Top 3 Challenges of Expanding Business into Netherlands

Expanding Business into Netherlands

Top 3 Challenges of Expanding Business into Netherlands

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2016)

The Netherlands is the home of a competitive climate and it is also a home of business owners in the heart of Europe. However, going through the tax, legal regulations and others without the help of a local board or without the help of a translating agency will cause problems on your part.  Though, most of the locals here speak English the masses are not a good English speaker and they cannot understand English that well. Expanding Business into Netherlands maybe a complex task and you cannot do this on your own.

3 challenges of expanding business into Netherlands

When you start Expanding Business into Netherlands you need to comply with the standard business procedures. Even if there are different methods for various industries, registering with a local tax authority is also a requirement. Those who will open up a business in the Netherlands like a physical shop must comply with the requirements like business permits, construction permits and others. This is the reason why most of the business owners are expanding their reach to this country through technology only.

The construction permits for a physical shop will take you more than a hundred and fifty days to finish and there are fourteen various process involved in it.  You will also get electricity request which will be completed after a hundred days or so, you need to register with the land registry as well.

Lastly, you need to learn how to speak Dutch, it is the local language of people living in the Netherlands. If you are not well versed in Dutch, you can hire an interpreter instead to help you understand what the people speak of and to also help you convey to the people what you want to say. But you also need to hire a translation company for your business documents to be translated in Dutch as well. Expanding Business into Netherlands is quite hard, but it will be worthy of your time and money if you will progress in it.