Dutch to English translation by Google Translate any good?

Dutch to English translation by Google Translate

Dutch to English translation by Google Translate any good?

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2020)

There are many looking for Dutch to English translation by Google Translate and we were wondering if the famous translation machine can be used for more than just quick translations for personal use. While it is a great tool, Google Translate is never good for any kind of accurate translation that is needed to have quality and comprehensibility.

Dutch to English translation by Google Translate – for websites


If machine translation is not great then why do websites add the Google Translate button on their WebPages in the first place? There are many reasons one would do that. Let us explain:

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Why do websites use Google Translate


  • Some websites have more than one language that they would like their content to be present in. Many do not have any specific target audience in the international market and thus have no problem in letting the user decide which language they would like their content to be translated into and do it according to their own needs. In this case, Google Translate’s lack of accuracy is not your first priority.
  • Websites produce content at a fast pace and not always can a translator keep up with new content coming up on the website. Either major websites launch a version in the target country or hiring a translator to keep up with dozens of new blog posts per day is not the best way to handle things.
  • The cost really is too much for some websites which have a lot of content that needs to be translated from one language to another every day for an unlimited period of time.

Why use professional translation?


In any of these cases, we would advise you to review our advice that we present and explain in this blog for websites that need a better alternative to Google Translate but do not want to indulge a professional translator.

Dutch to English translation by Google Translate could be an option if you add something to it: proofreading by a professional translator. This will cost a lot less than translation and it is a good way to use website translation without spending too much.

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Use a Localized Platform


This is software that picks up phrases from all over the internet such as blog posts, WebPages, and other portals. Afterwards, it takes these phrases and collects them in a crowdsourced database. This database is accessible to translators and linguists who then take these phrases out for their original content in the target language and connect them together in fluency and create a readable even if the not ideal content in the target language.

Economy: This is a good way of doing your translation because the translation then becomes less incomprehensible and more usable. It also takes much less time for the translator and costs much less to the client as the translator’s effort is minimized.

Efficiency: Localized Platforms take an incredibly less amount of time compared to proper translations. Many pages can be done n a day and accuracy are much better than Google Translate. It is an ideal way of translation if you have less time but you want your translation doe right.


Dutch to English translation by Google Translate is a great option to have something translated quick, for your personal use. When it comes to translation for business or translation for immigration, you won’t be able to use such a tool and will need a translation company do it for you.

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