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UK certificate translation for immigration

DutchTrans certificate translation services are being delivered to hundreds of clients in the UK and across the globe, for numerous purposes, but mainly for immigration in the UK. If you’re looking to get accurate translations for your certificates, we can deliver in 24 hours, at the best prices you can find in London.

UK certificate translation

UK certificate translation

In the UK, certificate translation services play a crucial role in bridging linguistic barriers for both private and corporate clients. Specializing in the translation of legal documents, academic certificates, medical reports, and business documents, professional translation agencies such as Absolute Translations and LingvoHouse

Translation Services ensure that clients receive high-quality translations that meet the necessary legal requirements. These agencies employ native speakers and qualified translators who possess extensive experience in the translation industry, ensuring precise and reliable services.

Whether it’s for official institutions, government departments, or international companies, the demand for certified translations remains high. Notarised translations, adhering to ISO 9001:2005 standards, offer clients peace of mind with documents delivered on time, at competitive prices. With a focus on exceptional customer service and efficient project management, these agencies are adept at handling a wide range of language pairs, making them invaluable partners in effective communication and overcoming language barriers.

A document that has been translated and certified as accurate by the translator or the translation company, giving it authorized status for submission at any official level is termed as certified translation. It is usually done for documents such as birth and marriage certificates.

Different organizations could require different kinds of certification. There are numerous legal bodies such as international agencies, international embassies demand different kinds of certification. We know your needs, therefore we match the requirements by providing different levels of legal recognition that are mostly asked for.

At DutchTrans, you can get all that you need. Whether it’s an affidavit or an official certification or even a notarized translation, we provide whatever you need to have for your immigration case, including certified translation of your birth and marriage certificates, divorce documents, diplomas and degrees, police records and much, much more.

All translations are delivered in 24 hours by email. If you need a hard copy, we can post it to you, or you can pick it up from our translation office in London.

We charge the lowest rates around. With us, you can have your certified translation at £20 per page if there are under 200 words on the page, or at £0.12 per word if there are more words on the page. All translations are guaranteed to be accepted by the office they were intended for.

Providing guaranteed cost-effective solutions for all your needs

Affordable prices

prices extremely affordable

For UK certificate translation services our standard charges are extremely affordable to all clients, and we have the same rates for all languages. You can visit our London translation office at any time or get in touch online as we have tremendous services to offer for your official documents while keeping the rates reasonable.

Beating Deadlines

Beating Deadlines

DutchTrans is a leader in providing quality translation services within 24 hours for a 2-3 page document along with proper certification, even during the weekend. This is for the electronic version of the document. For by hand delivery it can take up to 2 or a maximum of 3 working days depending upon the postal services.

Easy to order

Easy to order

You can reach out to us via phone, email or through our live chat feature. Once you have contacted us through the above-mentioned sources, our Project Manager will get back to you in a few minutes with a quote. Our representative then waits for your approval upon which we proceed with the process of carrying out the translation.


Personal documents we can translate for you

Birth Certificates

birth certificate translation

At DutchTrans, we have professional translators who on a regular basis work on birth certificate translations. They are fully aware of the importance of the document and have substantial experience in translating birth certificates and other similarly sensitive documents. Getting your translation job done at DutchTrans is a pleasantly natural process. We work on a highly effective business process that helps us award every translation job to a professional translation provider with the required skills and experience.

Marriage Certificates

marriage certificate translation

Translating marriage certificates is one of the many document translation services available at DutchTrans. Our translations are done by professional translators who are experienced in translating all sorts of personal documents and are aware of the requirements. Regardless of the language in which the original certificate was issued, an accurate and confidential translation is vital. We are ISO certified and we are doing everything to make sure that our translations meet the highest set of standards for every project we handle.

Divorce Decrees

divorce decree translation

Do you have a divorce decree or certificate and need to translate it into English? We have you covered. With over 120 working languages, we can give you the best-quality translation of your divorce certificate. We translate divorce certificates and other divorce papers with foreign credits and get them certified and ready to be used in the UK! We employ professional linguists who translate into their native language and are experienced in translating documents for the UK Immigration Office.

Diplomas and Degrees

diploma translation

DutchTrans provides accurate diploma translation services for those who are applying for jobs in the UK or to get an education in overseas universities. Diplomas are essential documents, they are a record of your qualifications, and whether you are thinking to advance your education or your career, you might very well need a document translation service if your targeted scholarly institute or company is located in a country where your native language is not spoken.

Police Records

police records translation

At DutchTrans we offer certified police records translation services for any official entity in the United Kingdom. Rush service is also available at no extra cost. Our translation is formatted as a mirror image of the original document. Accurate and correct translation for immigration is needed when an individual, traveling to another country has to prove that he/she had no criminal records in the past. This is the point where our certified translation services come to your rescue.


passport translation

If you are moving to a nation where your native language is not used, then you might require getting your passport translated. Some countries require passport translation for some languages. There can be government or other agencies as well which might need your passport translated to a language they can understand. We have highly experienced translators who can get your passport translated from almost any language into English.

Need more reasons to work with us?

Languages were supposed to eliminate the gap of communication between people but they actually became a hurdle. Back in the days, people used to acquire services of an interpreter to communicate with people who spoke languages other than their own. In today’s world, translation services are provided on a large scale but at Dutch Trans, we provide translation services with authenticity and precision.

When it comes to UK certificate translation services, DutchTrans has always maintained its consistent approach in providing tremendous services to its revered clients in diversified fields of life. What else do we offer? Let’s have a brief look.

  • We have more than 120 languages covered
  • More than 3.000 translators on-board
  • Extremely competitive rates
  • All kinds of translations are handled
  • We take challenging urgent projects at no extra rush rates
  • Long-term projects are offered with special discounts
  • Thousands of words are translated on daily basis amounting to more than 10,000,000 words on annual basis
  • Installment of latest CAT tool software where needed
  • 100% human translations
translation for any certificate
UK translation company

UK translation company trusted worldwide

We assure Quality Assurance by getting routine checks from the Organization of International Standardization. Unlike other agencies, DutchTrans provides a level of insurance indemnity to its clients. This protection is our sole specialty assuring our clients a worry-free experience at DutchTrans and that too with no extra charges.

We have never compromised on quality especially when it comes to translation and we pay special attention to legal documents. We have given our utmost strength and capability in providing trusted certification. It is this field that does not suffice on mere translation; it calls for certification along with it. Such documents (birth, marriage and academic certification) are required on all important stages of life from immigration to employment criteria and admission processes and therefore you will surely need certificate translation services along the way.

Our certified translation services are fully up to the mark and acquiescent in the UK. The translated copy of official documents such as birth certificate or a patent is always accompanied by a declaration conforming to the set standards. The declaration consists of the essential credentials like agency’s name, translator’s name, date of translation, address of our London based office, attesting to the fact that agency takes full responsibility of the accuracy of translation undertaken. Since such official documents are usually required on an urgent basis, we can provide you with our services on short notice as well. Your only task is to reach out to us and ours is to get it done as soon as possible.

Translation done according to the UK immigration rules

They say, “When in doubt, don’t act”, but what we say is that when it comes to the UK, certificate translation services is our responsibility. With our worldwide success, matchless quality and exclusive expertise in the whole Europe, you can relieve your mind from all sorts of doubt. We have equipped our company with expert translators, the best part is, and their expertise isn’t limited to just one area. In fact, we have specialists for all the traditional and current needs including immigration translations.

Most of our clients come to us with a lot of questions in their mind and that’s okay, because as long as you are with DutchTrans, you are in safe hands. Not only will we provide UK certificate translation, we’ll also make the journey smooth and easy. Our project managers will guide you on how to do things the right way. We’ll ensure that we offer you the best quality, best price and the professional accuracy which has become the emblem of excellence in the translation world. So stay assured that if you or any of your family members or friends are from a place where English isn’t the official language, DutchTrans will take care of the certificate translations according to the rules of the UK immigration.

UK certificate translations
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