Famous Dutch foods you should sample at least once

Dutch foods

Famous Dutch foods you should sample at least once

Famous Dutch foods you should sample at least once

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2023)

There are a multitude of delicious Dutch foods that are a must try. Listed here are 10 dishes you do not want to miss. Foods from Netherlands are not as well-known as other cuisines, but one must try them at least once. So if you’re going to visit the Netherlands, make sure you try the following Dutch foods. If you’re going there for business make sure you translate your materials into Dutch.

Famous Dutch foods


Poffertjes, a beloved Dutch street food, can commonly be found in the marketplace during winter. They are tiny, soft pancakes created from yeast and buckwheat flour, reminiscent of Dutch pancakes. These tasty treats, akin to American pancakes but smaller in size, are usually served with a sprinkle of sugar and a dollop of butter, epitomizing the delightful simplicity of Dutch cuisine. They are commonly served on paper plates with a small fork. Sometimes, this Dutch treat is elevated with additions like syrup, fresh strawberries, or a generous swirl of whipped cream, embodying the diverse flavors found in Dutch snacks and dishes. Alongside this, Dutch apple pie and a variety of Dutch pastries, often enriched with chocolate sprinkles, contribute to the richness of Dutch culinary traditions. Additionally, Dutch cheeses hold a significant place in the country’s gastronomy, showcasing a wide range of flavors and textures. While exploring the vibrant food scene, influences from Indonesian cuisine are also noticeable, reflecting a historical connection due to Indonesia’s colonial past.


Appeltaart, a quintessential Dutch dessert, boasts a sweet dough base enveloping a delectable apple filling, seasoned with sugared cinnamon and a hint of lemon juice. The quest for the finest Appeltaart often leads to Papeneiland in Amsterdam, renowned for crafting this pastry to perfection. This Dutch city, known for its picturesque canals and vibrant culture, stands as a culinary haven for those seeking traditional delicacies. The Appeltaart, despite its association with American cuisine, holds a cherished place in Dutch gastronomy, earning its spot among the top 10 must-try Dutch foods.

Indonesian restaurants, an integral part of the culinary landscape, offer a diverse array of dishes featuring peanut sauce, a hallmark in Indonesian cuisine. From peanut satay sauce enhancing skewered delights to tantalizing Indonesian dishes, these eateries showcase the fusion of flavors. Meanwhile, Dutch products, celebrated for their quality, span a range from Dutch desserts to savory offerings like cheese sandwiches and hearty potato dishes. The Dutch breakfast, known for its wide variety and inclusion of tartar sauce and raw onion, reflects the nation’s penchant for delicious foods at the start of the day.

Exploring the streets of this Dutch city, one encounters cheese shops and snack bars, each presenting its own popular dish. Whether indulging in a cheese sandwich adorned with a variety of toppings or savoring Dutch soups brimming with local flavors, the culinary journey here promises a delightful exploration of traditional dishes and snacks cherished by locals and visitors alike.


Bitterballen are a common sight in cafes all around the Netherlands. This deep-fried wonder is battered into a crunchy layer and filled with a mix of beef, flour, spices and beef broth. They are frequently consumed with dipping mustard.


This delicious treat is a variety of sausage mixed with salt and spices. Rookworst’s casing usually consists of gut membranes, but has long been replaced with bovine collagen.

Nowadays, Rookworst is produced in factories where they its apply smoke flavor. However, the real deal is made in a smokehouse to create its natural smoke flavor.


This is a waffle cookie created with sticky syrup in the middle. They can be bough in almost all grocery stores in the Netherlands, as well as in the marketplace. Fresh stroopwafels can be bought in markets like Noordermarkt.

Koffie Verkeerd

This is the Dutch version of a latte. Any cafe is sure to serve this drink. It is customarily served with a lot of milk, and espresso.

The Dutch like to serve this drink with a tiny cookie to savor. Also, if you like milk in your coffee, be sure to order this during your mornings or afternoons!

Hollandse Nieuwe Haring

This traditional food is composed of raw herring fish with onions. It can be eaten with or without bread.

This can only be called Hollandse nieuwe when caught between May to July. Also, the dish is usually served traditionally, where the fish are gutted onboard the boat, leaving the pancreas behind. This allows the fish to be better preserved.

Goudse Kaas

In the Netherlands, the Goudse kaas or gouda cheese is very common. Named after Gouda city, you can it at Kaaskamer van Amsterdam. This cheese is both creamy and nutty to enjoy. According to sources, gouda cheese is the most frequently consumed cheese worldwide! Lastly, you may pronounce this cheese as “how-dah” instead of “goo-dah”.


This chocolate is created in the form of a letter. It is an enjoyable delicacy that is a must-try when in the Netherlands. It can be found frequently during Sinterklaas celebration.


Licorice translated to Dutch is called Drop, and the Netherlands cannot get enough of this snack! This dark colored snack is eaten too frequently by the people of Netherlands. It was recorded that the average person in Netherlands eat more than 4 lbs per year!

Dutch Foods Dutch-food-information-food

  • Pea soup: Pea soup is a dense, warm split pea soup with sausage and greens, often consumed in winter. A day after mixture, the soup has stiffened, and meat is added, after which it becomes snert.
  • Hutspot: Potato, carrot and onion mixture, often eaten in winter, generally with meat on the side.
  • Poffertjes: These sweet little feasts are favorite in winter, and you will often see dedicated Poffertje stalls and stages. Poffertjes are small, fluffy pancakes, served with powdered sugar and butter and sometimes syrup.
  • Stamppot: Potato mixture and leftovers or other elements like endive, kale, cabbage or sauerkraut. Often served with chicken on the side and sauce.
  • Hachee: Meat, fish or poultry and herbs, cooked into a thick dressing with vinegar, cloves, and laurel coats.
  • Brown bean soup: Typical winter soup, gently prepared over many hours, with brown seeds, vegetables, and different meats and spices like cloves, juniper beans, and thyme.
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