
  • we have prices that range from 0.11 to 0.12 Euro per word
  • we offer volume translations (more than 10.000 words) at discount prices
  • all translations include proofreading by a second native translator
  • we specialize in large projects in very short deadlines
  • in most of the cases “we can do the impossible”!
  • possibility to work under contract at special fixed rate price for any language translation
affordable translation rates
fair translation rates

Fair and clear pricing methodology

How we charge you and how much do we charge you is both simple and fair. Our translation rates, based on an hourly rate, are on average 0.12 EUR per word or 0.12 USD per word depending on where you are from and what your favorite currency is. We employ Translation Memory to ensure consistency and reduce costs for repetitive content. We use a flat rate for all language pairs and do not charge you higher rates even for lesser-known languages within the language combination. The same flat rate is applied regardless of the language combination or the technicality of the content, whether it involves technical content or general business communication. As a professional translation company, we optimize our translation process using CAT tools, resulting in lower rates for repetitions and enabling future savings on your translations. We understand budget constraints, but with us, you’ll receive high-quality translations from qualified human translators who are native speakers, without feeling the burden on your finances.

Moreover, we don’t impose extra charges for rush orders or weekend deliveries. Transparency is crucial for us, and we have no hidden fees. The initial quote provided is the final cost, ensuring there are no surprises or additional expenses after the fact.

Getting accurate services at low translation prices is possible!

We boast a live connection with over 3000 professional translators, specializing in various languages including Spanish, and operate with highly efficient project management software. This combination enables us to swiftly set up new translation projects and allocate the most suitable translators to tasks, ensuring timely delivery. Our system is meticulously crafted to significantly enhance productivity while upholding top-tier quality in legal translation services, all at a competitive cost of translation services that’s significantly lower than industry standards.

Moreover, we understand the urgency of certain projects and offer expedited services for a rush fee, guaranteeing prompt delivery without compromising accuracy. Our dedication to quality is reflected in our rigorous process: upon a new project setup, a dedicated translator, editor, and proofreader are promptly assigned. Our system streamlines the workflow seamlessly, notifying each professional to commence their tasks swiftly. Once completed, our quality assurance team meticulously reviews the translated documents, providing a comprehensive quality report before delivery.

Should any concerns arise, our efficient complaint resolution process ensures quick action. We swiftly reopen projects, engaging linguists until our clients are satisfied with the outcome. Importantly, our commitment to excellence doesn’t come with exorbitant costs. Our transparent approach allows clients to receive high-quality human translation services at an average cost, significantly lower than industry standards. Contact us for a free quote, delivered within minutes, showcasing some of the most competitive translation services costs available in the market.

Getting accurate services at low translation prices is possible!
prices for translation

Where to get the best prices for translation?

Do you need a low-cost translation service for a personal/professional website or for an academic or legal document? Maybe you have to use technical translation or need to have medical documentation translated? Can’t figure out which translation agency to choose to translate a document from English to Dutch or from Dutch to English for your business or personal needs at reasonable rates? DutchTrans is the one and only solution for all your linguistic needs and sports the best prices for translation. Our translators come from all around the world and are specialized in different fields, ensuring high-quality translation services. We understand the importance of cost in translation services, offering a competitive rate of 0.12 EUR per word, while maintaining exceptional quality. Our machine translation services coupled with human expertise guarantee accuracy and efficiency, ensuring a swift delivery time even for urgent projects. Moreover, as one of the leading online translation companies, we prioritize client satisfaction by providing consistently high-quality translations across various domains, including financial, business, legal, governmental, and insurance document translations. Rest assured, whether it’s a rush project or a standard timeline, our translation vendor assures the same level of quality at the average price, without compromising on excellence.

Why should you work with DutchTrans?

  • We do not have any sort of extra rush rates or higher weekend rates
  • We have prices that range from 0.11 to 0.12 euro per word, the best prices for translation
  • We offer volume translations (more than 10.000 words) at discount prices
  • We specialize in large projects in very short deadlines
  • We charge a fixed rate for any language
  • A professional translator, native of the target language will translate your document
  • A second translator will proofread the translation and correct the errors totally free
  • Our Q&A team will finally evaluate the translation and deliver it to you along with a quality report.
  • Widest specialization fields
  • A team of skilled and professional translators
  • Affordable translation prices
  • Transparent and safe ordering process
  • Quickest possible turnaround
  • Friendly and helpful customer support available 24/7
why choose DutchTrans
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Reasonable prices, quality, accuracy, timely delivery, and 24/7 customer care

Translation prices vary from company to company, and translator to translator. Companies charge their customers based on their competitive rates, leveraging their success, reputation, and quality in the translation industry. Translators, on the other hand, determine their rates considering factors such as their expertise in the source language, turnaround time, and the complexity of documents, like marriage certificates or original documents.

Standard Translation rates often depend on various aspects, including the source language intricacies. Languages like Mandarin, Japanese, and others with unique idiosyncrasies are often associated with higher average translation rates due to their complexity and the need for qualified translators with specialized knowledge. Sub-languages, too, necessitate a deep understanding of their specific cultural nuances.

Understanding the determinants of translation costs is vital when selecting a service provider. Companies may use different models, like per-word pricing strategies, to calculate translation costs. At DutchTrans, we ensure competitive pricing, guaranteeing affordability without compromising the quality of translation. Our professional translation services encompass not just competitive rates but also emphasize the quality of translation, accuracy, and timely delivery. We are committed to providing exemplary service, be it for marketing materials or source documents, and offer 24/7 customer care support. Consider us when comparing translation service providers; our commitment to delivering top-notch translations sets us apart in the industry.

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