Dutch To English Certified Translations

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Dutch To English Certified Translations

Dutch To English Certified Translations

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2020)

We think we have two options in life: to observe the similarities between things or to notice their differences. The ones who only notice the same features fail to see the unique features of objects. They get so deep in finding out connections that they erase the individuality of objects completely. And those that only focus on the differences start hating everything that is not a hundred percent similar to their life. They have no tolerance for different things. These are the ones who are against diversity in culture. They fail to see that there is plenty of common ground between people even despite the disparity in their personalities.


Everything and everyone on earth is connected one way or another. But in order to see the world in a balanced way, we don’t have to focus only on the things that unite us or divide us. All the objects and people are a collection of different things. They have both types of features: things that make them similar to others and those that set them apart. This is something that people have to learn in order to appreciate things properly.

Dutch translation

This point can clearly be observed in the way languages differ from each other. People think that the ones with shared origin share a lot of features and therefore will be easier to learn. But in truth, the features that two languages share are mostly of the kind that can only be studied by linguists and don’t do much for learners. We cannot think of two languages with similar origins as one. Even the tongues originating in the same area can develop enough differences over time. This is why they are termed as different tongues or they would be a dialect of the same language. People who are not familiar with how languages work and their shared origin affects their relationship think that just because two of them share a few features, it will help the learners.

The Similarities Between Dutch and English:


There are many similarities between the two because they are both West Germanic languages. A lot of words that English speakers use in conversations regularly are actually adopted from Dutch. This is something that people realize only when they are learning Dutch. Mostly they are unaware of the fact that they know a lot of Dutch vocabulary already. Dutch has also plenty of words that were taken from the English language. They are just like two cultures that have picked up traits from each other over the years.


Another way English speakers have an advantage when speaking Dutch is that they can throw words from their native language whenever they feel stuck. This is totally acceptable in the Netherlands because the citizens of the country do it themselves too. There are also some obvious similarities like both using the Latin alphabet.

But there are also plenty of differences between the two that can sometimes be confusing for English speakers. Dutch is more closely related to German which is why some of its features may resemble the official language of Germany more than English. The language of the Netherlands does not have continuous tense which can be very confusing for the speakers of those tongues who cannot carry a conversation without mentioning something which is happening at the moment. Interestingly enough, it is the way two languages differ that can actually help learners. When someone understands how a tongue is different from their native language, they will be able to pay more attention to those unique features and become proficient in it quickly.

Dutch translation

Dutch to English Certified Translations:


When someone from the Netherlands wants to move to the US, they will face the danger of losing their friends for good. Despite how common social media is, it will be hard to stay in touch with friends if you can never plan to hang out with them. This is why once someone moves away, remaining friends with them becomes harder. But sometimes people have to make decisions for their future that requires some sacrifices. Uprooting your life from one place and setting it up in a foreign land isn’t easy. But when you achieve your goals and fulfill your wishes, you will realize the struggle was worth it.


However, moving to the US means applying for immigration, which requires you to submit your personal documents. If they are in Dutch, you will need to get them translated into English. But it won’t work until it is certified translation. It is the only type which is accurate enough to be accepted by government offices. You need to get in touch with a reliable agency in order to get certified translations at affordable rates. No one can provide you with a better translation than a native translator, and that’s who the good agencies employ. These are the kinds of things you must notice before you hire someone to handle a translation for you.

Dutch to English certified translations can help you with your visa or immigration application. They can also be used when applying to a job in a foreign country. Certified language services are very important and can open a lot of doors for people. As long as you remember to get in touch with a reliable agency and explain your requirements to them properly, you will be able to get accurate interpretations. You can use certified translations for whatever you want once your interpreter has completed working their magic.

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