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6 Tips to Help Expand Your Business Internationally

6 Tips to Help Expand Your Business Internationally

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2022)

There are numerous reasons to expand your business internationally like new market opportunities, larger customer base, faster growth, diversification, etc. In this article, we are going to give some tips from the translation point of view. So, if you plan to expand your business and have everything in place (like market research, costs involved, etc), here’s what to do to make sure you have a strong presence internationally.


6 Tips to Help Expand Your Business


1. Choose your translation company wisely

When thinking of translating you have to carefully consider the three options:

– machine translation: free tools such as Google Translate are easy to use and will not cost anything but such tools only provide basic translation and often contain errors.

– crowdsourced translation is another option to expand your business but it takes a lot of time as it involves volunteers who do not have experience with translating and localizing content to a specific location. This comes with a price and offers no guarantee.

– professional translation: a translation company will provide high quality translation and localization, usually at a fair price. Do your research to find a company you can trust and offers affordable prices like Dutchtrans.

2. Translate your website

The greatest concern a client has when dealing with international businesses is the language barrier. According to recent research, people will stay up to 2 times longer on your site if it is presented in their native language and are 4 times more eager to buy if the product or service is accurately described in their own language.

Translating your website is one of the first priorities in order to expand your business. While it is costly, it ensures that you can reach to a larger audience which can translate into more sales.

3. Translate your marketing materials, brochures, product descriptions and documentation

In order to attract foreign customers, your marketing materials must be translated in their language. Product documentation such as user manuals and brochures also need to be translated. Make sure you have all materials translated into the target language.

4. Customer support

Make sure you have first grade staff for customer support in that specific language. While some businesses only need light customer support, others need extensive support for their customers.

5. Accept local payment methods

There are countries where credit cards are barely used so make sure you adapt to their payment methods.

6. Use local currencies whenever possible

If you list your prices in US dollars or euro, clients will have a hard time figuring out how much your product costs in their currency. Using a local currency will allow customers to quickly understand how much they have to pay for a certain product.

If you follow the tips outlined above you will be able to successfully expand your business internationally and grow your customer base.

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