How to order Dutch English translation when you need it

Dutch English translation

How to order Dutch English translation when you need it

How to order Dutch English translation when you need it

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

When it comes to translation people are generally looking for the cheapest ways to get things done. Machines have been evolving and getting better at translating text, yet is seems problems are encountered when it comes to some languages like Dutch. So, what are you going to do when it comes to Dutch English translation, where are you going to order it and how?

It is generally easier to get machines translate the English language. There are a lot of languages such as Latin and Dutch, whose characteristics make them difficult to be accurately translated by machines.

A technique to address the issue has been discovered at CWI as methods applied in languages that are defined mathematically to the natural language description are applied. The project is among a research where computer science and linguistics cross-fertilization is exploited. Despite efforts, when it comes to Dutch translation machines are no match for human translators.

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Where and how to order Dutch English translation

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“Vot flites aagh zair fghom Boston to Lozz Endzjelease tomogho eefning?” This question was asked by Annius Groenin, a researcher at CWI, to a big workstation belonging to SUN, when he was in Cambridge to see a colleague, not too long ago. A program ran on the workstation, with the ability to translate sentences that were spoken to reservations of flight in French. Few seconds later, it was read out in fluent French: “Quels vols y a’t-il de Boston a Los Angeles demain soir?” This was despite the fact there were several breaks while saying the sentence and a strong accent of Dutch-French. These issues did not make it difficult for the computer to get the correct translation. It was explained by a colleague that the computer can only go mad if a real Frenchman spoke using that type of accent.

The above shows how properly jobs involving translation can be tackled in recent times. For particular programs where the vocabulary is restricted, such as reservations for flight, it is much more efficient than expected. Some significant gaps are however still observed in translations that are automated. The attentions of the technicians have however not been adequate drawn to the gaps. A reason for this is that there is more concentration on English, which is mysteriously related to the languages of the computer, compared to Dutch. It is even more difficult to implement for Latin, where the order of the words is more difficult compared to Dutch. Groenink states that as far as the computer is concerned, Latin is a much more difficult version of Dutch.

The first thing studied by Groenink is the required existing description methods changing for natural languages so that complex languages such as Dutch can be handled. For a language to be automated, the grammar must be precisely described, so that the sentences can be parsed by the computer automatically. For French and English, results that are satisfactory have been gotten as the descriptions are being made regularly in the languages in recent times.

Current techniques, however, seem to have a performance that is very poor when it is used for Dutch English translation. The Dutch underlying ‘tree structure’ construction is a major difficulty that leads to this. As opposed to the languages for the computer and English, a lot of sentences in Dutch do not have a tree structure. This has been a very old and popular problem in linguistics. Efforts are however ongoing to continually improve on the methods to see how it can be successfully applied for Dutch and even more complex languages.

Whenever you need accurate translation services it is best that you use the services of a translation company which has experience at translating just about any document in any language, not just Dutch English translation. Ordering is easy and painless, and you can have your document translated in a matter of hours!

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