How to choose the best pharmaceutical translation service

pharmaceutical translation

How to choose the best pharmaceutical translation service

How to choose the best pharmaceutical translation service

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2024)

Choosing the best pharmaceutical translation service involves several crucial factors to ensure technical accuracy and regulatory compliance. First, it’s essential to look for a provider with expert knowledge in medical terminology and extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Companies like U.S. Translation Company, ITC Translations, and Absolute Translations have teams of expert translators and subject matter experts who specialize in pharmaceutical content, including clinical trial protocols, informed consent forms, and patient information leaflets. Native translators with in-depth linguistic experience are vital for maintaining the integrity of the source language and ensuring that translations resonate with the target audience, whether they are medical professionals or consumers.

Additionally, professional translation services must comply with international regulations and industry standards, providing peace of mind for companies bringing a drug to market. An efficient translation process, supported by an online portal for seamless project management, ensures timely delivery of high-quality translations. Considering customer experiences and feedback from clients in the biotech and medical device industries can also guide the selection of a reliable and experienced service provider. Ultimately, the right pharmaceutical translation service will combine linguistic expertise with in-depth market knowledge to produce accurate, compliant, and culturally sensitive translations.

When selecting the optimal pharmaceutical translation service, several key considerations must be prioritized to ensure accuracy, compliance, and effectiveness. Begin by assessing the expertise and qualifications of the translation service provider, ensuring they have extensive experience in translating clinical studies, pharmaceutical materials, and regulatory documents.

Look for certifications and accreditations that demonstrate their commitment to quality and regulatory standards, such as ISO certifications or affiliations with relevant industry organizations. It’s crucial to verify that the translators possess subject matter expertise and technical knowledge in the medical field, particularly regarding drug development, clinical protocols, and regulatory requirements.

Choose a service provider that offers certified translations and employs qualified translators who are native speakers of the target language. Additionally, evaluate the translation quality assurance processes to mitigate the risk of errors and ensure precise translations that meet regulatory standards. Consider whether the service provider has experience working with regulatory authorities and can navigate complex regulatory frameworks effectively. By prioritizing these factors and selecting a pharmaceutical translation service with proven expertise, you can confidently entrust the accurate and compliant translation of critical pharmaceutical materials.

Pharmaceutical translation is one of the most sophisticated translation subfields in the industry. Translations in this field need to be done by the best translators in the business as they are a no joke assignment.

What to look out for when searching for pharmaceutical translation?

When searching for pharmaceutical translation services, several crucial factors must be considered to ensure accuracy, regulatory compliance, and high-quality translations. First and foremost, it’s essential to prioritize working with professional translators who specialize in the medical and pharmaceutical fields and have extensive experience in translating clinical trials, pharmaceutical documents, and regulatory materials.

Look for translators who are native speakers of the target language and have a deep understanding of the language barriers and cultural nuances inherent in pharmaceutical translation. Additionally, seek out translation agencies or professionals who adhere to stringent quality standards and regulatory requirements, as accuracy and precision are paramount in this industry. Consider whether the agency or translator utilizes translation memories and has a dedicated translation team familiar with technical terms and regulatory bodies in the pharmaceutical sector.

Furthermore, ensure that the translation process is overseen by project managers who can coordinate the entire process efficiently and effectively, from initial consultation to final delivery. By prioritizing these aspects, you can find a pharmaceutical translation service provider that meets your specific needs and ensures the successful translation of pharmaceutical materials for international markets while maintaining regulatory compliance and quality standards.

DutchTrans has seen that the pharmaceutical industry has rigorous checks and balances for the content that is their ‘product description’. Not only are lives dependent on the content that is translated, pharmaceutical companies have extensive checks and balances in even the most relaxed third world country labs for the content that they produce.

accurate translation is needed

Accurate translation is needed

Medicine industry is not fooling around anywhere in the world and they do not make unintentional mistakes. The best way to make sure that the translation will actually help the local user of the product is to check and recheck the translation and make sure that no errors are made at any step.

The documents that are translated in the pharmaceutical industry on a regular basis are as follows;

  • Case reports
  • Protocol Documents
  • Brochure
  • Synopses
  • Label Texts
  • Packaging texts
  • Training Docs
  • Instructions

As you can see from the list yourself, all of them are highly scientific, medical documents overflowing with scientific terminologies and details that are no easy task for even the most experienced translator.

Rules for Every Country!

Every country has its own rules and regulations for the translation in the pharmaceutical industry. The translator will need to read the rules of content writing in the target pharmaceutical industry extensively before even getting near a document that they will translate.

International Testing

International testing is fast becoming a prevalent phenomenon in the international pharmaceutical industry and thus many translations are done in the process of pharmaceutical trials and the results are going to be a massive part of the final assessment.

The translations are done in piles for test results, patent documents, marketing process and the varied steps in between. The translation is also conducted fast and the final translation is required every other day.

tips for accurate medical translation

Some things to pay attention to


When one looks for a translation agency in the pharmaceutical industry, or for medical translation services, we advise to look for following factors;

Computer-Assisted Translation

In the standard translation industry, computer-assisted translations are frowned upon, but in the pharmaceutical industry, they are heavily encouraged. Because the linguistic accuracy that makes a usual translation confusing is highly encouraged in a pharmaceutical translation.

Pharmaceutical Understanding

The translator needs to, either have a background in medicine, or so much experience that they know the pharmaceutical terminologies like the back of their hands. Make sure that they have the proper knowledge and understanding before you hire them.

Quality Assurance

Pharmaceutical translation, above all else, needs to have very strong multiple reviews before delivered to the client. Every translation assignment has to be treated like a project and two translators have to be assigned that will conduct the translation and review for accuracy. Check and recheck both the human and CAT that is done in the assignment.

You cannot compromise on, skimp or mishandle the quality of the translation that is done for pharmaceutical companies.

Of course, there are moral consequences but also, a pharmaceutical chain of review has checks and balances that normal professional ecosystems cannot fathom. They review and re-review every piece of paper that goes through their desk.

Where a regular boss will write you a recommendation for your ability to find a good translation agency, your boss in the pharmaceutical industry will find fifty faults and will make you find a new agency.

DutchTrans works with some of the best pharmaceutical translators. Call now to know more!

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