Flemish Translation Services

Flemish Translation Services


Flemish is also a Dutch language. However, in the Netherlands, it is different from Dutch. You have to regard it as a dialect. So it is important when you request a Dutch translation to specify whether the target audience is for the Netherlands or for Belgium. If your target audience is Belgium then you have to request a translation to Flemish.

About Belgium


Officially, Belgium is a sovereign country of Western Europe and has a population of 11 million people. There are two main languages spoken in Belgium, which are Flemish and French, therefore, when you need translation for Belgium, you will have to know which population you are targetting. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, serves as the capital of the European Union.

The Dutch of Belgium


Dutch is spoken in Belgium in four principal dialects. In the Flemish region, the dialects are Brabantian, East Flemish, West Flemish and Limburgish, however, Brabantian is the dominant language being spoken in the region. French is the second language of Belgium, but is being spoken sparsely.  Flemish on the other hand is spoken by three-fifth of the Belgian population.


No need to pay more when you can have the best at a lower price

Do you have any translation from or into Flemish task to complete? DutchTrans is the company to trust for the task. You can always trust us with any translation and we will never disappoint you. We are undoubtedly one of the leading translation service outlets around. We handle numerous Flemish translation tasks on daily basis and we will not have problem handling yours. Translation is what we love to do; it is our love and it is our life.

You will find each Flemish translator in our employment to be a professional in that aspect. Aside being natural speakers of the language, they have also been involved in its translation for years and therefore have the required experience to get your job done exactly how it should be done.

Just like our other multiple services that are availed by hundreds and thousands of people on a daily basis we present to you our unique and high-quality Flemish translation services. We are linked with numerous global corporations and provide them with our uninterrupted, on point, world’s best linguistic services. Needless to say that it is because of our professional services coupled with our client’s unwavering trust that has elevated our status in the translation industry.

If you are looking for reliable, experienced and trustworthy Flemish translation services, all you need to do is to link up with us today.

Accurate translations from and into Flemish

If you search the internet, you will come by so many outlets claiming to be offering Flemish translation services. The uncomfortable truth is that many of them are far from being reliable. If you take a closer look, you will realize that many of them do not have an ISO rating. This is not the case with our services at DutchTrans. We are ISO-certified and you can always rely on us to provide top quality Flemish translation services just as required.

DutchTrans does not just cater to major languages of the world; we give equal importance to different dialects as well. Flemish is one among many for whom we provide translation services. If you are looking for a Flemish translation to and from any language of the world, reach out to us, we will help you in reaching out to the world on a much larger scale.

We are experts in handling your Flemish to English language translation and English to Flemish translation needs. We can equally help you translate Flemish to any other language aside English. In fact, we can translate Flemish into over 80 different languages. If the truth must be told, very few translation service providers can ever offer this. This fact makes us the best to patronize for your Flemish to English language translation needs. Never patronize any other outlet if you want to get high quality Flemish translation services at affordable rates.

translation fields

Full-suite of linguistic services

We offer Flemish translation services in almost any field due to the escalating demands, and here are some of them:

All translations are covered by highly qualified translators with vast knowledge in those specific fields.

Why translate English to Flemish?

Flemish is the language of almost six million people including the regions of Brussels, Antwerp and various other close areas. The word has a stronghold in the area because, like many other European countries, Belgium does not have the culture of communicating and advertising in English. Ten million people do not even speak the language and when you want to launch your brand in Antwerp you need to translate English to Flemish, or you will have a hard time reaching out to your audience.

If your target market is the Flemish population of the region, then you need an aggressive campaign in the language that will keep your audience’s attention. Individuals of this region are not interested in learning English and they are not too inclined to look at products that are presented in English.

Similarly, if you intend to launch your business in the region then you better learn the language of the area. There is no point in trying to communicate with individuals who do not understand your language. If you have a hard time trusting a translation company in the region then you should consider hiring our services.

Why translate English to Flemish?
The Flemish language

The Flemish language

There are thousands of official, national and regional languages spoken in the world. And those regional languages are further sub-divided into multiple other dialects. Flemish is one such dialect of Dutch, spoken in Belgium by people who make up about 60 percent of Belgium’s population. Flemish differs in its diction and grammatical features from Dutch, which is basically the standard language, and other dialects originate from it. Flemish is actually Dutch but with a much milder and softer accent. Dutch on the whole comprises of four dialects; Brabantian, East Flemish, West Flemish and Limburgish.

Interesting facts about the Flemish language
  • Flemish is referred to as a historical language that was spoken in Flanders in the times gone by.
  • East Flemish and West Flemish are usually fused together and regarded as Flemish as a whole.
  • Flemish refers to the people and culture belonging to Flanders and Belgium.
  • Flemish is spoken by 6.5 million people.
  • It can be distinguished from Dutch in terms of intonation and pronunciation.
  • Dutch and Flemish are almost similar but at times the differences can be wide enough, so much so that they can be confused with two completely different languages.

The importance of Flemish in business

As the importance of the Flemish language is quite apparent in the whole Europe, there will be times when you’d need to translate English to Flemish. Whether you want to localize the content of your English website or app, you’ll have to reach out to someone who can provide you with an error-less and appropriate translation. This is why we are offering to translate your English documents, diplomas, certificates and business agreements into Flemish by our experts. Our translators have devoted the most precious time of their lives in learning and perfecting the art of translation.

Our specialists like to keep their skills refined and retested, and for that very purpose, they keep on researching and exploring every new trend in the translation world. The digital age needs fast communication and even faster translation solutions, particularly for languages such as Flemish.

At DutchTrans, we are fully aware of the needs of business today. We also comprehend that provision of such an exclusive translation service in the UK is essential for the entrepreneurs and start-ups here. When we translate English to Flemish, we ensure that every translated word serves the purpose of our valuable customers. So if you are the one looking for Flemish translations, Dutch Trans is the place you can trust.

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