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Where to Find a Translation Professional

Where to Find a Translation Professional

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2023)

At a recent seminar, I realized that the translator was not doing a good job providing translation. Although fluent in both languages, she was far from being a translation professional.

Where to get a translation professional

Criteria to translate materials

I know the translator personally and I know that her native language is not English but that she is very good friends with several people who only speak English. I haven’t heard her speak English very often but I assumed that her English was good because she had so many friends with whom she spoke English. Listening to the seminar, however, I realized that the material was way over her head. That means it was too complicated. The seminars being presented by the visiting guest, who was lecturing in his area of expertise, and who has a Ph.D. degree were very complicated and had a professional focus.

What was the problem? The problem was that the translator in this case did not meet the criteria to translate the material. This person speaks English and has many friends who only speak English. She can carry on casual conversations. She is bilingual. But she is not a translation professional who could do professional translation services.

criteria to translate materials
best-fitted translator

The best-fitted translator

There are two specific areas that you need to look at when seeing if someone fulfills the criteria to translate for your company or your professional needs:

The first is to make sure that the person can communicate on the level needed. If you are just visiting a city and want to have a casual translator, the level of language is not so high. But if you are translating business documents or contracts or are conducting official business, you need a translation professional who can keep up with the level of conversation in both languages.

The second area to look at is the technical or vocational area that you are addressing. You need to see if the translation professional you are interviewing has the proper skills. Is it a business meeting or contract? You need someone who understands business at a high level in both languages.

How to find the best translation professional

Several people around the globe know various languages and have even studied them from birth. This offers them great chances to grow in their personal and professional lives; though, not everyone who knows multiple languages can become a translation professional.

The profession of translation should never be underestimated because it offers valuable skills and helps clear and consistent communication between different communities. What are the qualities that characterize a translation professional?

  • Passion for language
  • Mother-tongue speaker
  • Research skills
  • Self-discipline
  • Translation qualifications
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to say no
  • Specialization in a subject
  • Experience
  • Rich vocabulary
  • Honesty
  • Humble pride
  • Accuracy
  • Resources

Translation is a complicated technique which is honed over many years. Being a translation professional can be a highly rewarding job, but not everyone is made for it. Professionals will always end up with an accurate and well-written outcome, but they are also sensitive to the time and budget needs of the client.

One of the best ways to do this is to see what kind of certificates the company or person you get translation services from has obtained. There are standardized certificate programs that give you a good idea of the capabilities possessed. This will save you time and money!

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