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The second office of Dutch Trans in the Netherlands is situated in the core of Hoofddorp, giving the general population of the Netherlands the most accurate, superior translation at the least expensive rates in the market. We comprehend that the requirements for least expensive yet high quality Hoofddorp translation services is important not just for the translation of documents as well as for website translation services and localization, and we provide just that!

A Hoofddorp translation company you can trust

Hoofddorp translation company

Hoofddorp can be translated as the main village. It is the main town in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. This town was established in 1853 after Haarlemmermeer was used up. In 2009, the population was a little more than 73,000. Hoofddorp has turned out to be more prosperous than Nieuw-Vennep, and it quickly turned into the most vital place in the area. Hoofddorp is very much connected with a few of the primary roads in the Netherlands. Hoofddorp is a place where many industries are functioning and growing every day, such as real estate, oil, and gas, electronic devices, multimedia projects, marketing, publishing, and what not. But no need to go on a search hunt for exclusive translation services, Dutch Trans is at your disposal 24/7.

If you are living in Hoofddorp and you need our services, we are looking forward to deliver, in fact, the cheapest Hoofddorp translation services in, with the assurance of competence and quality.

Global Solutions

Global Language Solutions

At DutchTrans, we have access to over 2500+ translators worldwide, who only translate into their mother tongue and who can localize your translation. This also ensures continuity and accuracy across all of your documents. For each assignment you will have a project manager allocated who will keep you up to date and ensure your deadlines are met and your document is allocated to an appropriately qualified and experienced translator.

Easy to Order

Easy to Order

To get your translation underway, just send us the document by e-mail or by using our contact forms. One of our project managers will have a look at it, make sure we have the right translators and editors for the job then give you a quote. Once you’re happy to proceed we’ll get started on your translation. You can contact us today for a no-obligation quote for a translation, and we will get back to you in 5 minutes.

Guaranteed Quality

Guaranteed Quality

Our Hoofddorp translation services are accredited by the Association of Translation Companies. We are one of a very few translation companies who is additionally independently certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. This is an industry-specific standard which covers the unique challenges involved in delivering high quality translation services. All our project managers are qualified through the Association of Project Managers.

Our Guarantee

Translation Quality

It is compulsory for our translators to have a recognized higher degree in translation and at least five years of experience in translation, in addition to expertise in a relevant subject area. We only use translators who work into their native language and also prefer our translators to be based in their native country where they can keep up to date with any cultural or linguistic changes which may affect their work in the long run.

Our Prices

At Dutch Trans, we take our responsibilities as translators very seriously. We don’t believe that translation is a matter of swapping words and phrases. We always aim to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient translation service. We know that translation cost is often the deciding factor when budgets are tight and difficult decisions have to be made when it comes to assigning work to a translation service provider.

Turnaround Time

We will send you the turnaround time when we send you our free quote. We do our best to provide the shortest turnaround time but sometimes large documents will take a while to translate. If you are in a rush we can split your job between two translators and cut the time it takes to translate in twice. Once you agreed to the delivery time, we will deliver the translation at the agreed time, sometimes sooner that that.


The best solution for companies looking to expand

Commercially diverging, the population grabs multiple opportunities every day. Companies need to showcase their products and services in an impressive way, and the most significant part that they like to achieve is to reach out to a maximum number of audience globally. And the language barrier can be a huge problem. You can expect a professional and specialized localization services for websites and apps when you choose our Hoofddorp translation company.

We maintain the meaning of the text while changing the language. In our team, we have software specialists who have done website and software localization for countless international clients. The software pros are fully aware of the updates and trends that can improve the app localization experience. Also, our translators work in close coordination with the experts in order to deliver the best localization services for applications and websites, no matter if you take our Hoofddorp translation services for the local market or you’re planning to expand anywhere in the world.

company expansion solution

To help us deliver a quality translation there are some success criteria you should consider for every translation project

The Scope

Define what is the scope of the translation – is it for information only? Is it for publication e.g. website translation, and therefore needs localization? Is the language technical, market-based, legal, etc.? Also specify precisely what language is needed for your translation – Spanish for Madrid or Mexico? English in the UK or US?


Make sure to have as much reference material as possible – previously approved translations, examples of style and tone of company documents (e.g. how does your organization usually deliver information?), product information, glossaries, clarification of acronyms (should these be translated or not?), terminology, etc.

Your Website

If you need website translation services, please do not simply provide the URL and the target language – if possible send us more details about the platform the website is built on, arrange to have the site files sent to us, or have the content extracted and send it in a copy platform, database, or any convenient form such as a Word document.

Hoofddorp translation services available 24/7

In or around Hoofddorp and looking to have something translated? DutchTrans can do that for you! Ranging from certified translation for immigration to translating websites and software, we have translators and web engineers to cover just about any language.

Don’t have the time to visit our office? Get in touch with us online at any time, we work around the clock for your convenience. You are also able to order online and have your translation sent to you by e-mail in 24 hours or less.

Hoofddorp translation company:
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Not just in Hoofddorp

A town of 73,000 residents, Hoofddorp has 79.3% Dutch population. This huge majority of Dutch-speaking people may often need translation services. If a business is moving to Hoofddorp or a person is planning to immigrate to Hoofddorp, they will need accurate translations. Businesses can make a lot of progress at a new location if they make advertising campaigns specifically designed for the new target market. But a simply translated ad campaign is not enough. The culture and history of a place must be kept in mind when translating so the finished product will be something the locals can relate to.

Hoofddorp translation services offer all kinds of translations to the citizens of the town, but there is no guarantee as to how accurate these translations will be. DutchTrans opened its office in Hoofddorp to give the people a chance to get the most accurate translation services in the city. Although we also offer our services online, you can visit our office in Hoofddorp if you prefer face to face dealings or if you want us to handle the physical copy of your document. You can also easily pick your translated document from our office and save yourself the trouble of having to pay extra to get the translation mailed to you.

Hoofddorp translation
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