Doing the Best Translation Work Possible

Doing the Best Translation Work Possible

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2022)

Dutch Trans Translation work


All translation projects are delicate and time consuming because of how important the outcome is for the beneficiary. Setting high standards is our way of ensuring the quality of all of our projects and it is also a point of pride for us.

But how do we do it, we do have some secret weapons: Proofreading and Quality Analysis.

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Procedures are very important for translation companies since they are the ones that ensure all translation work projects have high quality, are consistent and are adapted to the specific audience.

The translation process has three major steps:

• First step – TRANSLATION of the source text. A professional translator goes through the original text and puts it into the needed language. Any translation job requires grammar accuracy, adapting to the cultural background and grasping the meaning of the source text.

• Second step – PROOFREADING. The proofreader is still a translator, but it is usually a detailed oriented person that can spot the tiniest of errors. This team work is beneficial for all parties involved.

• Third step – QUALITY ANALISYS. This is one of the latest standards in the translation business, in this step the source and target texts are analyzed to ensure there are no errors remaining and the translation work can then be safely delivered.

So, rest assure that any project submitted to DutchTrans will be subjected to the latest quality standards in the translation business because we feel they are a projection of both your image and ours.

We are a technology friendly company, and we use the help of technology and software to make projects run smother, faster and at the highest quality.

For more details on all our translation work, services and prices, contact us by phone, chat or email 24 hours a day.

Translation Work


The translation work of a document considers the organization of the following steps: planning, editing, and coordination of resources to fulfill and achieve the project. The level of complexity and challenge differs from one project to another as a purpose of different criteria.

The preparation of a translation work assumes to obtain some complete and correct knowledge about the goal of the project and its development. As we approach the translation, the project manager will establish the method necessary for obtaining the desired results.

There is a complete workflow that needs to be created and followed for the process of sending content to the translation company. You might be imagining, “How difficult can it be? You need to have a well-planned translation workflow built before you send a file. Otherwise, among other potential failures, your authors might continue to make changes to content after it has already been sent out for translation.

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