English to Afrikaans Translation Resources and Dictionaries

english to afrikaans

English to Afrikaans Translation Resources and Dictionaries

English to Afrikaans Translation Resources and Dictionaries

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2023)

Books have helped humans throughout the history and they continue to do so even today. They are not only a great way of storing information but also of transferring knowledge from one generation to another. Writers go to great lengths to gather data for their books just so they can provide accurate information to their readers. There are many books that took years to complete just because their authors had to travel to far off lands to do research. Historians are burdened with the duty of compiling every significant thing from the past in a neutral way and that’s the hardest thing a human can do. A lot of writers turn towards fiction because they can express their opinions easily through their characters. Although fiction isn’t easy to write either but it gives a little more freedom to authors than non-fiction.

A lot of our inventions would not have been possible if previous scientists had not passed on their data. Compiling research history was not only for a researcher’s own benefit but also for the future scientists who would want to study the same thing. No one can fully describe the way books have saved humanity and helped it move forward but still all of us know their importance. However, there is one book that helps everyone from students and teachers to scientists and authors but never gets the credit.


Many students who study in a bilingual educational system cannot get by without this book. It has helped us keep track of languages that have faded and languages that continue to grow even today. Yes, we are talking about the dictionary. A book that has all the words of a language is highly useful for every student and speaker of that language and not just for linguists. Dictionaries these days are not limited to languages. Today, you can find dictionary of medicine, diseases, disorders, and what not. But dictionary of languages will always stay the most important.

english to afrikaans


If you need one proof of how societies and cultures affect each other, look at different languages. European countries went all over the world colonizing different lands and bringing new traditions to those states. The colonized lands went through many changes under their new rulers. They not only adopted new traditions but also made changes in their languages. Some even adopted the language of their rulers as it is. That’s how French became an official language in Canada.

english to afrikaans

The story of Afrikaans is no different. It is actually a daughter language of Dutch. The Dutch settlers brought their dialect along with them when they settled in a part of Africa which later became South Africa. The language stayed the same for some time, until it developed distinguishing features in the 18th century and became different from its mother tongue. Today, it is spoken in different countries of Africa. Majority of its speakers, almost 60%, aren’t white. Although there are eleven official languages in South Africa, Afrikaans is spoken and understood by the majority of the people.

English to Afrikaans Translation, Resources and Dictionaries:


Anyone who want to move to South Africa or start their business there will need translations in Afrikaans. Although English is understood by a considerable amount of people, Afrikaans is the language that the natives prefer. In order to win over this target audience, you will need to get advertising content translated in Afrikaans. You will need experts for that task or the whole idea behind the advertisements will get ruined. However, if you are looking for Afrikaans translation for conversation purposes, you can look at other resources and dictionaries for help. There are various online websites and dictionaries that can help you with English to Afrikaans translation. Here are a few of the best options:


  1. Google Translate:

The most reliable online language tool is Google translate. It works as a dictionary too because it will provide you meaning of words in the language combination of your choice. It will also provide you interpretations of texts, images, and videos. This free tool is something that everyone should have so they don’t have to panic when they require a simple translation.

  1. Microsoft Translator:

If you only require an English to Afrikaans dictionary, then Microsoft Translator is a great option. The service offers apps for all kinds of devices. There is one for Apple Watch too. You can translate English into Afrikaans with the help of Microsoft’s dictionary. Soon, the app itself will start providing the translation services for Afrikaans, until then you can enjoy free access to the dictionary.

  1. Majstro:

This is a website that offers English to Afrikaans translation. The site has a simple layout so you won’t have any trouble getting to the translation option. All you have to do is enter the text you need interpreted and Majstro will handle the rest. A lot of people use it for simple English to Afrikaans translations.

  1. Glosbe:

Along with offering translation, Glosbe can also provide you meaning of different phrases. That feature helps a lot in the process of translation. Anyone who wishes to carry out simple translations themselves can benefit from Glosbe’s translation memory feature.

Many people think that the daughter language of Dutch is dying but in truth, it is still one of the most spoken languages on the African continent. Anyone who wishes to reach out to the people of South Africa must keep their Afrikaans translations ready.

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