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Tigrinya Translation Service. Tigrinya language also written as Tigrigna, also named Tigray or Tigrai, a Semitic language of the Tigray people of northern Ethiopia and southern Eritrea. Written studies include holy texts prepared by mission communities and an increasing number of textbooks and literary works. During the times of the Ethiopian rule, Amharic, the language of the ruling Ethiopian administration, was selected the official language, and Eritrean languages were forbidden. But most Eritreans declined to speak Amharic. Instead, they proceeded to teach their native languages to their kids.

The language is related to Geʿez, the early language of Ethiopia, and the Tigré language. There were 6 million speakers in the early 21st century.

Tigrinya word

Tigrinya, used by at least half the population, has its characters obtained from the ancient language Ge’ez, now only accepted in the Orthodox Church. The script has 200+ characters, each describing a different sound. Tigrinya has the alphabet of 32 letters chosen from Ge’ez, a language which exists with a minimal function in the Coptic Orthodox and Catholic Churches. While our alphabet is a, b, c and so on, Tigrinya has the character for ba, be, bi, bo, etc. which are mutants of the essential character. Tigrinya word ends differ according to the gender of the person you are speaking to. It is by any standards a complicated language to learn.

Like English, Tigrinya is addressed from left to right. Although the Tigrinya script might look complicated, pronunciation is simple, as the phonetic symbols closely match the pronunciation.

Some Facts About Tigrinya language


The Tigray people living in Tigray in Northern Ethiopia are native speakers of the language. Tigrinya is one of the two principal languages in center Eritrea. One can also notice Tigrinya speakers among immigrants of Beta Israel who presently live in Israel.


DutchTrans is a team of numerous professional and qualified Tigrinya translation experts who can provide Dutch to Tigrinya, and Tigrinya to Dutch translation services in many domains, as well as several languages linked with Tigrinya.

Tigrinya predominant language Eritrea

Tigrinya is the predominant language in Eritrea, and the third most commonly spoken language in Ethiopia. Across the globe, it is spoken by immigrant societies found in Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United States, Sweden, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Ge'es Script

The Tigrinya script is recorded using a revised variant of the Ge’ez script. This script had been formed for the Ge’ez language which is now lost.

Lexical grammatical phonetical Tigrinya

The different dialects of Tigrinya can differ lexically, grammatically, and phonetically, and now no single accent of Tigrinya has been chosen as the official form of the language.

The Ge’ez script is known as an abugida; it is a segmental writing method based on consonants where the vowel system is needed.

Professional native Tigrinya translators

Tigrinya Translation Service


Eritrea has been fighting economically, but the opening of many new mines and the cut flower and coffee areas in Ethiopia have changed its living style.

The drought situations in the area have affected these nations to be reduced to natural scarcities with Ethiopia being one of the poorest lands in the world. There are worldwide efforts to improve the country and to help to increase farming fertility.

There are vast numbers of Tigrinya speaking emigrants that have gone to various parts of the Middle East and Europe exploring a better life. This is a notable rise in the need for Tigrinya translation services as they try to formalize their new lives. The possibilities in the Tigrinya speaking parts of Ethiopia and Eritrea are also increasing the demand for quality document translation as non-government bodies, organizations and businesses try to help develop the area, preserve the local wildlife and promote tourism assets.

DutchTrans, a translation company offers Dutch to Tigrinya translation services with its team of professional native Tigrinya translators across the globe trained in different fields such as patents, pharmaceutical, architecture, astronomy, certificate, agriculture, retail, science, sports, telecom, government, manufacturing, marketing, transport, chemistry, investment, automotive, education, electronics, physics, poetry, psychology, journalism, law, games, geography, market research, textiles, philosophy, religion, energy, engineering, finance, legal, geology, contracts, cooking, mathematics, automation, media, medical, military, biology, tourism & travel, business, human resources, IT, insurance, computers, literature, management, marketing, history, economics and zoology.

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