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If you are looking to study or work in the UK and your academic records are not in English, you will need transcript translation services, and this is where DutchTrans can help you fast, and at an affordable price.

Transcript translation services for any document

You are looking to study or work abroad and you have just realized your entire academic documentation is not in English!

Even if only you want to be vetted by a serious international educational institution, you need your documents to be written in a language they can read. You should take out all of your academic transcripts, college transcripts and degrees translated and prepare them for international evaluation.

All the educational institutions around the world tend to worry about allowing international students to attend their programs. Foreign students are an honor and a privilege for all but they are also a challenging task in themselves. Evaluating the credentials of the applying student and making sure that they are eligible and viable for the institution is a challenging task. That is why evaluation of academic documents is considered a serious task that is done with care and strictly guarded procedures.

Depending on the institution, you will need certified translation not only for your academic documents, but also for your birth certificate, your marriage certificate, and any other personal documents.

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High school transcript translation

high school transcript translation

The high school transcripts will also need to be translated for you to be considered by the international institutions or by schools and universities in the UK. Get your high school transcript translation in under 24 hours at a fair price from DutchTrans!

College transcript translation services

college transcript translation services

You need to get your college transcripts translated as well when you are submitting your application so that you will have a strong point of educational background to share. Use our accurate yet cheap college transcript translation services at your convenience.

Translation of academic transcripts

translation of academic transcripts

These are the most important part of your academic documents. Your academic transcripts for undergraduate program will decide the fate of your application. That is why getting it translated is the most significant part of your document preparation.

When it comes to getting a high school transcript translation, or college transcript translation services you need to be sure the translation you are getting will be accepted. DutchTrans provides translations with guaranteed acceptance for all your academic transcripts. We are able to translate any school records. If you need to have your academic records or diploma translation, we can do that too!

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The Translation Requirements

The translation has to follow certain rules and successfully fulfill procedures that the academic institutions usually expect. A few points are as follows;

Certified Translation: Every translation has to be certified by the translator. This means that the translator will provide a certificate of authenticity stating that the content is accurately translated into his or her knowledge. He will sign to that fact and will provide credentials, and contact details for the reviewer of the translation.

Attestation: If the translation is not needed because the transcript is in English then the applicant will get the academic documents attested by the Embassy of the country they are applying in. This will make the credentials credible for the reviewer.

Translator’s Credentials: In these cases, the credibility and the credentials of the translator are also of great significance. The person doing the translation needs to be a professional translator. This will ensure that the translation is of credible quality. These academic institutions have a tendency to look into the details of the translator in order to ensure that they can trust the translation.

A couple of points you should be aware of

All transcripts have to be translated into English if you are going to apply to an international university for higher education, or at a university in the UK. You will need to make sure that the translation agency is trustworthy if you are going to have a credible translation. Getting college transcript translation services may not be the easiest thing to do, and the same goes for high school transcript translation.

Evaluation: Every university has its own way of evaluating international degrees. Some universities simply ask for a GRE to evaluate the potential of the foreign student. Others evaluate the degrees themselves. Many ask for an evaluation from evaluating institutes of their own country.

Grades Conversion: Every country has its own way of awarding grades and the country that is receiving the transcript will evaluate the grades and the contents of the courses in their own way and manner.

Accreditation: The national and international accreditation of the student’s university and program are also a significant part of their evaluation. If your degree and university are internationally accredited then it will make up for a good portion of your application.

how to get your transcripts translated
translation of transcript

Certified translation of transcripts

One thing that is very particular about translation of transcripts is the details it comprises. Only the slightest error can easily ruin things for the student. It’s such a beautiful thing that we all send our kids to study, and from kindergarten to university, we never want to miss a moment. We want to cherish their memories of accomplishment, difficulties, the challenges they faced, we just want to keep all that with us, no matter how much older they get.

In a sense a transcript is the written and official form of those memories. Not only do they present factual knowledge about the child’s progress in school but is also used when the not-so-young kid is on the move. This is why we take special care when it comes to translation of transcripts. We take education specialists on board so that we can take care of every requirement without leaving anything behind. The whole academic record is translated in accordance with the rules of immigration and the colleges where the student wishes to get admission. We ensure that while you explore your options, possibilities and even UK, your transcript translation services are up to par.

How do we ensure quality?

DutchTrans has seen that transcript translation is a trick because every term has a ‘logical’ equivalent in the target language and an ‘official equivalent’. It’s not necessary that the logical equivalent will be the same as the official equivalent of the term in question. There are many terms that have a different logical translation from the official one. The translation process is, then, a responsibility of the translator. The translator has to look up the educational system of the related field in the target language and look up all the equivalent terms. Every translation done by us follows this path, and is done according to regulations imposed by the institution requiring the translation. This is why all our certified translations are guaranteed to be accepted at the institution they were intended for!

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