2 Tips for Doing Business in the Netherlands

2 Tips for Doing Business in the Netherlands

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2022)

Doing business in the Netherlands is quite easy if you already know the language. If not, read the tips below to get you started.

The Netherlands is also known as the Holland. It is located in Western Europe and it is nearby Belgium on the southern part and Germany is on the East. It is just a small country, but they were blessed with a lot of natural resources in terms of agriculture. The people in the Netherlands have made their country one of the richest in the world, but their attitude must probably have helped them. They have this “I can do” attitude which other countries do not have. The high standard of living in the Netherlands is a great source of pride to the people. If you will compare the Netherlands in other countries in the Western part of Europe, the cost of living, education, cultural activities and housing are quite low.

Tourists come and go to the Netherlands not just to travel and see its wonders, but to also do business. The Netherlands is filled with beautiful coastline areas that offer water sports, pristine beaches, canals, rivers and inlets. The tourists are not just concentrated in the rural areas, and in some towns and cities who also give delights to some foreign visitors. Amsterdam is the biggest city in the Netherlands and it is also the capital of this country. It is situated in Northern Holland Province and it is nearby The Hague, which is the cultural, commercial as well as financial centre of the country. There are more than 160 canals with 90 islands, which are joined altogether by more than 1,000 bridges.

Want to do Business in the Netherlands? Here are 2 tips


Hire a translation company to handle your English to Dutch translations for business in the Netherlands.

Dutch are serious in doing business, make sure that your website content is properly translated and easy to understand. You must hire a separate company for the proofreading needs to prevent errors and offending words. Business in the Netherlands is not easy, but it is not impossible if it is your goal.


Business in the Netherlands:


Suggestions for doing business in the Netherlands:

The Netherlands is an excellent place for business, but if you want to do business in the Netherlands, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Etiquettes can get you anywhere in life so if you are about to start something new, learn the etiquettes of that field. In order to do business in the Netherlands, learn about the business etiquettes in that country and then follow them.
  • Don’t ignore the natives. You can achieve everything from your business if you care about the native people. Every time you launch an advertising campaign or launch a new product, keep in mind the needs and wishes of the local people and honor them.
  • Respect the culture even if you see the local people making fun of it. You and your business are foreigners in this land, and the only way to win the hearts of the Dutch is by giving them respect.
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