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Machine Online Translator – Call in the Humans!

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2017)

Machine Online Translator: “Google Translate Has Great Uses, Disastrous Misuses,” according to an article in the newspaper Desert News. We agree.

There are useful times for an online translator run by a robot. I sometimes use one myself to see a description of a European car for sale online just to know what options it has. But as soon as I need to contact the seller, I need a better option.

Basically any serious business requires a serious translation agency. Generally, reasonable people agree: using a free robotic online translator to do more than monkey business is foolhardy. Robotic for serious business is idiotic.

There are more than a few stories about people who thought that this rule didn’t apply to them. In some cases, these mistakes just caused amusement and laughter. For example, one newspaper mistranslation repeatedly misquoted a former president of Kazakhstan as referring to the important issue of “passing gas” when talking about the newly installed pipeline across the country.

However, sometimes the online translator mistranslations cause anger and hurt. One automatically translated tag on a piece of furniture in a Canadian store had a racial slur that reportedly offended and angered customers.

It can’t be stressed enough. If you are doing something that matters in translation, you need to get a professional translation company to do it.

This will mean that real humans will interact with the text and ensure that it makes sense to the readers. It will be handled professionally and mistakes will be a rarity if they happen, because of thorough proofreading. Recent research by Arnold IT, the authors of the blog “Beyond Search” on the subject comes up with the same conclusion: “There’s no substitute for knowledgeable professional humans when it comes to the important stuff. It’s worth the investment of time and money.” We could not agree more.

While a machine powered online translator is useful to a certain limit, when it comes to business you must employ professional translators for your translation needs.