Police Clearance and Police Reports Translation

If a person applying for permanent residence belongs to a country where English is not the native language, the immigration department requires translations in English and as a rule, the police clearance or police records translation must be certified before submission.

Why Is Police Clearance Translation Needed At Immigration?

A police clearance or police check is a document issued by either the government or the police stating whether the given resident of their country has a criminal record or not. A police clearance certificate can also be called a good character certificate depending on the country where it’s being issued. This document is needed by the immigration offices when a person intends to go and live in their country for an indefinite period of time. The immigration department of UK, US and Canada may require a police clearance certificate from a student, temporary worker or a tourist but it becomes an obligation when someone is applying for permanent residence.

It is to ensure that the applicant wasn’t involved in any criminal activity or violation of laws at any point in his life. The immigration wants to consider all possibilities before granting the visa application. All countries are concerned about the legal status of the immigrants, it is also because they intend to live there, work there and become a part of a larger community.

This is the same reason why the police records translation must be certified. Police records are delicate and complex, and besides, there are rules associated with them and anything that’s stated in them must be translated accurately. If a police clearance certificate is not provided with a certificate of accuracy along with the credentials of the translator, there is no way of assuring whether the translation is done by a professional or not.

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At DutchTrans, quality and certifications of your translations are our top-most priority. We have been delivering excellent translation services for all your documents including Police Clearance translations.


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We work in accordance with the requirements of the UK immigration and hence, with us, if you have any confusion regarding your certified translations, we’ll deal with them smoothly.

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Our professional translators are well-versed in immigration procedures for the sake of providing the right translations according to their rules, so taking care of your translation won’t be something new.

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When Do You Need A Certified Police Clearance Translation?

You’ll be asked to provide a certified translation of police clearance and police records when:

  • You are travelling abroad for studying.
  • You are immigrating to UK.
  • You are immigrating to US.
  • You are immigrating to Canada.
  • You are immigrating to Australia.
  • You are travelling to another country as a care-giver.
  • You are visiting another country for recreational purposes.
  • You are travelling to another country and you wish to stay there for an indefinite period of time.

The above mentioned situations call for a certified translation of police records in most cases. It is therefore wise to have your police clearance translated in advance.

Some Common Doubts

Although almost everyone considers themselves as law abiding citizens, one must understand that you do get a ticket for violating a traffic signal even though it isn’t normally considered much of a deal. If the fine was paid and things were settled, it will still be mentioned in the police clearance translation. It is in no way means that this statement will be the reason of a refusal from the immigration department. Here, it must be understand that traffic law violations occur in all countries globally, the real problem arises when there are more violations than normal.

On the other hand, if you have never been in any situation or event where you were called on or checked by the law enforcement agencies and institutions, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

How To Obtain Police Records Translation?

This mainly depends upon the country of the applicant. Yet in most cases, the police authorities have the right to provide the police clearance or good character certificate. The applicant has to visit the concerned officials with the required documents and there all his previous reports (if any) are checked out before the provision of clearance.

The world today is in a constant hurry, everyone wants things done in no time. We understand the busy life and have made ourselves accessible for our clients 24 hours round the clock. If you have a police records translation requirement, you can get in touch with us online. Our live chat option is there for you. We have also provided our calling numbers on our contact page for our client’s communication. If you need to link us up with any of your friends or relatives, you can also give them our email address.

Our staff members make sure that we reply back in the shortest span of time and we are proud that our rates are the most accommodating rates in the industry. So trust UK’s no.1 translation company for all your translation needs and leave all your worries to us.

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Whenever you need police clearance translation or police records translation for immigration to the UK you can always trust us to provide fast and high quality certified translations at low rates.

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