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(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)


Flemish is a language that has been carried down from the Dutch language in the form of a dialect. Spoken by ¾ the of the population in Belgium. It is segregated into east and west Flemish but collectively called Flemish by the Flanders and the Belgian people. It is different from Dutch in terms of its pronunciation and the softer component of speaking, but it is a popular language used for communication by 6.5 million people.


The people expanding their businesses need a way to observe the requirements of the 60% population and then translate from Flemish to English, so they get a better idea of the industries developing there. These 10 million people cannot be ignored as they are not completely inclined towards learning English, but this large population needs to be communicated within their language for a business to grow. For the best services, you should contact our services at Dutch Trans UK.

If you are looking for guaranteed precision in Flemish translations, then you have come to the right place because we offer the best translation services in the Flemish language. We handle a bunch of incoming conversion of different languages into Flemish language, and it is our concise work that attracts the clients towards our translation services.

We hire only professional Flemish translators who have indulged themselves in the past with the transformation of Flemish language into English or translation from a language into Flemish language. Considering their work experience and the quality work they have been providing the clients, you can count on us to support you with your need for a precise Flemish translation.

It is because of our work collaboration with various industries and our clients trusting us solely on their behalf that we stand in one of the leading agencies in the Translation industry and continue to achieve the objectives that you expect us to fulfil.

We carry the pride to say that we do not only translate Flemish to English but have the dedicated services top translate Flemish to 80 different languages just to help you reach out to the world at a big scale. These services are not completely reliable when you see the number of reports published daily by many companies about their skills but find them to give you an adverse outcome of the Translation that you requested. But that is not the case with us as we are ISO certified and one of the leading organizations in the industry.


If you are seeking to find the accurate Flemish translations in different areas of the expertise, you should reach out to us because we offer Flemish translations in all kinds of fields by the respective person having a background of the said field, because of the increased value of the language.

We can translate Flemish to English or English to Flemish in any desired document like medical, technical, financial, tourism, business or legal documents or website, software and app translations based on SEO optimization at rates which are affordable yet guaranteed to provide accurate Flemish translation services.

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